Shia LaBeouf: ‘My dad lives in my garage’

June 6th, 2008 // 62 Comments

Shia LaBeouf’s dad Jeffrey is apparently some sort of crazy “I live in a tepee” guy. But during the cold months, Shia lovingly opens up his home to his father. And by home I mean garage. Except this time, outside LaBeouf Manor, Jeffrey told Star “I live here now.” Here’s what Shia had to say about his new tenant:

“I love him, but we have similar tastes. Living in close proximity, we get into little battles. Over the fridge, over supplies, just everyday average stuff. Toothpaste, clean towels… it becomes a little overbearing, so we keep him in the garage.”
But Jeffrey may be overstaying his welcome! “It’s not winter anymore, and he’s still here,” says Shia. “You can’t be like, ‘Hey Dad, listen, it’s time to go back to your tepee.’ You can’t make him leave.”

Wow, that’s pretty nice of you considering the man stuck you with the name Shia. Anyway, this story puts a lot of things in perspective for me. Namely that, if you have kids, you always have a garage to sleep in when it gets too cold in your tepee. Sweet! I am officially never using condoms again. Not that I ever did to begin with, but sometimes it’s fun to pretend. And that burning sensation is telling me it’s time to pee. BRB!


  1. ambers

    Shia is a cutie, but needs a bit more seasoning. Harrison is getting a bit crispified, but I still love him. I have loved him since I was 11. He was the first man that made my panties damp ;P


  3. kukamunstah

    #41. You took the words out of my mouth re Shia and Edward Norton. And also, including the watched-Even-Stevens-even-when-already-in-college bit.

  4. Sam

    Comment #47. 67 years old? My, my. I didn’t know people your age knew how to use a computer.


  6. MissMilly

    @54 My 94 year old mother can use a computer youngin’. I may be old, but not stupid.

  7. mindy

    He is one hell of a handsome man. and #41 even though you watched him
    “grow up” prettysure people used to watch justin timberlake and brittany spears on the micky mouse club and lots of people found brittany hott back in her hay day.

    same goes for justin minus the hay day part, cause well hes still good looking!

  8. jennybean

    yeah, it is kinda generous of him considering the whole ex-drug addict thing. hell, what 21 year old wants their parent living in their home, past shady addictions or not?

    and yes, I would ride him like a mechanical bull. mount him like a lion… you know.

  9. Kate

    Good for him. But just saw him at ___S e e k i n g R i c h . c o m—last week. What is he looking for on that site.

  10. iseedumbpeople

    Can someone please tell me why there are a bunch of grown men in the background begging for his autograph?

  11. he can afford it

  12. joey

    all the guys on here seem like haters. let the woman or girls fantasize about a young actor. hell isn’t hat what us guys do daily whether or not we post it on the internet. He’s young and successful easy target for a woman. hell I know what its like. I. the same age and without his success I get a lot of attention and couls only dream of the attention he gets. so let himw get it without all the hater remarks. he’s a good actor and that’s what should be important to us guys. unless he bones down on ur girl or mom.

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