Shiloh Jolie-Pitt looks like her mom

August 31st, 2007 // 144 Comments

  1. analprobeshurtmyass

    @100 Yessssss, meds are gooooood!!!!!!!!!!!! Gimme, gimme :O

    she is a baby and I don’t think she should be a thin baby because that is the new fashion! she is just cute baby and shouldn’t have any problems about her weight yet!
    Atleast Angelina is taking care of her and not some nanny (you always see her with her childeren)

    and I think she looks a bit like Angelina’s father Jon Voight

  3. woodhorse

    102: Excellent! lol

  4. Kimberlee-Shantel


    How the baby’s arm (The lower part of her arm) has two little circles imbedded in her skin, matching the ones of her dress? I thought at first they were imprints but they are smaller than those on the dress. Weird.

  5. to #105:

    that is a print on the pic. if you look close it says: celebrity baby see
    not sure about the see

  6. Kat

    She’s adorable!!!

  7. becks

    ugly baby

  8. Gorgeous baby – then again, she’d pretty much have to be with the mom and dad.

  9. gerard Vandenberg

    That kid has the right genes from her mother. Hoping that the LOSER genes of husband Pitt stay out of sight!!

  10. Nikki

    This does NOT look like a happy baby. Cute enough as all babies are, yes. But not happy, nor lucid. Her Momma did not eat enough while she was pregnant.

  11. Lacey Lu

    Gosh, it’s horrible what some of these comments say about the kid. Some of the stuff I’ve seen so far says she looks like a monkey, that Ange and Brad must breed vampires because she’s white and ugly, that blonde hair and blue eyes is so overrated. Grow up. You all sound like your jealous. And that Ange and Brad aren’t even that attractive…c’mon now, they’re very attractive. Ange’s lips are famous, and I admit she’s been looking frail and too skinny lately but her mum did die recently. Shiloh has got two very attractive parents, so she’s 100% attractive. She’s adorable! No, I haven’t seen her smile yet either, but there is a development period for babies when they start smiling and laughing. Isn’t Suri Cruize older that Shiloh anyway? Shiloh will start smiling, laughing and being more alert in time. As for Shiloh’s lips…she sort of has a double whammy with that one, because of course there’s Ange who has a huge lovey pout, which is enough to give your offspring quite large lips but Brad also has quite big lips, so she’s also 100% big lips.

    She’s beautiful. And I don’t think Ange “hates” her, she reportedly called her a blob, well newborns ARE blobs, they don’t do much except sleep, eat and poo. It’s only until they’re a bit older that they’re personalities emerge. What she said was completely taken out of context.

  12. AmeriCanadian

    I dunno, kid has a raging case of fishlips and stuff. You’d think she’d be prettier than she is…weird. I am pretty sure she’ll look “funny” when she’s older…poor kid.

    LoL @ “she thinks she’s adopted, too” hilarious!

  13. einstein

    looking quite like a chinese except with the blond hair on

  14. Italian Stallion

    I could have sworn that same baby mistook my dick for a pacifire( LOL I’m sofa king we todd it) the other day…………

  15. AD

    #82: Any dog can be vicious. There are vicious dogs, not vicious breeds.

    And last I checked, Shiloh is a human baby. Wrong species!

  16. iren33

    When I hear something about comparing her lips with her mom’s I recall Angie said some years ago something like when she was a child she was sexy.What a dumb bitch!Children cant be sexy and shouldn’t look at them this way!Now she has the baby .Poor baby ,because her mother is phycho .The normal people cant say like she does!

  17. JC

    #43 Something wrong with Suri Cruise – she looks like an old woman in a child’s body with an old woman’s body complete with those long old woman dresses she is put in all the time. This beautiful child looks age appropriate – like tlhe baby she is.

  18. Click the link if you want to see an ugly baby. Shiloh is not ugly.

  19. kitty_kat

    I actually think she looks like Brad Pitt with Angelina’s lips.

  20. kitty_kat

    Suri is waaay cuter.

  21. Katie

    Definitely looks more like Brad. Just has her lips.

  22. viciousvixen

    What the hell is wrong with some of you? What kind of person makes fun of a kid? Since the first pic released I always thought she looked like Brad but had Angelina’s lips. She’s cute.

  23. lambman

    cute kid and all, but I hate mouth breathers!!!! I don’t care if they’re babies or Scarlet Johanson, they need to freaking learn to close their mouths and breath through their noses like normal people…that or jump off a cliff

  24. notimpressed

    don’t insult the baby like that. she looks much better than her mom.

