Sienna Miller asks dumb questions

smiller_consult.jpgSienna Miller has consulted New York relationship psychologist Gilda Carle over Jude Law’s recent affair with their nanny to try and determine the reasons behind his infidelity. A source tells the Sunday Express, “Gilda has been talking to Sienna about what she has coined the ‘cheataholic’ and examining the causes for rampant infidelity.”

The causes of rampant infidelity, huh? Let me take a swing at this one and say the penis. I don’t want to generalize, but 100% of all men would absolutely cheat on their woman with somebody hotter if they were given the chance. Although Sienna Miller is pretty hot, and the nanny Jude Law cheated on her with is an ugly sack of potatoes, so maybe the second cause for rampant infidelity is blindness.