Shiloh Jolie-Pitt looks like her mom

August 31st, 2007 // 144 Comments

  1. justme


  2. That’s a beautiful kid, but what do you expect given the parents?


  3. fraha


  4. Wait…which one is Shiloh?

  5. laila

    Shiloh is cute and all….but in every picture, her mouth is hanging open like that. is it physically possible for her to close her mouth?

  6. Sanja Dan

    Why is her butt blurred out in the first pic?

  7. Frick!

    She’s adorable, but I have to say, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that poor child with her mouth closed. Those must be some heavy lips she’s carrying around. She will definetly always be a mouth breather. And personally I think she looks a lot more like Brad Pitt than Angelina, save for the lips; but Brad’s got pretty big lips too so Shiloh was destined to get some big, honkin’ smackers. She’s like a mini, female Brad.

  8. #5 You must not have kids. I don’t it IS physically possible for babies to keep their mouths shut. I think theylack muscle coordination.

    Either that or they just don’t give a shit.

  9. mary+

    esta hermosa!!!

  10. And BTW theylack is a word.

  11. Faggot


    It’s disgusting is what it is!

  12. Faggot


  13. Just

    Dude Angelina isnt even that gorgeous anymore.

  14. Faggot


  15. shanipie

    She is going to make a beautiful drug addict someday

  16. ssdd

    poor baby got her moms alien forehead ..

  17. ibgroovin

    cuteness. looks like brad as a tot

  18. lips

    She’s cute, and she looks more like Brad.

  19. vent

    where’s brad?

  20. In that last picture, that’s not Shiloh. That’s Angie holding Alfred Hitchcock.

  21. Actually, I think Angelina looks the best I’ve seen her in years, and you all KNOW I don’t say nice things about the posted EVER….mostly because I’m getting old and bitter, but that just means it must be true.

  22. Shine

    Wow, she is so cute….beautiful…n she does look like Brad….hope she doesnt turn out to b like her mom n break someone’s marriage…XD

  23. aury

    i think she looks more like brad. there’s no disputing those lips, though.

  24. Who cares??? Blah blah blah whatever. This is boring! Who’s leg do I have to hump to get a dry martini around here?
    Oh. I guess that would be my own.

  25. Faye

    I think she looks like Brad.

  26. woodhorse

    Of course she’s beautiful but where did the blonde hair come from? Angelina is magic, that’s what. Even her adopted children are amazingly beautiful. Because Angelina’s magic genes ooze into those around her. If I stood next to Angelina for a long time – like a year – I would have pouty lips and I never even pout.

  27. Donna

    i agree with everyone else. she looks like brad… from the lips up anyway. she’s adorable.

  28. awwwww…….no bad comment to say here

  29. Do Angelina and Brad breed vampires? Look how pasty white this child is. This is the first time I have ever seen a photographer catch a photo of something transparent.
    I know Angie hates her priviliged blond blob but she should let the poor kid out of the shoe box more.
    As far as her being a cute baby, blond babies with blue eyes are way overrated. They sell them a dime a dozen in Russia. Why Angelina hasn’t bought a few is beyond me.

  30. wedgeone

    Poor Brad. He releases a hot salty stringy load all over Angie’s lips, and it turns out it’s Shiloh. I bet by now he realizes that Angie won’t get upset. If he did it to one of the dirt kids, watch out, Angelina Borderlinerina is on the rampage! But Shiloh, fuck no – splooge the blob, no biggie.

  31. p0nk

    Hey FRIST – does your kid resemble you? By that, I mean does your kid have identical track marks?

  32. cunt

    dude, whoever it is that writes these things, you are truely very funny

  33. Chauncey Gardner

    Widdle baby Jolie-Pitty-Pat got a widdle pussy-mouth just like Mommie-Wommie!

  34. Pammy

    Angie was blond as a baby and child. Her hair grew darker as she got older. Brad was a light blond all through high school. So it”s no surprise where pretty Shiloh got her coloring and good looks from. Shiloh is GORGEOUS and so are her amazing parents.

    There’s plenty of pics of Angie holding Shiloh and taking her out to various places. Check out JustJared. They doesn’t take Shiloh out too much because there’s the stalking papz that can easily scare a small child. Of course they’re gonna want to protect her as any normal loving parents would do. How would you like it if the papz followed you all day and where ever you go. You would look confused and unhappy too.

  35. bob

    16, what’s wrong with the forehead ?

  36. Chauncey Gardner

    The worst thing about chicks having kids is that it makes them even more territorial and insane. It’s a lot harder to assault them when their ‘kid radar’ is so keen.

