Sienna has few regrets

*sienna_miller_thumb2.jpgSomeone asked Sienna Miller what lessons she’d learned over the past year. Surprisingly she didn’t say “when I ask Jude if he’s cheated on me, and he says no, and yet he’s lying in a pile of lipstick, naked women, and condom wrappers, I probably shouldn’t believe him.” What she did say that the biggest lesson she’s learned this year is “hold your cards close to your vest.”

“I’ve got a huge mouth, especially when it comes to my business,” the actress told Life magazine. “But I’ve realized that if you start talking about things, you open up a floodgate.” Miller’s on-again, off-again relationship with Jude Law may be on again after reports in recent weeks suggested the couple were back together. “I find it odd that people ask me things like, ‘Why did you take (Jude Law) back?’ I don’t regret anything,” she says.

Well it’s good that she doesn’t regret anything. You’d think she might regret hiring the nanny that was banging Jude on a regular basis. Because, in retrospect, that probably wasn’t a good move.