Shia LaBeouf picks up chick during Today interview

June 25th, 2009 // 61 Comments

Shia LaBeouf stopped by Today where he basically scored himself a piece of strange from the crowd outside. After talking to Meredith Vieria, he decided to invite in a female fan, Samantha, who spoke to Matt Lauer at the beginning of the segment. She asked him what type of girl he likes to which Shia responded “all kinds” before letting her know his afternoon is free. Now, I’m not saying these two went and had sex in a fancy hotel, but I am saying she looks like the appreciative type who can keep a secret. Provided he promised to marry her forever and left a lock of hair behind.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Sarah

    i’d fuck him…. or rather, i’d let him fuck me. ;)

  2. Darth

    I think it’s a hard life when you’re a celebitchy.Folks?

  3. Nero

    Somebody gotta do the dirty job.

  4. Al

    I bet you he took her out for a seafood dinner and never called her again!

  5. GNYC

    Dude, Shia is just like a regular old college dude…I would totally pork that chick too. And another one every single other day of my life. Rock on Shia you the man

  6. Jackie

    Stop downplaying this, people. I’m not a huge Shia fan but any other “celebrity” wouldn’t have even gone out of their way to patronize this chick. The fact that he even gave her the time of day makes him really cool in my book. He went above and beyond- what a class act!

  7. meh

    @ 50 – your brother didn’t go to school with shit. That kid has been studio-educated since he was, like, 11. He’s a Disney child star, and Disney doesn’t let their kids go to real school.

  8. Brooke

    Awww! That made my afternoon! Shia is awesome. He even complimented her outfit… which I would not have done, but then she said “I picked it out just for you” and I stopped judging her because it was too cute.

  9. Sinamon

    she gets a chance to sit down and chat with a celebrity, a cute boy at that, and what does she do? she asks him to do SHOUT OUTS?!?! stupid, stupid girl. i apologize on behalf of my gender.

  10. nicole

    wow i dont even care if that hotell thing is true id still fuck em, mmmmhh!

  11. nicole

    wow i dont even care if that hotell thing is true id still fuck em, mmmmhh!

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