Sienna Miller completely nude

October 9th, 2007 // 199 Comments

Sienna Miller apparently has a nude scene at a lake in her latest movie Hippie Hippie Shake. No need to thank me for sharing these with you. I know, I know, I’ve got a heart of gold. I remembered you guys go crazy for crack-thin chicks with small boobies. Something about women with the body of a 13-year-old boy really floats your boat. Well, consider this an early Christmas present, dear readers. I’m like Santa Claus, if he could bench press 300 pounds and breaks slabs of concrete on his abs.

Pictures are obviously NSFW so click with caution.


  1. Hemlock Queen

    There’s no fluff to that muff!

    Chicks who are too thin, ych. It even messes with the beauty of the box. Eat a few cheeseburgers ya crack whore!

  2. Cindy

    Oh man, she is hot, I love her and want some of that for some hot lesbian sex. I think her pussy looks so cute, I just want to kiss it over and over.
    Ok maybe hippie chicks didn’t shave their pussies.
    SM’s pussy looks delicious and no pussy hair to get in the way of going down on her tasty twat.

  3. VolvoLover

    #48 it’s not “tored” up. You must be about 10 years old or look at too much internet porn. That right there is a sweet, sweet vulva. Lots of guuk to suck up into your mouth. The more guuk, the better. Someday you might find a lover, and will appreciate her thick vulva if you are so lucky.

  4. Auntie Kryst

    Man oh man, be thankful for a movie coming up with full frontal. She looks cute. She was smokin’ in Layer Cake, don’t forget that.

  5. Goshwing

    whos the nude chick with her?

  6. veggi

    can we have some naked men now. This is so boring.

  7. K

    She needs a merkin.

  8. Fag

    @56 veggi,
    I’m with you. I would like to see a penis on this site every now and then. I’m so tired of looking at pussies (with or without hair), panty-shots, boobs and nip-slips.
    But, I do so enjoy these girls that have the bodies of 12 year-old boys.

  9. Dumbass

    I’d fuck her, only because she has a pussy

  10. veggi

    FRIST! Lets get outta here. Bloody Marys for lunch. Well……they come with an olive and celery. That counts for somethin.

  11. Phony 2007 Hippies

    Hippies all suck.

    They are the most phony of all in their generation. All of the hippies from the 60s now work for Fortune 500 companies and are assholes.

    The few left over ones that still think they are hippies only act like hippies, so they don’t have to justify that the last 50 years of their lives have been a a total waste and a mistake, and they are the biggest phonies and assholes of them all.

    Yesterday, one old hippie lady with long braids, really who over 10 would wear braids, was waiting for me to put air in my tires, and I thought she was going to have a panic attack fit with the way she was hemming and hawing because she had to wait about 3 minutes while I finished putting air in my tires. Then she got so mad she drove away with her tires screeching. What a selfish bitch….. don’t ever inconvenience a hippie or you will see what assholes they really are. Whatever happened to Peace, Love, and Happiness……

    All of these left over hippies and new hippie wannabe chicks don’t wear any make up because they as just plain lazy and/or thoroughly conceded since they think they are so good looking they don’t need to brush their hair and wear any makeup.

    Hippies suck —- I hate them.

  12. Sarah

    Am I the only one that noticed that her hoohah hangs kind of low? I mean… it’s kind of saggy. Her popo looks like a testicle-less scrotum.


  13. jrzmommy

    A pile of mutilated puppies….
    Elvis Presley’s last bowel movement….
    A man nailing his scrotum to a wall….
    Sienna Miller naked………

    What are things Jrzmommy could live til eternity without ever seeing!!!!


  14. brilliantly hippified

    @61- you’re a loser. Hippies fucking rule the world yo.

  15. Hemlock Queen

    Yeah #62, I totally noticed that too. lol I still think it’s lack of food. If the bitch would eat her hoohaw would fluff right up and turn in to a fat cat.

  16. 61, Phony 2007 Hippies AKA ERIC CARTMAN!

  17. Habitual Line Stepper

    I’d fuck a skinny chick before a fat chick any day. Sienna isn’t the hottest thing I’ve ever looked at, but she still makes me very happy in pants.

  18. VEGGI, ok, but last time I waited on the corner of Drunk and Happy and you stood me up!

  19. Speedy Ed

    @ #20: A bush-fro wig is called a “merkin.” And, yes, she needs one for this role. (Now you get the joke in the name of the president in “Dr Strangelove.”)

  20. veggi

    FRIST! Well, when you got to the corner of drunk and happy, I was already at smashed and disoriented. We’ll try and time it better this time.

