Sienna Miller completely nude

October 9th, 2007 // 199 Comments

Sienna Miller apparently has a nude scene at a lake in her latest movie Hippie Hippie Shake. No need to thank me for sharing these with you. I know, I know, I’ve got a heart of gold. I remembered you guys go crazy for crack-thin chicks with small boobies. Something about women with the body of a 13-year-old boy really floats your boat. Well, consider this an early Christmas present, dear readers. I’m like Santa Claus, if he could bench press 300 pounds and breaks slabs of concrete on his abs.

Pictures are obviously NSFW so click with caution.


  1. PunkA

    MY EYES!!!!!!!

    Is that a little boy?

  2. KamUK

    She looks OK but I doubt they did that landing strip thing in the 60′s it would have been a full on BUSH.

  3. Fumus




    Sienna? Used to be so hot…see Alfie.

  4. PunkA

    Even her handlers can’t bare to look at her.

    Maybe she can get a Gillette Contract.

  5. toonkinstein

    hippies don’t wax their vajayjay ….full frontal bush only

  6. toonkinstein

    I am #5…. I AM SO HAPPY!!! usually I am like 83…on a good day 50…..but 5!!!!! I could cry

  7. toonkinstein

    OMG!!!! IAM #6 I need to buy a lottery ticket!! *SLAM*

  8. The-Ex

    her boobs are ok

  9. Joe

    Nice landing strip…I wouldn’t mind taxiing down that runway…

  10. Chrissy

    yeah i agree with 2 if she was a hippie she wouldn’t have shaved anything….haha so her legs would probably be hairy too along with her bush….eww

  11. killallcrackas

    I’m glad they took pictures, because the last one can go into Webster’s for “white girl ass (see “flat slab”)”.

  12. PunkA

    I hear she wants a gang bang in Pittsburgh.

  13. BunnyButt

    No wonder Jude fucked the nanny.

  14. Cuntyface

    Thirteenth! Come on. I would hit that. How much of a skank is she and slightly larger breasts than I expected.

    Landing strip better than growler.

  15. DingDong

    tralala (8) boring stuff I cant even jerk off with that

  16. costamar

    That’s as nude as it gets. You can even see her pussy lips on some of them pics.

  17. Steve

    I had no idea her ass was that fat. You’d think that she’d lose some weight and tone up, knowing she was going to film this scene.

  18. wedgeone

    There’s a much more historically accurate hippie skinny dipping scene already – Kathy Bates in the hottub with Jack in “About Schmidt”. Now that’s sexy.

  19. BunnyButt

    Looks like the armpits are shaved, too (yeah, I know, I’m the only person who has looked at those), which is also something a real hippie wouldn’t do.

  20. boobies

    Man my name is really working out today.

    She was pretty sexy in Alfie but just remember she’s playing a hippie so she’s posed to look like shit. That nasty hair on her head is a wig, which begs the question why couldn’t they give her a good bush-fro wig? You just spakle that shit on and it’s an instant boner killer/hippie look.

    Notice how the handlers in nude or bikini scenes are always some kinda ugly guy holding a towel. What’s with that? But with girls being sukh fucking catty bitches maybe you’d rather some butt man see you naked than some gossipy snot faced jealous skank.

    Honestly as soon as a famous girl is seen naked guys loose interest and no one respects a girl who’ll show her vajayjay to the world. Need I provide examples. I thought not.

    Most of these pittiful celebs have no fucking dignity. Why do you think people love Alba so much? Mystery is a good thing ladies. Keep your dignity and your clothes on.

  21. Pixie

    Reminds me of the roast beef I had for lunch. Mucho Droopo !!!

  22. boobies

    AND Bitch needs to work the fuck out.

    I hate these pretencious little ecletic fashionista’s with their pot smoked flacid untoned boddies. Get ye to the gym hag!

    oh and I refuse to spell properly today, or ever.

  23. hardnessoftheworld

    maybe they should have cast Vanessa Hudgens for the role or used her as a bush double.

