Sia Beats the Internet by Sharing Nude Photo of Herself

Pop singer/songwriter Sia has figured out the most efficient way to handle a nude photo leak: beat the paps to the punch and share it yourself. After what I presume was a money-grubbing shakedown by the photographers, Sia took to Twitter to let everyone know that she has a big, naked ass that probably looks similar to a lot of your big naked asses. So let’s check it out, ya?


Mariah Carey had weight loss surgery last month because she was tired of people calling her fat. [Celebuzz!]

A Manhattan DA will be indicting Harvey Weinstein next week and no, I don’t think it was because Batman convinced him. [PageSix]

Sean Combs, the artist formerly known as Puff Daddy and P. Diddy, is now going by ‘Brother Love’ because it’s a thing now to change your name in early November. [HHMW]

That’s cute, Jared Fogle made a friend in jail… [TMZ]

In light of Donald Trump’s latest logic on gun control, here are 13 onscreen female presidents that would be better than him. [AV Club]

Mickey Mouse has been showing off his true totalitarian colors lately. [WashingtonPost]

Is it weird that Kevin Spacey was immediately tossed into a dumpster behind Netflix, while Danny Masterson, who is accused of raping four women, still hangs out on The Ranch? [Pajiba]

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