Shia LaBeouf might have a drinking problem

January 23rd, 2009 // 72 Comments

Forced to hoof it thanks to his recently suspended license, Shia LaBeouf made a trip to the liquor store last night and decided to put a bag over his head to thwart the paparazzi – who took pictures of him anyway. Because it’s Shia LaBeouf with a fucking bag over his head. Either he’s been knocking back Jager or about to fight crime which is pretty much the same thing isn’t it? My bad.

Photos: Flynet

  1. havoc

    Maybe he was hyperventilating….


  2. chiseen


  3. Is that my Dad? No its Shia LaBeouf!

    First! Did he really think that’d draw less attention from him?

  4. Right Fury

    looks like he’s hitting the hard stuff. Arizona Iced tea and a starbucks frapaccino.

  5. RichardZinya

    He should have put the plastic on his head and the booze in the paper bag. This would have led to better results for all involved.

  6. obannion

    Hey…..we’ve gone a few days without a Speidi post…what gives?

  7. chiseen


    guess he’s hiding the car accident hand with the other bag?

  8. He looks great in these pictures, but a lipstick mouth on the bag would have been way more realistic.

  9. His Majesty

    When he was in that movie “Holes,” he should have stayed in one of them. Then someone responsible should have filled it in. And someone else responsible should have left an air tank and breathing regulator, along with ample water, food, and toilet facilities … you know, so he could survive and come out of the hole later smelling fresh and not like he wears diapers, because let’s face it, that’d be bad for all involved.

  10. friendlyfires

    After the liquor store, he go straight to Douchenozzle-opolis, the citizens are ready to crown him as their king. The crown is made of paper and bits of aluminum foil, but you get a free pint of Goat-slobber a week.

  11. Mdiz

    Random acts of douchery by a douche bag… Too bad it wasn’t plastic….With no holes…

  12. ...

    I think I speak for everyone when I say, “God, what a douche.”

  13. UnclePervy

    Ummmm…. Is walking into an American liquor store looking like that really a good idea? “Shit those guys are back to rob me again!! This time I am shooting first bastards!!!”

  14. lizzy

    this actually makes me love him more than i already do! he’s so awesome ahahahaha

  15. Christian

    HAHA most of you guys are fucking lame-sauce. I doubt he did that to actually fool the pap. He just got drunk and is doing something stupid.

  16. i wonder if he has a small paper bag on his penis too, like the kind i use to drink beer in times square. good god someone transplant me into a goat.

  17. p0nk

    @15 yeh, that certainly makes him less of a douche.

  18. nipolian

    I call pic 3 “The unknown comic and his fat retarded boyfriend.”

  19. Jimmy Jim

    its funny that if pete wentz did this, id absolutely cringe in hatred. But shia labeouf is an anti-celebrity, and extremely likable. unlike most douches of hollywood.

    the funnier thing is he wrapped his hand in a bag as well!

    and lol at the haters on this board, who actually have to wear a paper bag over their heads in public or else they will scare women and children.

  20. Umm...

    Could someone please tell me WTF is up with the plastic bags on their hands? Is that like “safe masturbating” when they are jerking each other off? Hand condoms…get yours today!

  21. Lolo

    How the hell do I know he really is Shia LaBeouf??
    He could be a fuking paparazzi !!

  22. Auntie Kryst

    @18 Damnit Nip, I was hoping to make an Unknown Comic joke. Good one!

  23. Turd Ferguson

    If I had that name I’d drink too.

  24. cindy

    So is the plastic bag hiding the mutilated hand?

  25. Mal Gusto

    It is worse than you think. The little bitch is wearing a Harley-Davidson shirt, instantly identifying himself with the biggest group of collective wankers the world has ever seen. “Loud pipes saves lives!” STFU!

  26. Nano

    What? None of his fucking friends have a car?

  27. Dude… Delivery service.

  28. harley

    A Harley shirt with pink lettering & butterflies ?

  29. shiasucksass

    2 & 3 DOUBLE FAIL you guys are fucking idiots, your whore mothers must be proud.

  30. Drunkman

    This could be any small petite person with a bag over his head.

  31. Remember the Gong Show and the Unknown Comic . . . . .

  32. Remember the Gong Show and the Unknown Comic . . . . .

  33. Ben

    Hey Shia, do you have an extra bag for Kelly?

  34. Remember the Gong Show and the Unknown Comic . . . . .

  35. the Commish

    FAIL!! This post fails on so many levels. Who the hell cares!?

    This is exactly like that time when an NFL coach decided to take over a sorry excuse for a franchise and was deemed their savior. He proceeded to give away his team’s draft picks in return for, what he thought, was the greatest player of all-time. He also thought it would be great to marry this player, dressing him up in a wedding dress.

    The whole thing was an epic fail. The franchise continuted to suck ass like no other and the teams fans were relegated to wearing bags on their heads in order to hide their faces at games and in public. The whole bag wearing necessity lead to many suffocation deaths which, actually, worked out pretty well because there were too many people on the waiting list for season tickets.

  36. You don’t live in California do you Fish? You can buy liquor most grocery stores, liquor stores are more like 7-11′s. So this guy walks into a LiquorMart in silverlake and buys a can of iced tea and some starbucks drink, big fucking deal. I like that he put a bag over his head and hand, I also like that his friend did the same in solidarity. I hope this bag on head thing catches on with other celebrities.

  37. groan

    Who gives a shiat?

  38. another groan

    He’s just being goofy, I don’t have labeouf with that.

  39. friendlyfires

    Oh-oh! The newly crowned King of Douche-nozzle-opolis just emptied his complimentary pint of Goatslobber – and now he wants more – quick, hide the keys and pass the shoe polish – he may not notice the difference!

  40. Rick

    Is that the hand he hurt in the car accident or the one that got stuck in Jake Gyllenhaal’s ass? I heard he found Heath Ledger’s wristwatch.

  41. #36 – Please remove that tinfoil hat and place it in this sack…

  42. Wait a minute . . . is that paper bag Versace?

  43. Donald Rumsfeld

    Looks like one of those Abu Gharib prisoners has escaped.

  44. Tim

    Maybe they’re going home to form a pyramid.

    Actually…there’s no “maybe” about it.

  45. #46 – It’ll be more like a human sandwich.

  46. Harry

    How messed up did this guy’s hand get in that accident???

    Two years ago, he gave an interview where he said he wasn’t interested in being one of those messed up young celebutards like Lindsey. Guess what? You are.

    Great job throwing your career away.

  47. shvlhd666

    I want to know why the fuck he is wearing a woman’s Harley Davidson T-Shirt?

  48. CaptainMorgan

    How do we know it really IS Shia TheBeef? This could be the pool boy for all we know. If it is him, I give him props (get it?) for doing this. I think it’s funny. They were probably giggling like little school girls the whole time and are now posting and reading on this board. And *NO* I am not him.

  49. Looks like he needs to join the new Booze Momentum Program –

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