Shiloh Jolie-Pitt looks like her mom

August 31st, 2007 // 144 Comments

  1. Chauncey Gardner

    I’m insane.

  2. yoyoma

    yeah…this baby is cute, but i have a sneaking suspicion she will grow up to be one of those people with several distinctive, attractive features…yet the face in its entirety won’t be that much to look at. and then she’ll kill herself because her mom is angelina jolie and her dad is brad pitt. how selfish they were for reproducing

  3. alf oldland

    41., i don’t believe you.

    prove it.

  4. #41 I agree with you… people who procreate without thinking of the full lifespan of a child brought into todays world are fuckin retarded…


    Shiloh is cute, and I hate children…. so for me to admit she is cute… thats sayin somethin…

    anyway, I love Angie and Brad is just as awesome… I think I am the only person in the world who thought it was great that Brad followed his heart, and got rid of that dried up, old ass Jennifer…

    thats my piece… dont like it? get over it… do like it? i still dont care.

    <3 jessica

  5. me

    she is going to be gorgeous when she grows up

  6. Terry

    Suri is 50 times cuter than Shiloh!

  7. soy

    does that freak tatoo her kids too?

  8. She’s super cute, I’m more adorable though

  9. there

    kids looks like most white kids big deal
    No tatooing yet she just drinks their blood
    why anyone gives this woman saint status i don’t get it
    she’s behaved just like(or worse) than all the younger whores on here parislohanetc

  10. Amber

    She looks so identical to Jon Voight….Karma really served Angie….which explains her calling Shiloh, “blob” at first, and not wanting to really be seen with her. It looks like she is slowly turning that around, but unless she makes up with her dad, she will never be able to be a good mother to Shiloh because she will always see her dad in her, and hate her for that. Its a good thing Brad loves his daughter.

  11. blondamnation

    why are you comparing Jolipitt with Cruise jr? Tom cruise is a crazy prick who thinks psychiatry is evil but belongs to a cult that has weird names for everything.
    His baby is going to be WAY more messed up than this one.
    #54 I hope you’re still in Jr high, wait a long time before you, if at all, have kids. And Jennifer Aniston probably looks better broken out, hungover, bloated, with a rash, given a haircut and coloring by Britney Spears, wearing an outfit from the first season of Friendson her WORST day- a thousand times better than you do on your BEST day, all gussied up for the Springfield Jr. Prom.

  12. AD

    #41: Dude. Wtf? Take your rant back to Livejournal.

    Cute photos, Superfish :)

  13. blondamnation

    #43 why does the “oh duh” expression mean she thinks she’s adopted? Random. And by the way, you’re adopted, your “parents” told everyone but you.

  14. blondamnation

    WOw #41, you are a delightful flower of a man, did you know that?

    I can only imagine what it;s like in your room. Pizza boxes and video games and general techie crap all over the floor, unwashed clothes, a messy bed with no sheet, your nametag…..MMMM MMMMM

  15. blondamnation

    From #41 “And, no matter how many children and grandchildren they, in turn, recklessly bring into the world, none can accompany them into death. “Blah blah blah…-

    When I die, I want to die in my sleep, like Grandpa. Not screaming and crying like the other people in the car”…..–Jack Handy, Deep Thoughts

  16. bijou


    it’s someone’s head that got blurred in the foreground.

    She has Brad’s eyes for sure and she’ll lose the baby fat, geez!

  17. #01 to #65 … Please don’t mess up with babies.. they are Angels.
    I hate good people doing bad talks.

  18. sarah

    She looks like Brad. Also…she’s not really all that cute. Sorry to the people who take this site way too seriously.

  19. woodhorse

    #41 Usually I enjoy your comments but did your brain just hit a brick wall? Children in the 1800s didn’t enjoy penicillin and Clan of the Cave Bear children had to face being eaten by a saber-toothed tiger. If it’s so awful, just kill yourself already. (I left instructions under the Owen Wilson post)

    Using your rationale, we wouldn’t plant any trees because there is polution….?
    The only reason for ANYTHING is children. If there were no children, there would be no reason for great architecture as no one would live to appreciate it, no reason for great literature, no reason for music, no reason for any of society’s accomplishments – please state YOUR reasons why YOU don’t want children FOR YOURSELF: the rest of the planet needs them.

  20. Mommy’s back from her PR trip to Iraq and straight back to the important stuff. Whoring out the kids for good publicity. An arkload of kids couldn’t make the public like you again Skankalina.
    For Brangelina haters

  21. George

    I heard that she is going to tattoo all of Dr. Seuss’ books on her body, so she can teach her baby with the weird name to read.

  22. LauraE

    What if she grows up looking average or less than average ? Can you imagine that ? Being the child of Angelina and Brad, and being plain-looking ! That would be something. A true statement aginst eugenism !!!

  23. ToTellTheTruth

    That’s too many fucking names of ONE person…but she’s cute anyways..

  24. fiverivers

    I thought that the kids foot was up her ass until I realized that it was just someone’s unfocused head there. I’d put my foot (amongst other things) up her ass.

  25. emysuria

    every baby is cute.. so do her..

  26. ShelleyBonnechance

    What a cute baby. But I can definitely state that my two were even cuter.

  27. Chauncey Gardner

    #42 – Everybody here wants to be the center of attention, even you.

    #51 – To my impostor – I would have used more words and commas, asshole.

