Shia LeBeouf’s charges dropped

December 12th, 2007 // 88 Comments

Shia LeBeouf appeared in court today to find out his misdemeanor charges for trespassing have been dropped. He was picked up by the police at a Chicago Walgreens after workers repeatedly told the young actor to leave because he appeared drunk. TMZ reports:

Shia showed up in court this morning to receive the good news — Walgreens does not want to pursue charges against him.
Shia’s attorney tells TMZ the actor is “happy to put this behind him and get back to work .”

Awesome. They freed Shia, so now I can stop my Walgreens boycott. I was getting kind of tired buying all my condoms from a truck-stop restroom. Four quarters for one rubber; that’s highway robbery. It’s also a lot of money for something I’m just going to pretend to wear. Then I go home in the morning, fill it full of water and chuck it at my roommate while he’s sleeping. What? You want him to be late for work? That’s not being a good roomie.


  1. tp

    You’re an asshole.

  2. Adam Sandler

    A Cajun Jew. Can you even imagine the song I’d have come up with for him if I was still on SNL?!

  3. I don’t give a shit if you are!! Are yo a troll too?

  4. ldb

    lets troll TP, what say?

  5. tp

    i eat poop.

  6. shut the farg up

    HAve to agree with tp…you idiots with colds, et al, are making this thread insufferable

  7. tp

    You’re a gay asshole.

  8. #57 Then leave. We were here frist!!!

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  10. tp

    Actually, I’m a 17 year-old high school student home from school today with the flu…it’s interesting to see how all of you “adults” sit around at your office jobs and waste company time on sites like these, making fun of people and calling eachother petty, stupid names. You are all role models for today’s youth, I can’t wait to grow up and be just like you. Thanks for setting such a great example of how adults behave.

  11. avision

    @60- is that you tp? you dirty slut, you!

  12. TP Maybe if you are lucky you can make $45.00 an hour and play on the Internet all day. Where are we drinking lunch today!!

  13. tp

    If I were making $45.00/hour I would hope I would be saving lives or doing something useful with my time rather than getting drunk at work. Sad.

  14. Mystress Jade

    #9 Your my HERO.

  15. Temp

    tp – I only get 15 dollars an hour, so I don’t feel guilty about this.

  16. EuroNeckPain

    You get a point, TP. I don’t feel guilty because I live in a different time zone, so I do the work I am being paid for and I go to this stupid (but funny) site only late in the evening when my brain is too tired to do anything else. Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t read this from work, because I would get an ACCESS DENIED from corporate security. It is suprising that companies in America don’t block sites that are not related to business or world news after they have been consulted by employees a number of times.

  17. EuroNeckPain

    Maybe they don’t say anything and the employees get fired without notice. Sounds very American.

  18. asss

    Shia leDOUCHE!!!!!!

  19. EuroNeckPain

    Google returns Shia LA Beouf, not LE Beouf !
    In French “Shia le Beouf” sounds like “the beef came out of his ass” with spelling errors. But LA Beouf ? Did his parents choose the name at random ? And isn’t “Shia” Arabic or something ?

  20. hawhaw

    Arabic??? Umm….no, it belongs to the group usually hit by bits of shrapnel and human flesh when the suicide bomb goes off.

  21. LayDeeBug

    59 LMFAO!!!! “we were here frist.” Crackers, that’s why I love you.

  22. lentista

    IM CHAD KRAMER …….. C.H.A.D. K.R.A.M.E.R

  23. Shallow Val

    73 – sorry but it’s CHAS

  24. grow up tp. you’d be saving lives or “doing something useful” for $45/hr? what do you plan on graduating from Retard University or something? if we all get paid $45/hr to get wasted at lunch and play on the internet, why would you take the same amount for being a fucking hero person? oh right, you haven’t even taken high school economics yet. i can’t talk to you.

  25. madmofo

    Of course the charges were dropped, he’s famous!

  26. Whatever

    All these cute little child actors become annoying as fuck once they hit about 12. The only exception is McCully Cualkin. That fuck was always annoying.

  27. D. Richards

    “Shia”? Isn’t that the Hebrew word for shit? Boy’s parents must be some really strange fucking jews.

    P.S. I absolutely hate Tom Hanks.

  28. tony415263

    his eyes r shining.I am just a bit curious…His profile was found on sugar daddy&sugar baby dating site last week.

  29. MID

    I fuckin’ hate this kid. Why isn’t he dead?

  30. lisa630

    He must have something wrong. What a pity! If I know it earlier, I’ll recommend the to him. It’s a happy place for us.

  31. err

    HE is such a douche!
    DOUCHE is absolutely the PERFECT word to describe this DOUCHE.

  32. err

    HE is such a douche!
    DOUCHE is absolutely the PERFECT word to describe this DOUCHE.

  33. sleger

    This is the first time I’ve ever thought he looked hot! Prison is a good look for him.

  34. coca

    Who is this Scott Baio look-a-like dork?

  35. PeePee

    This boy is like a festering pimple. I wish I could pop it and make it go away!

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  37. Who is this Scott Baio look-a-like dork?

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