  25. zsa

    Actually, Angelina was blonde and blue eyed as a little girl. There’s a pic of Angelina when she’s about 3 with blonde hair and blue eyes. I don’t think her hair was that blonde though. I agree she looks like Brad except for her lips. And her forehead could be Brad or Angelina’s, they both have big one’s ;). I think she’s a beautiful, healthy looking baby. Although it’s true she never looks happy. She’s young true, but Suri Cruz has looked happy in most of her pics, why not Shiloh? Ah well, who knows. No one happy about her child’s birth would call it a blob (and certainly not more than once), I don’t care what anyone says. That being said, I think they’re all beautiful and wish them happiness.

  26. zsa

    Oops, Cruise. Wo can keep it all straight? Who cares…

  27. zsa

    Oh, and Suri is only a month or so older than Shiloh. Suri b: Apr 18, ’06, Shiloh b: May 27, ’06. Sooo, Shiloh should be looking alot more expressive, imo. She does look like she’s not really lucid…cute though.

  28. 2cents

    #69 – “please state YOUR reasons why YOU don’t want children FOR YOURSELF: the rest of the planet needs them.”

    I am not sure what “needs” that a planet actually has. Spheres of matter pretty much just exist. As far as species go, generally they do need to reproduce for survival. As far as the human species goes, given the effects of population pressure and habitat destruction, I would say that pretty much no species except domesticated pigs, cows, chickens, corn, wheat, etc. truly “need” humans to survive. It is pretty much just the opposite. And certainly if the human species is to continue to thrive on this planet, what it needs is a lot
    less humans with a lot more consciousness about how they affect the world around them.

    #112 – “No, I haven’t seen her smile yet either, but there is a development period for babies when they start smiling and laughing. ”

    F.Y.I that is 2 months for a social smile and 4 months for laughing. I am fairly certain she is well beyond that age. Anyway just my thoughts on the issue.

  29. Wow

    Wow Chaucey, I feel sorry for you. You seem to think that life isn’t worth living at all just because it only lasts for a certain number of years. Are you suicidal? Because that’s how you’re coming across. Is your life worthless just like everyone else’s?

  30. soapbox

    How can you all judge a baby’s looks and behavior with just a couple of pictures? Retards.

  31. brooke

    That baby is beautiful…I think she looks like Brad, but she does have Angie’s lips..I really don’t see how she could of turned out ugly though, with both her parents being attractive. I personally do not think Angelina is all that, but she is pretty enough and well, Brad Pitt is gorgeous. He is showing his age a bit, but he is still very handsome…I think when Shiloh get older, she is going to be 10 times prettier than Angelina.

  32. Lina

    That baby is absolutely beautiful. I’m just afraid that she’s gonna turn into somebody like Mary-kate olsen – cute kid, pretty teen, fucking psycho. Or that somebody will kidnap her :(

  33. Jen

    Aw, cute, but there other kids are fuggly, especially Zahahra. I know there is going to be mad jeleousy.

  34. Ann


  35. coco


  36. Dr. Shiavo

    I thought we had a population problem…shouldn’t someone off this baby since they already have 5 others?

  37. Laney

    This is the first time I have come apon this comment board and I think some of the things being said are so strange and hurtful. She is a beautiful baby and her mouth hanging open is probably teething.(Very Normal at that age!) The comments Angie has made about her own daughter “A Blob” Silverspoon” wow how can any loving mother say things like that? I think Brad should take her and run back to his family and let her be raised with a love. I think that Angie felt like a savior with her adopted kids and she craves the attention and praise she got adopting. And with Shilo she felt average. Poor little girl will never live up to her mothers standerds and that will affect her as she grows up. I hope Brad is a better parent to her.

  38. Heena

    shiloh is very sute

  39. johnette

    what kind of loosers have to post mean stuff about a baby’s looks?

  40. johnette

    what kind of loosers have to post mean stuff about a baby’s looks?

  41. Gia

    You people defend Shiloh Angelina and Brad like you know them personally or something. That kid is ugly and I’m sorry but that’s the truth. Babies can be ugly you know. She looks like she has down syndrome. She could get butt raped for all I care. My life would not change in the slightest. And for all you pathetic losers out there who are defending her, I’m sure you’ll all get thank you letters in the mail from the jolie pitts. Give me a break.

  42. John

    The little kid’s got a case of cunt lips just like mama.

  43. May 28th, 2011

    Shiloh is now 5, and god, is she (he?) ugly. I mean I do a double-take every time I see its ugly face in yet another photo somewhere…It has the worst of both Angelina & Brad, neither of whom I ever thought were attractive. Fish-lips and undefined, blob-like facial features (in all 3 of them) just don’t do it for me. Yuck.

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