Shia LeBeouf arrested for trespassing

November 5th, 2007 // 68 Comments

Transformers star Shia LeBeouf was arrested around 2:30 a.m. Sunday morning at a Chicago Walgreens after he refused to leave the store, according to CBS News:

A security guard repeatedly told LaBeouf that he wasn’t welcome and had to leave because he appeared to be drunk, police said.
When the actor refused to leave, the security guard detained him and called police.
After he was arrested, LaBeouf was “very courteous and polite,” and he posted bond before 7 a.m., police said.

Here’s what’s sad about this post. This is the most scandalous piece of celebrity gossip that happened all weekend. Shia LabiaOf (sp?) gets a bit tipsy, wanders into a pharmacy and has to spend the night in the drunk tank. He didn’t even do something cool like steal a police cruiser. Lame. I’m going to read something more interesting. Like the ingredients off a box of cereal. 25% riboflavin! NO WAY!


  1. ralph


  2. freakwad


  3. shokroklove

    wow he looks old

  4. shokroklove

    wow he looks old

  5. Texas Tranny


  6. The Ranch Tooth

    First bitches!!!!

  7. Scottl

    Hmmm, arrested for refusing to leave Walgreens. That’s a little harsh

  8. The Ranch Tooth

    OR Maybe Sixth…..

  9. That happened to me once too

  10. bigSTEAMYone

    Wow !!! , it’s like ..he is the new James Dean or something.Such a bad ass rebel.

  11. em

    oh, i bet rihanna hates that she loves him.


  12. Kristen

    Why does the media censor un-PC details??? Yeah, he was drunk but that’s not enough to get arrested – he kept shouting about needing “4 cases of KY jelly because a bunch of good looking niggas just moved in next door.” Bad luck for him, because most of the employees at the store were black (night shift).

  13. Tracy

    I thought there would be something on here about Katie Holmes running the New York Marathon with Tom and Suri waiting for her at the finish line.

  14. Riotboy

    Maybe the Walgreens was a Decepticon disguised as a store.

    /got nothing

  15. jewcrew

    cutest little mugshot evar

  16. Shallo Val

    I love this kid!!!!

    Nothing bad here.


    hey i wonder what Jorge from Niles Audio is doing right now

  18. sammmmmmmmmich

    It’s because we had to turn our clocks back an hour. That explains everything!

  19. havoc

    He’s such a BAMF…..

    Refusing to leave a Walgreens is hardcore.


  20. veggi

    He’s just damn ka-razy!

    Maybe as crazy as I am! I just had a altoid- citrus sour! wooooooo!

  21. my comment

    Who is he?

    And why does he have a stupid name?

  22. He’s a fine looking young gay jew. He’d be very popular with the black inmates.

  23. Harry

    Wasn’t he on some talk show recently saying how he wasn’t going to fall into the Lohan/Spears drunk trap? He better get his act together, or his patron saint, Spielberg, will drop him like a used handkerchief. He doesn’t put up with this tabloid b.s.

  24. Oh, and “my comment” is soooo much better.

  25. Oh, wait, I guess FRIST!!! is pretty fuckin stupid too…

  26. LayDeeBug

    nah, FRIST is just foine!!!!

    PS, I love this kid, did I mention that??? Even Stevens was a cool show, and I’m like “OLD.” (does that make me a dirty old lady?)

  27. I love that kid too!!!!!
    He was great on SNL!!!

  28. Bee

    He’s so hot, he makes me want to do a bunch of dirty things to him. Some, scratch that, a lot of them illegal in many states.

  29. walgreens

    i hate that walgreens. the employees there suck! he was prob just trying to check out and got mad that the employees were being obnoxious and not at any register, and the security guard tried to act big and tough.

  30. PunkA

    As if this was not waiting to happen. Just wait, he is on the verge of becoming a male LiLo. Dude drinks like a fish, and safe to say he loves him some weed. He can;t say a sentence without dropping an F-bomb. Just wait, he is starting his spiral. Ought to be fun to watch.

  31. lux

    Those are some glossy eyes.

  32. ha8ter

    What the hell did Britney do all weekend??? Play with her kids or something?

  33. haroof

    i pray to baby jesus every night that it all comes crashing down for this undeserving douche.

    he’s on this 16th minute of fame imo.

  34. haroof

    i pray to baby jesus every night that it all comes crashing down for this undeserving douche.

    he’s on his 16th minute of fame imo.

  35. He’s a cute lil drunk

  36. Valerie hates talentless hacks

    You said a mouth full, FRIST. I’d love me a mouthfull of Shia. Yummmm. I’ll rock that cradle.

  37. Atlantis

    Damn right he was arrested! Who willingly goes IN Walgreens?!
    This is the hottest he’s ever looked and probably the hottest he will ever look. Also, how is he the next Lilo? As of yet he doesn’t even come close to her levels of STD proficiency. He has to work his way up to herpes before he can touch her.

  38. quack

    LOLLOL labia of!!! LOLOL do you guys know what a labia is?

  39. Balls Johnson

    Nice molestache shia. Buying some goodys for the kids? Drunkin perv

  40. baaaaaaa

    I’m so tired of hearing about celebs getting drunk and doing stupid shit…driving drunk, fighting, flashing crotches, refusing to leave Wal-greens, ect. I know they are only human and make mistakes just like the rest of us, but come on already! Be responsible. Be smart. And when someone asks you to leave, don’t think that you are better than everyone else and are above the law. Douche bag.

    But he’s totally hot and I would have a threesome with him and Justin Timberlake in a SECOND! Come to mama.

  41. Italian Stallion

    After my nephew had seen Transformers they went to a restuarant to get dinner. He asked the waitress for a coke twice but she forgot twice. Finally she came back and asked if they needed anything. He said “Yes, my coke please”. So finally she brings it back to him. He looked right at her and said “If you were a Transformer, your name would be Forgetatron”………

  42. Ript1&0

    Yeah, I don’t know who this is.

  43. lalaland

    haha aw what a cute mug shot. funny how women look better all done up and pretty, and guys (most guys) are totally fuckin hott when they are all messy and heck even dirty (i think he looks better in transformers all dirty and sweaty than when he is all dressed up in a suit with his hair slicked back, uck!)

    aw man hes hot, but seriously hate it when celebs think they can do whatever…and WALGREENS?? COME ON are you serious? thats the best you can do?

  44. LayDeeBug


    Please, and if you can get any beach shots of his arms and torso, well, brang it bitch!!!

    Woo hoo! 5’10″, 20 years old, funny, cute, and well-built. I don’t normally like young boys, but, hoohoo, man! (wipes drool from mouth)

  45. Lady Sin

    Dopiest-looking white boy ever!
    He can: 1.Wash my car 2.Knit me a sweater 3.Gossip over tea & biscuits
    He can’t: THROW ME SOME DICK!

  46. redsonja1313

    Yummmy….nice job !!!! Sexy mug shot !!!

    your celbe-tard street cred grows…… All he needs now is to date and dumb Jessica Simpson

  47. secybitch

    I masturbated to this mugshot. I’m a 34 year old woman. Is that wrong?

  48. JrsyGrl

    So freaking cute.

  49. #41

    Italian Stallion, I said to shut the fuck up and go away, no one likes you or wants to hear any of the dumb crap you say. Beat it you hairy ravioli.

  50. Nathiest

    Aren’t those places open 24h ??? Anyhow way too fucking harsh.

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