Shia LaBeouf: ‘My dad lives in my garage’

June 6th, 2008 // 62 Comments

Shia LaBeouf’s dad Jeffrey is apparently some sort of crazy “I live in a tepee” guy. But during the cold months, Shia lovingly opens up his home to his father. And by home I mean garage. Except this time, outside LaBeouf Manor, Jeffrey told Star “I live here now.” Here’s what Shia had to say about his new tenant:

“I love him, but we have similar tastes. Living in close proximity, we get into little battles. Over the fridge, over supplies, just everyday average stuff. Toothpaste, clean towels… it becomes a little overbearing, so we keep him in the garage.”
But Jeffrey may be overstaying his welcome! “It’s not winter anymore, and he’s still here,” says Shia. “You can’t be like, ‘Hey Dad, listen, it’s time to go back to your tepee.’ You can’t make him leave.”

Wow, that’s pretty nice of you considering the man stuck you with the name Shia. Anyway, this story puts a lot of things in perspective for me. Namely that, if you have kids, you always have a garage to sleep in when it gets too cold in your tepee. Sweet! I am officially never using condoms again. Not that I ever did to begin with, but sometimes it’s fun to pretend. And that burning sensation is telling me it’s time to pee. BRB!


  1. I thought my dad living in a cardboard box was bad

  2. Danielle

    I’d live in his garage, if it meant I would have a chance at him banging the living daylights out of me on a regular basis. Yuuummmm…

  3. bakinmycake

    waiter, I’ll have the linguini with the clam sauce.

  4. bubba

    I second #2.

  5. ball buster

    Danielle, you have horrid taste. A guy named SHIA? That alone is grounds for cutting his penis off.

  6. jacy

    I love the name Shia for a little boy!

  7. Erica

    #2 and 4.

    God, I know. He is gorgeous.

  8. Danielle

    His name could be Global Warming, and I’d STILL hit that. Can I get a Amen?

  9. hot mess

    Amen to that! now if only we could get the Fish to post pictures of Shia in a bikini…

  10. Cap'n Pickles

    It beats the hell out of where Shia’s Dad used to live: Standing behind Shia, with his dick up his son’s ass.

  11. Danielle

    Oh yeeeah…

  12. deacon jones

    “over suppiles”
    aka coke and tranny porn?

  13. Auntie Kryst

    I think I just found my peyote hookup. Knock 4 times on the garage door right??

  14. Hiding my real identity for no apparent reason

    Do not want.

    But I see most women here are more excited than a redneck at walmart with their stimulus check…..

    I’d take a 90 year old Harrison over this dude anyday..

  15. Danielle

    Ewww…Harrison Ford looks like an old packet of bologna that has been lying out in the sun for way too long. Yuck. Do you know how many Depends this guy probably uses on a daily basis?? Yeah, probably enough to soak of the Red Sea.

    Give me Shia over Ford ANY day!!

  16. hot mess

    @14…any port in storm, Hiding. The Fish starves us gals for man meat. Usually it’s a main course of whatever-his-name-hulk-hogan’s-son served with a side of douche-dispenser-Pratt. In that envirnoment a little prepubescent looking boy toy is enough to make me jump all over it.

    Oh and why doesn’t Shizza just buy his dad a winter-proof Teepee for chrissakes?

  17. heather

    I would bang that like a retard on a drum set.

  18. Jackson'shole

    Shia can put his LaBeef in my LaHole anytime, anywhere.

  19. deacon jones

    Ive got something for you. Plus, I am also a hot mess

  20. Jamie

    I’m loving the amount of middle aged men in the background waving around pictures for Shia to sign. Someones got a crush! Way to go men.

  21. harrison is my hero

    15- Hey! Harrison is 44 YEARS OLDER than Shia Labouef. Shia Labouf will never be as handsome or tough as Harrison was in his prime…
    but I don’t think he should be judged for not buying his dad a house, maybe his dad should take care of himself. I heard the man was a heroin addict and walked out on Shia and his mom, if I were Shia, I wouldn’t want that man in my life at all.

  22. Danielle

    @21. Say what! Harrison isn’t even that attractive. Richard Gere gets the “Sexiest Old Man” Award in my book. Forget Harrison!

    Shia is sexified gorgeous, forget his childhood problems. He’s doing well for himself now. That’s all that matters!