  21. FRIST and VEGGI,
    I want to go with ya’ll.
    I don’t know about the corner of Drunk and Happy, but I’ll meet you at the corner of Fucked-Up and Shit-Faced.

  22. WTC, every time I click on home I feel like the headline should read “Sienna Miller Still Completely Nude”. Whatever.

    So, is she the chick from Bend it Like Beckham? Because coincidentally I am eating aloo gobi for lunch.

    If she is not that girl, then what I just said makes no sense.

  23. BunnyButt

    Did someone mention Bloody Marys?

  24. BunnyButt

    Frist, are you thinking of Keira Knightly (Bend It Like Beckham)?

  25. I wasn’t aware that hippie chicks were so meticulous about trimming their pubes. I expected to see bush, not lips!

  26. So, does Smashed run parallel to Drunk or Happy?

  27. Oh yeah, Keira, thanks bunnybutt

    Nevermind then about the aloo gobi.

  28. freakwad

    ugh, her pussy looks so weird.. droopy

  29. Nah

    She does not look like a 12-year old boy
    She looks like a normal young woman
    That’s how a twentysomething is supposed to look like
    Did you already look like cattle when you were 20, or what ?

  30. cosmetologist

    She really needs a pussy wig for this hippie part. I heard that they sell them to strippers in county’s that don’t allow total nudity. The strippers shave their bushes and then they wear these bush wigs, so they really aren’t nude, or they.

  31. coby

    78. freakwad – October 9, 2007 3:40 PM

    ugh, her pussy looks so weird.. droopy
    No it doesn’t god ur such a homo…

    Thank you….mmmm naked sienna

  32. Princess

    I don’t see anything terribly wrong with how she looks, i mean, she is just a petite woman: she is short, she is skinny, she has small-ish breasts, but she is like a nymph…with a landing strip. I think she looks fine. I’m a girl with less boobs than her, so maybe i just take every comment “she looks like a boy” a little more personally than i should…but honestly, if she got breast implants you would all make fun of her.

  33. veggi

    FRIST, everything is horizontal when you’re at drunk and happy!!!!

  34. BunnyButt

    Maybe they’ll do CGI public hair in post-production…

    Oh, and Ryan (36)? Even waaaay back in the ’60s, they had personal grooming devices that would’ve made such a landing strip possible. They just didn’t have the interest. You know what? They even had telephones and … gasp! … televisions back then! Really!

  35. BunnyButt

    I mean pubic hair.

  36. Act_naturally

    I think she is actually very beautiful, and definitely NOT a little girl or boy. though if she is playing a 60′s or 70′s hippie, not too many women or girls for that matter shaved their pussies, and if they did they wore a bikini bottom for those unable to digest the sight of naked pussy. And she has a pretty one to boot.

  37. Alex P Keaton



  38. Ok, Veggi, let’s go. I’m sick of working. I wouldn’t mind being horizontal. Face up, face down, just as long as my public hair isn’t showing.

  39. C0nfused

    Great, now they will never get the stink out of the fish!

  40. Jrzmommy, I wouldn’t mind seeing a man nail his scrotum to a wall. But then again, I’m very very very bored.

  41. BunnyButt

    Give me a break, Frist. I need a Bloody Mary.

  42. BunnyButt,
    Come on over and I’ll serve you Bloody Marys.

  43. BunnyButt

    Woot, TT! Will you be wearing your maid uniform?

  44. Of course BunnyButt, unless you want me to wear something else.

  45. TS

    Aside from the strip, she pretty much pulls that hippy look off (the whole malnourished vegetarian look, scraggly hair, etc…). She actually looks like she has BO in that picture.

    How that director didn’t make her grow that bush out is beyond me.

    I hate work. All this talk about alcohol is making me hate work even more than I already do.

  46. MrsP

    TT can you conjure me up a Maragarita? (In heels of course). It’s been a long day!

  47. Of course MrsP. I’ll wear my highest heels for you. Is that all you want me wearing?

    How have you been, haven’t seen you in a while?

  48. jakebarnes

    I think if 100 internet commenters can figure out that her bush is an anachronism in this particular movie, then the entire crew probably could too. Did any of you think maybe they don’t actually show her fully nude in the movie? Just because we can see everything in these pics doesn’t mean that’s where the film cameras are pointing.

  49. TS

    If the camera is not showing bush, why would she not be wearing any bottoms?

  50. lol@lil whiteys

    “The only reason black guys are in porn is” so that girls don’t have to put on their glasses when watching it.

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