Shia LeBeouf makes out with mop thingy

June 27th, 2007 // 60 Comments

Shia LeBeouf – the guy from Even Stevens and the new Transformers movie – appeared on TRL yesterday and made out with what appears to be a tennis ball on a mop. Or a, uh, tennis ball wearing a wig. You know, whichever. Because either explanation makes perfect sense.



  1. Queenbzzz

    Better than his last date which was a shrunken head.

  2. Me

    This guy is a loser..the more I read about him the more I can’t stand him..what a puss!

  3. Em

    Never wanted to be a “mop thingy” so badly!

  4. Don Mega

    What’s wrong with his hair? The guy licking the tennis ball’s hair.

  5. I once had respect for this guy. Gone. All gone.

  6. veggi

    wow. this is so uninteresting.

    I saw a little fawn running around yesterday with coyotes are pussies spray painted on it’s side. That was interesting.

  7. wedgeone

    Veg – are you writing for AntiClown now?


    With a name like Shia, he has to be weird.

  8. wiinja

    this guy is a douche. who is he again?

  9. Denise

    He needs to quit doing the oil slick thing with his hair.

  10. I’m so jealous. In fact I’m so going home to make out with my mop now.

    Then I’m going to tell my sordid story and send the sexylicious pictures in to

    Ooooh baby.

    Moppy mop. Come here and have sexy times with me.

  11. BB

    The girl behind him is SMOKIN HOT!

  12. Queenbuzz

    Is that a microphone in his pocket or is he just happy to see his mop?

  13. baldy

    ^^ Agreed.

  14. Wanky

    i want to anal fuck the girl in purple

  15. no1justminda

    Couldn’t find something more interesting (or worth reading about)?

  16. bubba lubdubski

    he’s actually dancing with Nicole Richie…didn’t you guys read she opted to go platinum blonde for her upcoming trial?

    can’t believe you monkeys misses that…oy.

  17. maeby

    Ill accept this as semi nauseating.. only because he looks better lately than he did a few years ago..before he was running a close second in the “awkward olympics” right behind Haley Joel Osment

  18. rach

    1. who the hell is he?
    2. whats the point of this?
    3. why is he making out with a mop?
    4. who the hell is he?

  19. wiinja

    that’s the weirdest lollipop I’ve ever seen… maybe he dropped it on britany’s wig?

  20. veggi

    wedgeone, of all people, I thought you would appreciate that story.

  21. wiinja

    maybe it’s bob barker’s mic decorated by rosie?

  22. Italian Stallion

    That chick he’s kissing needs to lay off the cocaine…….

  23. I actually think he is funny.

  24. you know, in that picture nicole richie doesn’t look pregnant.

  25. axe

    LeBeouf is a douchebag and needs to be smacked.

  26. lalaland

    #17 haha

    when his hair aint slicked back, he’s yummy! what i wouldnt do to be that hairy…ball…wand thingy

  27. lambman

    Shia seems like a cool cat, I think Disney does a better job picking boys for their tv shows that girls…because this kid sure turned out a lot better than Lindsay, Hillary or Raven.

    Constatine + Disturbia + Bobby + Transformers = Awesome

  28. lalaland

    acutally, i think thats one of the Olsen twins!

  29. zug

    Anybody that would appear on that show is a looser…I think that is a requirement to be on that faggoty show, you have to be a looser, or a rap-star.

  30. Chauncey Gardner

    The jury is still out on Queef LeBeef. He was all right in DISTURBIA, and nobody’s going to give a fuck about the human characters in TRANSFORMERS, so I’m sure he can’t fuck that one up. But, INDY 4 is another story. This kid had fucking better watch out. He’s among the gods, now – though they may be less powerful than they used to be – and he has comparitively NO experience to that of his filmmakers and fellow castmates.

    And, if they’re smart, Spielberg & Co. will ask him to quit doing print interviews until it’s released, because his statements come off as smarmy, self-righteous and completely full of shit. It’s especially hard for me to look at him seriously now after reading in Entertainment Weekly that his father was a drug user/dealer Vietnam vet who worked as a fucking rodeo clown.

  31. Veggie—LMFAO! Hilarious!
    But, on a semi-serious note, I love it when men stick their thick, hot tongues out. Excuse me while I drift off….

  32. JB

    I love #21′s comment!

  33. DumbAsAHilton

    Sorry guys that’s obviously Mischa Barton.

  34. I think he is a great pole dancer and gives good head!

  35. jen

    I thought he was great in the Battle of Shaker Heights.

  36. jrzmommy

    That must be what kissing Nicole Richie is like.

    By the way, who is Shi Kadoof..who? What?

  37. gigi

    I don’t why they’re making him straighten his hair! I love the ringleted jewfro! :((( ah well… his tongue looks lovely…

  38. wedgeone

    #22 – actually, I found it funnier than any commentary written by Mr. Fish & cronies in the last week. It just came off looking the way that Fish writes, except for missing the “and by ‘xxxx’ I mean ‘not xxxx’ “.

    #31 – Do you know who the Ultimate, Supreme LOSER is? The person who doesn’t know that “lose”, as in to not win, has one “o” in it, while “loose”, as in not tight”, has two “o”s in it.

    Consider your asshole “loose” from the dry anal fisting I just gave you for violating rule #69 of this website. Now go get your front row seat at the TRL studio, “loser” fagboy.

  39. Kat

    Guess he like’s his girls mops to be hairy….eeew! I totally just grossed myself out there.

  40. lucy

    He is sexy. I miss his jew-fro, though. He seems to have stapled it down to his head.

    OH WELL.

  41. Augustine

    Damn Mr. Beouf, is that a microphone in your pocket or are you happy to see me?

  42. Brunette_Beauty

    Whatever! He is still dead sexy!!

  43. starred_on

    so, he likes licking hairy balls?

  44. I just had to peek in and get my male gyrating hip fix. Okay–I’m good for a few.

  45. Lowlands

    I hope Prince doesn’t get jealous on this new generation.

  46. I think that hez kinda cute, but
    I’m zure that LOBO WOULD LOVE TO
    BLOW HIM…..

  47. MissPMS

    I don’t care if he’s an asshole. Something about him makes me want to let him do whatever he wants to me.

  48. Kevin Kunreuther

    Who is this sperm donor? Wasn’t he furiously making a pud callous in a gay snuff film? No, no, impossible, end it now, now, not ever, must find reasonable hot pig in lava to inject manbeef … Britney I need you, come here!

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