Shirley Temple Died (1928 – 2014)

February 11th, 2014 // 24 Comments
Shirley Temple

Legendary film actress Shirley Temple died last night in her San Francisco home, and with her a goddamn sterling example of how to transition from child star to adulthood. While today’s kid sensations become drug-addicted shitheads, Shirley Temple was one of the first celebrities to speak openly about breast cancer and became a U.S. Ambassador for almost every administration from Nixon to George H.W. Bush. In comparison, Lindsay Lohan‘s greatest contribution to humanity was recycling a bottle she ashed in the other day.

Rest In Peace, Shirley

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  1. Such an adorable little girl. At least she’s safe from Woody now.

  2. Freebie

    RIP Shirley Temple.

  3. BlinkyTheFish

    I think I read somewhere that she actually had a decent mom who was always around to see she didn’t get pushed around/abused by Hollywood types, rather than your standard issue Dina Lohan Hollywood pimp-mom. That’s got to help longevity.

  4. FattyFatty2X4

    I’ll bet she’s taking that sweet trip to the candy shoppe.
    I’m giving myself a thumbs down for that one.

  5. American Icon. As another american icon Jerry Coleman, who just died and who lived just as full and successful life, would say:

    “You can hang a star on that one”

  6. Sad

    I loved her movies as a kid! So cute, so talented. “The Little Princess” is my favorite.

    What a treasure who grew up to be a classy person.

    RIP, Shirley Temple.

  7. Lived an exemplary life. RIP.

  8. Rubick's Doob

    Her dancing with Bill Bojangles Robinson was historic. Never before had the general public seen an interracial, cross gender team perform. Add the fact that she was only 7 at the time but guess what? The world didn’t end and the sun came up.

  9. RIP, classy lady.

  10. seat filler

    Ginger Ale, splash of Grenadine and a maraschino

  11. Urbanspaceman

    RIP Shirley. You brought joy & escape to millions when they needed it.

  12. RIP Shirley Temple. I wish more of our child stars would follow your example.

  13. She will be buried at the Good Ship Lolli-plot. :P

  14. Robb7

    She could act, sing and dance followed by a stellar transition to adulthood doing good works — and today’s crap fest of “young talent” is represented by dirt bags and assholes. Yeah, not a lot to look forward to. RIP Shirley

  15. The Pope

    I would be sad, but I just always assumed that she had died long before I was even born. So…

  16. Mel Gibson's Shrink

    Rest In Peace.

  17. cory

    Nice things to say about a conservative?

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