    #69 – I’ve previously been a fan of your posts, too, Woodhorse. That’s why it’s disappointing to find you’re another hive-minded, narcissistic baby-worshipper who seemingly has no concern about the real issues all these extra kids will face in the future, from social (in)security to overpopulation. Who’s going to give a fuck about the Mona Lisa when the next big die-off occurs? Because die-offs are what happen when an environment can’t sustain a species. It’s happened countless times since life on our planet began, and if you think it won’t happen to your progeny (should they be hardy enough to still be around), you’re living in a dream world. People love to think that there’s something mystical and wonderful about having kids, but at the end of the day, the truth is that parents and children are simply DNA delivery systems. You exist because that’s your evolutionary purpose. Nature doesn’t give a fuck about anything else. But, there’s a limit to what your environment will bear, and if people like you don’t scale back on wanton reproduction, Nature’s going to do it for us.

  28. youreanidiot

    77-so your reasoning is because they will die one day, don’t let them live? hmmm…yeah, no, you’re a loser

  29. t-shaf

    shiloh is the most beautiful baby in the whole entire world

  30. woodhorse

    #77 Narcissistic is way off base, guess again. Baby worshipper? Umm, probably. Die-offs, war, warm bodies for exploration or radiation sponges, we still need progeny and although we are not in a renaissance (we’ve had those before too – and will again) we still need progeny. Yes, it’s overcrowded but that’s not Shiloh or my child’s fault. Constructive criticism would be for all the men who have children they don’t want and don’t support to have a vasectomy.

  31. woodhorse

    Chauncey, I know you know that’s not all right so end of argument. You’ve seen something that really made you mad or you’re having a terrifically horrible day or something. And I also think the world is overpopulated.

  32. woodhorse

    For all the Michael Vick posts on how “sweet” pit bulls are –

    Sep 1, 2007 2:03 pm US/Central

    Police: Pit Bill Mauls, Kills Dallas Boy″ align=”absmiddle” border=”0″ /> Slideshow: When Pit Bulls Attack
    (AP) DALLAS A 6-year-old boy died Friday after he was mauled by his family’s pet pit bull, police said.

    Scott Warren was inside his house Friday night with his 13-year-old sibling when the dog attacked, Dallas police spokesman Sgt. Gil Cerda said. Family members told police the 1-year-old dog did not have a history of aggressive behavior.

    “When the mother came inside the house, she saw the dog attacking the 6-year-old and tried to restrain the dog,” Cerda said. “By that time, a lot of damage had been done.”

    Warren was taken to a hospital, where he died, Cerda said.

    The fatal mauling comes a day before a new state law takes effect in which dog owners whose pets attack and seriously injure someone could face up to 10 years in prison. In a fatal attack, the sentence could increase to up to 20 years.

    Cerda said it’s too early to say whether anyone will face criminal charges.

    Animal control officers removed the dog from the home. Its fate has not been decided, Cerda said.

    “In many of these cases, the dog is normally euthanized,” Cerda said.

  33. #81 I too think the world is overpopulated.

    I also think my house is overpopulated, and I live alone with my 11 year old daughter.

    One of us is going to have to move

  34. LouLou

    This baby looks exactly like Jon Voight in Midnight Cowboy. Stick a little cowboy hat on her head and a bandana round her neck, prop her up under the marquee to a Times Square porno theatre, have her say “Howdy, ma’am.” and she would be a wee little Joe Buck. Get one of the adopted ones to play Ratso Rizzo, film it and you’d have a million bucks!

  35. LouLou

    …oh yeah, I forgot to mention, she’s also cute cute cute as a button!

  36. samantha

    SHES SOOO CUTEEEEE, awwww. Has Angelinas lips man 8|

  37. 15piecesofflare

    (Sigh)… No one understands my Chauncey.

    By the way #15, lol.

  38. dca

    She’s gonna be a hottie!!

  39. dca

    that sounds wrong. i mean she’s adorable!

  40. Tracey

    Shiloh is not that cute. She is just an average looking baby. So the fuck what? And it’s sad that Angelina has so much money, yet has covered herself with cheap looking tats.
    I’ve never thought Brad was very good looking either, his skin is bad. He’s a cheater and
    wait, why the fuck am I even commenting on this?

  41. KTG13

    I think the baby is a fucking ugly retard.

  42. Me

    She looks like Brad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Jaxon

    What a cutie!

  44. As long as she isn’t a freak wearing other peoples blood

  45. cookie monsta

    does anyone else think she’s old enuf to be called the “SHIT-PIT”

  46. anon

    That kid is not cute some of you need to get your eyes checked or go back to the fugue state of Just Jared.

  47. Googolygoo

    Um, sorry, but that is one slack-jawed, blank-eyed, big-headed dullard of a baby. She looks like her dad, and also as though she could be being held by a Sleestak and would wear exacvtly the same expression.
    Oh, wait, she IS being held by a Sleestak.
    A Sleestak with a shitload of fugly scrawlings all over her body.

  48. silvia

    she is so cute!!!

  49. my comment

    Cute kid. Too bad her mother is a psycho. .

  50. Ascil

    #41, are you suffering some kind of depression? Everybody was born to understand fear but this is just part of life. Isn’t it sad that you’re suffering som mental illness and that you needed a lil attention? Maybe your just depressed over the joy of others. If “fear” is what you consider, why are you still seeking attention with lousy comments? It’s all bull shit. Go see a doctor or get some medication help. Eat that!

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