Shia LaBeouf picks up chick during Today interview

June 25th, 2009 // 61 Comments

Shia LaBeouf stopped by Today where he basically scored himself a piece of strange from the crowd outside. After talking to Meredith Vieria, he decided to invite in a female fan, Samantha, who spoke to Matt Lauer at the beginning of the segment. She asked him what type of girl he likes to which Shia responded “all kinds” before letting her know his afternoon is free. Now, I’m not saying these two went and had sex in a fancy hotel, but I am saying she looks like the appreciative type who can keep a secret. Provided he promised to marry her forever and left a lock of hair behind.

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  1. PIPO SIALA !!!

    FIRST !!!

  2. PIPO SIALA !!!

    FIRST !!!


    FIRST !

  4. Nate

    you sir are a bag of douche

  5. dubba

    he is my hero


  6. Shep

    haha i actually got more respect for shia now. That was actually pretty funny. Pretty sure I’d be picking up random chicks outta crowds and banging them too if I was famous.

  7. HAhHAhAHA. damn he is awesome. hes like totally patronizing her, but not in a really cruel way.

  8. Argyle64

    Now that is PIMP!!!

  9. Megan

    I don’t trust anyone who says they like all of any thing! Except oriental food….

  10. Ed Rivers

    The more I see of that kid, the more I like him. He could easily be a stuck up prick, but he’s not.

  11. jhjkhjkh

    lol, “is that youre hi say nice things to shia outfit?” “i wish i had a chair to offer you.” “can i take a picture with you?” “i was about to ask you the same thing!” LOL!

  12. xxx


  13. Linda

    It’s actually kinda cute…I met him in Berlin on the premiere and he’s really a nice guy! Too bad he didn’t take me on an afternoon trip! LOL

  14. lizzy

    oh my god, he’s so fucking adorable. i love how he seemed so genuine and personable, even though i’m sure he gets that kind of crap all the time. he’s perfect, i love him.

  15. DeviousJinx

    He just got bumped up the list with that, of course she’s not really his type (c’mon, he gets to bang anyone he wants these days), but he went along with it and was cute and funny, he made that girls day!

  16. CrunchPop

    Wow. I think when you look up “pathetic” in a dictionary, a picture of this chick sits next to the definition.

    I was wincing as I watched her drool & giggle like a 16-year old. Just sad.

    Props to Shia though, he handled the whole awkward situation damn well.

  17. I like Meridith! The problem with these career women they dont have risque pics out there…Shia shouldve take a peek down that the old wishing well of hers while on the floor…

  18. verga

    i used to think this guy was an asshole but he came across really well in the video. good on him.

  19. guy rossi

    its sad. when he’s banging her he’ll pretend its his mom.

  20. Lisa

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  21. gotmilk?

    that chick is loony tunes.

    i’d do’em.

  22. t-pain

    why didn’t he offer her a seat

  23. t-pain

    why didn’t he offer her his seat

  24. Jeezy

    Clearly staged because he doesn’t like girls.

  25. havoc

    Thats only because picking up guys on national TV would hurt his career….


  26. Harry Seward

    Every time I want to not like Shia Lebouf (I mean his name is Shia, its not hard to dislike him at the onset), he does something awesome like this, or like loitering in front of a Walgreens. He’s the everyman in real life too, and minus the fame, one wouldn’t feel scared that he could swipe their girlfriend, yet he uses the fame to score tons of poon. Let’s be honest, Pattinson is getting laid regardless of the Twilight movie, but without Transformers a neurotic guy like Shia is still living in his Mom’s basement masturbating to bow-flex infomercials.

  27. Jeff

    Shia just bagged a chubby!

  28. Val

    @7 – I really don’t think he’s patronizing her at all… I think he actually is flattered and wants to be nice to her. You don’t see that much with people in the movie industry… this kid had an incredibly hard childhood thanks to some nutso parents, and I think he fully appreciates where he is and what he’s got. I wish more of young Hollywood was like that.

  29. loved`

    P.I.M.P !!!!

  30. David

    Four friends??? Can we round them up and bring them in?


  31. NunyoBidnez

    You know that ho was doing the “walk of shame” later that day.

    Shia is a pimp. Who would have thunk it?

    You know he was thinking about Megan the entire time he was cornholing that poor girl.

  32. me 2

    He is sexy as fuck. More of him on this site please.

  33. sierra

    that was awesome. he is so sweet!

  34. Mayer Fan

    John Mayer picks up chicks at his concerts all the time. Is Shia on his way to being just like John Mayer?

  35. MightyD

    ShiShiShiShiShi…Shia…just add water!

  36. LuckOfTheDraw

    The guy looks like a large rodent started by daylight. If he wasn’t in every summer blockbuster, he’d wouldn’t be given the time of day by anyone.

  37. While I don’t really like the guy, that was pretty amusing. You have to respect that. That was an act of generosity, probably made that girl’s month.
    The Rake

  38. I have always liked Shia ever since he was on Even Stevens , he’s adorable !

  39. :-P

    He looks pretty good. Hmm.

  40. PoisonIvyLeague

    I’d do him. HARD.

  41. titsonsnack

    Every time I see this guy’s first name, I hear it in Mike Myers’ voice. Followed by “…and monkeys might fly outta my butt.”

  42. Roderick

    LeBeouf rules.

  43. Mario

    I bet he nailed that chick.

  44. Kathleen

    Aww! He seems like a sweety! Sexy!

  45. ashly

    aww, i usually think shia kind of a tool, but that was super sweet. i hope she got over the shock and hung out with him. awww.

  46. Tanzarian

    Yeah Shia, way to use your fame. Even though the movie sucks more ass than you’ll ever get.

  47. jim

    The guys a douche, heard stories of him being a jerk to ppl.

  48. CutiePatutie

    Love him…so unique…and cute at that!

  49. Roar

    I thought it was adorable and sweet. 99% chance he didn’t end up spending the with her lol but still, that sure as hell made her day/week/month/year/entire youth.

    Just because he can bang anyone he wants doesnt mean he wouldn’t want to bang her, she was pretty (and obviously willing) so why not?

    P.S Superficial writier “looks like the appreciative type” perrleassee that girl could laid any second of any day if she wanted to.

  50. gia

    my brother went to school with Shia and he’s a jerk. sorry guys.

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