  24. #22 I could tell…

  25. *stares to the pics in adoration*

    I guess we Europeans like skinnier women (i.e. all those fashion models that are gorgeously anorexic and that americans would find only… anorexic), because that thirteen years old body is all I can desire. Oh, yes.

    *continues staring, and won’t stop very soon.*

  26. the horsecock you secretly want

    Absolutely nothing more boring than a naked white chick.

  27. Sienna Millers mother

    Yuck what an ugly little boy

  28. Fag

    Reminds me of the little boys i love to molest. If she only had a little penis.

  29. havoc



  30. Rick James

    White girls are so sexless.

  31. Jena6Lyncher

    Oh man look at that sweet, sweet lippy vagina and nice white ass. God bless white women, if it weren’t for them we’d be stuck with fat black-assed ho’s with nasty black pussylips. Throw in the nappy hair and you got one fugly mud creature.

  32. I agree, hippies never shaved back then. She would have a full bush, hairy armpits and legs.

  33. babbler

    Hippies have a fully grown bush, her Brazilian wax is an insult to the 70s fanny trend.
    I hardly call her hot, her figure is just like a little boy…..

  34. Chris Rock

    #31 – that’s not true. If it weren’t for white women, you could always turn to blow up dolls. They’re just about as lively and sexy.

  35. Jimi Hendrix

    I agree, she’s got a nice ass. If you want to screen a movie or something.

  36. Ryan

    I always thought Sienna was a good looking girl, it’s a shame she had to take her clothes off to prove me wrong.

    Also, her pubic hair is hardly historically accurate. I’m sure the movie takes place in the 60s and I doubt they had the technology to so perfectly manicure that 90 degree mustache into her crotch.

  37. BlacksRanimals

    #30, #26, #11: When was the last time anyone wanted to look at a naked negro? Oh yeah, national geographic doesn’t count. We whites don’t like looking at naked negros because it’s like looking at animals on discovery channel. The only reason black guys are in porn is the same reason that there is that wierd beastiality fetish. Black guys on white chicks are a fetish…a form of beastiality.

  38. bri_fari

    ive been to enuff grateful dead shows,hot springs and burning mans to tell u that real hippie chicks got more hair than most dudes. that landing strip cooter shave aint whats the buzz in patchouli land. real hippies smell like armpit patchouli fungus dank nug toe jam.

  39. FagHag

    Everyone is right about hippie pussy.
    I never shaved my pussy until the early 80′s. I had a very thick and hairy pussy. I did shave my underarms and legs, but not my pussy.

  40. Italian Stallion

    So, in her next role is she playing Adam or Eve?

  41. MassGrrl

    Since I’m the board’s resident bisexual chick, I feel compelled to comment on these nasty-ass pictures. Sienna Miller is the opposite of sexy. Yeah, she was cute in that Casanova flick, but otherwise, she’s got nothing going for her. I wouldn’t even let her go down on me.

    And, yeah, she’s missing her bush.

  42. p0nk

    “Since I’m the board’s resident bisexual chick” ??????

    since when, loser?

  43. kelly

    hahah @ a hippie having a brazilian.
    That is the funniest thing ever

    Those red beads on that necklace, I thought they were big red spots until I clicked on the bigger view

  44. All those babes who’ve commented that back in the 60′s and 70′s they had full hairy pelts are so right! Check out the blue link to this cute underage chick with the hairy pussy!!!

  45. Why is she all blurry?

  46. Joltin' Django

    I would bang that so hard that she’d speak in tongues and walk funny for three days!

  47. I still don’t know who this bitch is or why she’s famous. I see her in the red-top newspapers almost every day but never seen her on TV or any film.

  48. Lindsay

    Why does her TWAT look all tored up!

  49. BigM

    A hippie with a binkini wax! Now that’s funny!

  50. toolboy

    As a connoisseur of fine 60′s and 70′s porn, I must go along with the “what’s up with the lack of vajayjay hair?” theme. That ain’t no hippie. A hippie would have a “Don King in a leglock”. I wanna hear friggin’ Jane Goodall as the narrator when a hippie is getting neked.
    “I call this one Bright Eyes.”

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