  37. i just fell asleep reading that last post

    I really did

  38. grace

    #33…you are a sick individual,how can you even type something like that about a baby?
    she is so cute,though with her genetics,how could she be anything else?

  39. 12:51

    @ 6 theres a blur of a dude and where his head is is where her ass should be … and that is a cute kid though really takes after brad

  40. alf oldland

    looks like a boy — hoping to make her into another version of her “brother,” james?

    this kid will have access to so much. i hope (s)he can handle it when the time comes.

    i think pitt’s a good guy nontheless. jolie’s just simply crazy.


  41. Chauncey Gardner


    Grace, based on your reaction, I assume you have one or more children yourself. With that in mind, I would like to take this opportunity to point out how selfish, irresponsible, and cruel it was for you to decide to bring more lives into this world.

    If your kid(s) do not succumb to SIDS (a personal favorite of mine) or numerous pediatric diseases, they are, in essence, be condemned to potential decades of perilous misery. You have brought them into a fearful and certainly deadly existence where billions of people who are or were once children suffer the following:

    Widespread starvation; physical and emotional abuse; getting mangled in car accidents; getting hooked on drugs; getting raped; getting cancer (as nearly all people now living will); stepping on 40-year-old landmines; dying screaming as terrorists pilot their planes into skyscrapers. And, no matter how many children and grandchildren they, in turn, recklessly bring into the world, none can accompany them into death.

    These are just a few examples. And, while many of them, apart from cancer and that inherent loneliness of death, may not occur, you have have condemned them to the *fear* of all of them, which is just as damaging. And you’ve done this because you just really, really needed to have little tit-suckers to hang on you make you feel needed and loved, or to take care of you when you get old, even though you can make them no guarantee of safety or happiness.

    It is so incredibly arrogant of you to assume that you are the one parent who’s smart and capable enough to create and sustain a life beyond your own. And, what will these lives do when your consciousness ultimately dissolves into the eternal nothingness that awaits us all, leaving them to navigate a hostile world that is rapidly becoming more dangerous to live in? They will not have your parental genius to guide them, to hold their hand when it is *their* turn to die.

    And, if you think the worst thing that can happen to a baby is somebody on a website making a joke about its pussy-like mouth, maybe you’re one of the millions upon millions of sollipsistic ‘parents’ who put their shutters up to the world around them when they decide to procreate, instead of truly thinking about the gravity of what they are doing to those children. It is *you* and your cluelessly rampant, egotistical ‘God’ complex that are truly ‘sick’, Grace.

    If I were you, I’d look into that shit.

  42. M Vandever

    You’re rambling is completely insane. It’s very amusing how you tried to seem “intelligent” in your little rant…but unfortunately you just sounded like the true dumb ass that you obviously are. What you wrote has no bearing on what was written by #38. I believe you just like to be the center of attention-and sadly by taking up half a page with you’re illogical accusations of one persons comment-you seemed to have gotten it. My suggestion: Psychiatrist or a mental home…if I were you, I’d look into that shit.

  43. betenoir

    Suri Cruise is so much more alert than this kid. And they’re like a month apart. I think they carry Shiloh around too much. Katie Holmes lets Suri do a lot of walking and she gets to explore the environment more. I’ve never seen Shiloh even smile. Always this like “Oh duh” expression on her face. She probably thinks she’s adopted.

    She looks like Brad, but she also looks a little like John Voight (when he was young check out Midnight Cowboy), I’m sure that’s thrilling to Angie.

  44. FUCK NUMBER 44…..oh wait

  45. kharris

    you two are in serious need of a life. this kid is gorgeous. her parents are gorgeous. nothing else needs to be said.

  46. Michelle

    I never once thought Angelina or Brad were all that good looking. I could never understand why people like them so much, and still don’t. I really hate Angelina’s long horse-like face with big puffy fish-like lips. Brad is just Brad. I don’t find either of them attractive to the slightest bit. I guess it’s all just hyped up.

    Shiloh is definitely not what a lot of you call “gorgeous” or “cute”. At first glance, I thought she was a boy with ugly swollen lips.

  47. Alayney

    I think that kid looks like a monkey.

  48. Carol

    Gorgeous baby, of course, with parents like that,she won the genetic lottery :)

  49. Um, who really gets upset by other peoples comments? The kid is a waste of time. Focus on more important shit like Angie dominating school fish. I don’t know, I am wasted and sick of this subject.

  50. gerard Vandenberg

    I pretty well understand, I like your MUM also!!

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