Sideshow Rihanna and Other News

January 20th, 2011 // 70 Comments

(I bet you haven’t heard that comparison today. The Superficial: Original. Yellow. Different.)

- Justin Timberlake teaches Amanda Seyfried how to respond to Jessica Biel bursting into a hotel room. [Lainey Gossip]

- George Clooney has malaria. Neat. [Huffington Post]

- Cameron Diaz bought weed from Snoop Dogg in high school. Oh, what, ’cause he’s black? [Popeater]

- Will Smith‘s penis continues destroying every classic movie ever made. [Dlisted]

- Marissa Miller is in Shape. [Hollywood Tuna]

- So is Camilla Belle. [DrunkenStepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Bar Rafaeli is, well, she’s Bar Rafaeli. [Popoholic]

- Christian Bale has been sneering into cameras since the eighties. [BuzzFeed]

- Kevin Smith‘s boyhood boner for Bruce Willis ruined by Copout. [EgoTV]

- Speaking of uncontrollable boners… [IDLYITW]

- Anne Hathaway vs. An Army of Catwomen. [theCHIVE]

- The 25 Weirdest Mugshots in Sports: Soon to include Brett Favre‘s penis. [Bleacher Report]

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  1. michelle

    paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa se re pelo la loca!

  2. Best in Show.

  3. The steroids have finally grown Carrot Top a nice set of boobs.

    • Drew

      Geez, 3 posts already and I’m sure more will follow. McFeely do you ever do anything besides troll these boards? You seem so pathetic.

      • says the guy who is here reading everything I post…

      • gigi

        funny & creepy that you’re so aware of every move this McFeely Smackup person is making…. do they stalk you too Drew? thought this post was about Rihanna’s lame hair…

      • Any Guy

        someone’s in love. awww.

      • Freals, you memorized his posts, :P but I get it, I usually have someone commenting how dumb my comment was quite quickly after posting. It happens.
        and it’s true Mr. Smackup and a few others post numerously daily, including myself, and I’m pretty sure they probably truly care as little about it as I do..
        Bored online, it’s why some people get so mad and start spewing hate.

        And you guys, It’s SideShow Bob, not Ronald McD

    • Drew

      I can’t help BUT see them, EVERY topic that’s posted there YOU are. It’s like watching a fly swarm around shit.

  4. Ronald McDonald’s cousin…Roneisha.

    I don’t know how hard that blow to her face was, but it’s like she’s flipped out or something..

  5. she looks like a running blender of strawberry daiquiri with the lid off

  6. DOC

    shoutout to nelly and jimbo!!! dinner tonight on me !!!!!!

  7. she’s got her own seeing-eye cracker to find the car door through that mop.

  8. it’s not even her hair. she paid someone to make her look this foolish

  9. J

    Sideshow Bob is that you?

  10. Animal? Is that you? Where’s the rest of The Electric Mayhem?

  11. Cock Dr

    It’s so outrageously bad that I like it.
    Apparently if you’re in the performance arts you can get away with this sort of grooming tomfoolery.

  12. Julie

    not to burst your bubble but tmz made that comparison earlier this morning

  13. The Listener

    Fish, that’s a perfect title. LOL
    Didn’t realize Sideshow Bob had a sister.

  14. Don Imus

    That’s one nappy headed ho

  15. GravyLeg

    That look works since Chris Brown beat her like a redheaded stepchild…

  16. Chris Brown

    That look is a HIT!

  17. just maybe

    she tries so damn hard to be profound. diana and beyonce wannabe

  18. When did Slash change his hair color? Where’s his hat?

  19. I would love to put some big shoes on her and drop her in a room full of rakes.

  20. The humidity must be quite high.

  21. nonminti

    she looks just like Sideshow Bob from Simpsons :)

  22. Rihanna
    still hit it
    Commented on this photo:

    the BOZZO look is making a come back

  23. theroughone

    That Clooneys too much. Seemingly, not even female mosquitos can’t get enough of him…

  24. Rihanna
    Commented on this photo:

    There’s Skittles in there!

  25. Morganzola

    Am I too late to make a Sideshow Bob reference?

  26. dumbass

    Yeah, but does the carpet match the drapes, iykwim?

  27. dumbass

    and of course what i meant by that is, i wonder if her vagina hair is bright red and all bushed out like the crazy ass hair on her head.

  28. i didn’t know Ronald mcDonald is a girl.

  29. welldoneson

    This broad MUST be daft.

  30. iLL

    Sideshow Bob???

  31. g_girl

    hee heee………….. :))

  32. bdog

    “What happens if I pull this ripcord?”


    LMAO :D

  33. lalalalooo

    Ronald McSlash is entering the building.

  34. Reggie Rhino

    So that’s what Bozo looks like without the “Clown Face Makeup” on!

  35. uncle bill

    it’s a true shame this woman hates to be black.

  36. hmna


  37. tara

    anything to cover up that face

  38. m

    to everyone who doesn’t think Will Smith can rewrite Annie for his daughter to star in: see? black people *can* pull off red curly hair!

  39. BENWAW


  40. This woman is a freak. Anyone notice how her music has become repetitive and her outfits have become more outrageous and her hair … well … she isn’t going to inspire many men to put her picture up as a pin up girl. Shaddap with the ‘How old are you man, who puts pin up girls on their walls anymore’ crap. It was an analogy.

    Maybe she’s trying out the new Orangutan look???

  41. Trent Steel

    This photo would have more impact if she was about to walk into a cactus.

  42. Anya

    This clown bitch tries wayyyy to hard, probably trying to take attention away from her five head and huge flat nose.

  43. Rihanna
    Commented on this photo:

    Kelsey Grammar called. Are you free Wednesday?

  44. jore

    Bob Patiño … female version

  45. Luciana


  46. Mrs. Nick Jonas

    She looks like carrot top’s little sister.

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