Shia LeBeouf’s charges dropped


Shia LeBeouf appeared in court today to find out his misdemeanor charges for trespassing have been dropped. He was picked up by the police at a Chicago Walgreens after workers repeatedly told the young actor to leave because he appeared drunk. TMZ reports:

Shia showed up in court this morning to receive the good news — Walgreens does not want to pursue charges against him.
Shia’s attorney tells TMZ the actor is “happy to put this behind him and get back to work .”

Awesome. They freed Shia, so now I can stop my Walgreens boycott. I was getting kind of tired buying all my condoms from a truck-stop restroom. Four quarters for one rubber; that’s highway robbery. It’s also a lot of money for something I’m just going to pretend to wear. Then I go home in the morning, fill it full of water and chuck it at my roommate while he’s sleeping. What? You want him to be late for work? That’s not being a good roomie.