  23. WOW

    Hey you Mary Kay Latournou wannabes, (#2,3,4,6 & 7) you’re joking right? He looks like he’s 12! I mean, the kid looks like he’s barely started sprouting chin pubes. If that floats your boats then go for it. LOL. Maybe you can get a 2 for 1 deal with his loser dad. You must be 50 yr old women

  24. Coco

    Johnny Depp wins sexiest old man (that never grows old)

  25. Danielle

    I’m 21, so I am the right age to get my back blown out. Thank you very much.

  26. shoofitz

    Danielle, #8:
    Amen!! Lordy, its getting hot in this office all of a sudden!

    Heather, #17:
    You typed exactly what I was thinking. I’d wear that boy out!!

  27. Jackson'shole

    #23 maybe they are teenage girls. And Shia is almost 22 regardless of how young he looks. That’s legal in everyone’s book. You sound jealous.

  28. diane

    i dig both harrison and shia. harrison is getting a little old for me though, even though he is han solo a 42 year age difference would be kind of creepy. shia is hot #2, and he does seem like he’d be good at it.

    is anyone else as disappointed as i am that harrison’s sons didn’t get his looks? i can not tell you how i lament over this fact every time he’s on the food network or i think about going to ford’s filling station in culver city.

  29. WOW

    #27 Jealous of what? Shia? I don’t think so. I’m female. I’m only saying he looks like a kid with the most annoying pretentious name. I mean the kid got arrested for smoking a cigarette. What a freaking loser.

  30. havoc

    Wasn’t he raised by hippies or wolves or something like that?


  31. teepee

    He is jewy. ew.

  32. pondering

    Why does this kid want to tell the press about his dad living in his garage like it’s a good thing?

  33. Trover

    Hey Shia, so what. Megan Fox lives in my garage, dude.

  34. what the h? thats the most confusing interview ever. i am suddenly very intrigued by pappa beef.

  35. Trover

    By the way, Shia, did I mention that Megan Fox won’t leave my garage? Said she loves hopping on my teepee reverse injun style.

    You pathetic loser..

  36. Salim Singh of Pankot Palace

    I have many family members living in my palace. We perform evil Fuggi cult rituals and drink the black blood of Khali, where we fall into a deep black sleep and do unspeakable things. Soon Khali will rule the world.

  37. spindoc

    Um….DUUUHHHHHH, the guy named his kid Shia, typical od an old burned out CA. hippie dad.

  38. gotmilk?

    so it’s okay for dudes to want to fuck girls who look 16, but it’s wrong for chicks to think this about Shia?

    please, this dude is hot. period. fuck off.

  39. milk sucks

    #38 it wouldn’t be wrong if this guy WAS hot. But he’s a collassal hand-job of a boy. Period. Fuck off.

  40. Tommy Sneakers

    Who the hell is he?

  41. restingonlaurels

    i watched even stevens religiously in college despite being much too old for the disney channel, so i think it’s nearly impossible for me to find him attractive as i watched him grow up on that show. that said, i think he’s blossoming into edward norton. who’s with me?

  42. Manda

    I am totally with you on the Ed Norton thing. Though I think Shia is handsome, I am not exactly attracted to him. Good acting, a seemingly kooky personality, whats not to like?

  43. bouf me

    I would let him LeBouf me sideways.

  44. Erica

    #9. YES. Haha.

    #23. I’m only 18, so there. He’s good for me.

  45. Yeah Right

    #44 Sure you are. Sorry, not buying it. Go back to your nursing home.

  46. Erica

    #45. HAHAHAHAH. I just turned 18 on May 1, you dumb shit. Go fuck your uncle.

  47. MissMilly

    Ok youngins, quit fighting. Yes, you two above me, shut it. I’m 67 and this young man is quite the looker. Back in my day I would have wore his ass out, oh yes sirreee chile!

  48. gotmilk?

    so 39, do tell me who i am suppose to find attractive then since you’re apparently the expert.

  49. ManaTee

    You people live online, don’t you? Shia is a person – oh, God, I sound like I am going to sound all parental or protective – and I am not THAT old…. If you have never had a dad who lived in a teepee, you have no clue or no right to rag on this guy who obviously is doing well with his fame. Get a life, get over the fantasy that he would “do” any of you if he met you in real life, and WTF am I doing on this website??? I was googling….what was I googling?

  50. Fiser

    Wish I could do that to my brother…just put him in the garage. I’d make sure he had the basic necessities of course… lettuce, carrots, Purple, mozzarella cheese and a deck of cards. Or maybe Shia lets him have his own case of Purple.

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