Sienna has few regrets

December 30th, 2005 // 22 Comments

*sienna_miller_thumb2.jpgSomeone asked Sienna Miller what lessons she’d learned over the past year. Surprisingly she didn’t say “when I ask Jude if he’s cheated on me, and he says no, and yet he’s lying in a pile of lipstick, naked women, and condom wrappers, I probably shouldn’t believe him.” What she did say that the biggest lesson she’s learned this year is “hold your cards close to your vest.”

“I’ve got a huge mouth, especially when it comes to my business,” the actress told Life magazine. “But I’ve realized that if you start talking about things, you open up a floodgate.” Miller’s on-again, off-again relationship with Jude Law may be on again after reports in recent weeks suggested the couple were back together. “I find it odd that people ask me things like, ‘Why did you take (Jude Law) back?’ I don’t regret anything,” she says.

Well it’s good that she doesn’t regret anything. You’d think she might regret hiring the nanny that was banging Jude on a regular basis. Because, in retrospect, that probably wasn’t a good move.


  1. DrDanny


  2. DrDanny

    *yawn* Who cares?

  3. EColang1

    Call me crazy, but I have a feeling it was Sadie Frost, the mother of Jude’s children, not Sienna who hired the slutty nanny.

  4. ShanDourdan

    Jesus is she still talking about this shit?. I really hope 2006 brings an end to Sienna…(by ‘the end’ I mean celebrity wise of course;). Her and her equally over-rated boyfriend

  5. Sheva

    Who can put up with the pretentous lot of them.

  6. andrewthezeppo

    I’m so sick of this hobag, I mean seriously she just famous for getting banged by a balding british actor with a small penis. She dresses like a hobo, and her boyfriend would rather sleep with the help then her…can she be shot now?

  7. HollyGolightly

    SHE didn’t hire the nanny. Sadie Frost did. Are you feeling okay?

  8. sugarbullet

    is she still around? i always forget she’s an actress and think she’s a paris cling on or something. she’s just so terribly boring. i’m glad she’s playing edie sedgewick in that movie though, so everyone will get over saying how “edie” she is and forget about her.

  9. funkygoldmedallions

    “I’ve got a huge mouth…”
    From what we’ve seen of Jude’s bits and pieces, that huge mouth is a waste.

  10. CantBeANun

    Of course she has no regrets, Jude’s the only thing that can help her career. And that shows how awful her career is.

  11. MrPloppy


  12. Cuore56


  13. OMG!

    Sienna, Why did you take Jude Law back?

  14. SpiderMomma

    Jude Law isn’t gay? Wow, I’m shocked. Guess his scrawny bits aren’t good enough for the man whores. Damn, must be an equivalent of a vienna sausage.

  15. BadGoat

    Blah .. Blah .. Blah… YAWN .. zzzZZzz

  16. Tania

    Ha Ha! MrPloppy is right! Who cares about her anyway! I hope she disappears off the Hollywood radar faster than Krispy Kremes from Kirstie Alley’s kitchen. What’s that? Kirstie isn’t fat anymore? Damn…

  17. hongkie2003

    She might not be the one to hire the nanny, but she sure is stupid enough to leave them alone, knowing her bf’s history. Anyways, why is she even on SF? She’s plainer than Ashlee Simpson, Ali Lohan, the Olsens and Nicky Hilton put together…same can be said of her talent. Bring on the articles like the one you did about Naomi Campbell…

  18. sadietolstoy

    I’m not really a fan of Sienna Miller’s since she achieved her fame by sleeping with Jude Law. I also think she’s a bit of a poseur. But I’m interested in seeing her in the new Edie Sedgwick movie, as Edie is one of my favorite icons.

  19. Nurse Kellie

    Until she and Jude had this big nanny story, I had no idea who she was. As for him, why would any sane woman want to have sex with him? He reminds me of one of those insects from A Bug’s Life; only his penis is smaller.

  20. Linnea

    Wow. I think I’m the only person who honestly liked them until Jude was caught with his little (very little) Jude in the hired help.
    But, I think Jude Law is a good actor and almost pretty enough to excuse the umm…lacking endowments.

  21. derekd

    HollyGolightly Chill. What do you have a case of the “mean reds”?

    Jude is such a snake. I love ‘em! Writes down a list longer than the constitution of all the sluts he’s banged and hands it over to her and she still swallows his load. Pimp on brother! Pimp on!

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