Shia LaBeouf likes to get drunk, bitch-slapped

June 11th, 2008 // 84 Comments

Shia LeBeouf is making the apology rounds after a video of him at a house party recently hit the Internet. It basically shows a drunk Shia telling one of his friends to hit him in the face. When his friend decides, “Not today, sir.” Shia calls him a “faggot” and then recieves his come-slap-ance! Shia’s rep issued the following statement via People:

“The videotape that is currently being circulated is several years old and captures Shia playing a game among friends in which he uses a derogatory word toward a friend,” LaBeouf’s rep continued. “He regrets having used the word in any capacity and is very embarrassed that this footage is being seen by anyone.”

I love how Shia’s rep describes the video as “a game among friends.” As if they were playing an innocent round of Monopoly but things suddenly got out of hand: “Park Place?! Oh, this is great. Just great. Now we have to get drunk, call each other fags and slap each other silly on camera. This is exactly why I picked Hi Ho Cherry-O.”


  1. Uh

    I could care less.

    I just want that dirty bastard to fuck me like there’s no tomorrow.

  2. LL

    WHY is he apologizing for using the word faggot? FUCK THAT. I’ll use that word if I want. And so should he.

  3. Janet

    Agreed, #51. He is fiiiiiiiiine

  4. Sarah

    So what? He got drunk, said something that he didn’t mean. Too bad. Everyone does. I’m bi and totally support the LGBT community, and I know that I’ve called someone a faggot when I was a little tipsy. Leave him be, I think there are definitely bigger issues we need to focus on.

  5. Gbunny

    So what he called him a fag. One can tell he’s just kidding, and bein a guy playin around slappin eachother. We’ve all done stupid stuff and called our friends names.WHO CARES!

  6. I hate this kid as much as the next person, but come on! I call my wife faggot sometimes. It’s a context thing! When is this crybaby shit gonna stop? He’ll catch more slack for this from T.R. Knight’s bandwagon than Terry Hogan will get for saying that John Graziano is getting his just deserves from God.

  7. Tom

    Shia shouldn’t call people faggots because because he is one, obviously. This must be self loathing and self delusion on his part. Denial- no longer a river in Egypt, is it Shia?

  8. Dashankmeista

    That slap was for everyone who fucking hates this twat. Thank you anonymous person!

  9. Christina

    Who cares! I thought it was funny. I have done a lot worse than that when I have been drunk! Some of you people obviously have never been drunk or have friends you can be an idiot around!

    If calling his friend a faggot and taking a little slap is the worst he has done…then give the dude a break. All teenage boys act stupid!

  10. Christina

    And I have to say that #57 Tom is a faggot for his comment about the “Denial”. This is an example for when the use of the word is approapriate!

  11. colin

    Everyone on this site is a faggot

  12. bosendorfer

    spielberg denounces the boy scouts of america because they won’t allow openly-gay males to associate with the organization (which doesn’t personally bother me — i know a boy scout who was molested in scouts), he will, however, launch/enrich and feature shia lebouf, hollywood teen who drinks to excess underage and plays violent slapping games with friends whom he calls “faggot” — and is smart enough to allow himself to be videotaped doing so. but then, money talks, i guess.

  13. Missystar

    I know it’s fashionable right now to hate this person–obviously, he was overexposed and there’s always a backlash with that–but he really does seem like an arrogant little prick.

  14. Missystar

    Also, I cannot believe he had to issue a groveling apology for a word he used (while juiced, no less), that everyone has heard approximately 188,954,324 times by the seventh grade.

  15. Nick

    I had my doubts before, but now I’m convinced:

    Shia Lebouf is the MAN!

    Haters be damned!

  16. Erica

    I wanna fuck him so bad. Hahah.
    Who cares? Everyone uses the word.

  17. Some Girl on the Net

    Oh My God. Teenage boy getting drunk and being stupid. I am shocked, I tell you. SHOCKED!!!

    Dude, if I had a dime for every time I’ve heard a teenage boy call one of his friends a ‘faggot’ I would have made my pool boy type this in my million dollar mansion.

  18. Gert

    it wasn’t a big deal in 1998 when that homeboy called seth green a ‘fag, yo’ in Can’t Hardly Wait, and it shouldn’t be 10 years later either. No right-minded person is dumb enough to use the word ‘faggot’ toward a gay person. if you have a problem with the word go back to fagville.

  19. Jessica

    I’ll slap him. What a douche.

  20. wow, Shia. so you’re That Guy then?

    oh hell, i can’t even fake surprise.

  21. lemme

    What’s so sad is that our celebs today have absolutely no class. None.

    Worse than using the epithet “faggot” is that he uses the slang term “dog” and speaks like a wigger.

  22. I was there

    they made a bet about a golf fact and Shia lost….who ever lost the best was going to get smacked by the winner. Then our friend felt bad and didnt want to smack him so, Shia said, c’mon…dont be a faggot! THAT IS WHAT HAPPENED!

  23. j.p.

    man…that was hot…

    how many other bets did he lose that night??

    i wonder if they went outside and he had him slap his ass while it was getting pounded…you know…because he lost…

  24. j.p.

    man…that was hot…

    how many other bets did he lose that night??

    i wonder if they went outside and he had him slap his ass while it was getting pounded…you know…because he lost…

  25. iseedumbpeople

    speaking of… look at all the old men faggots in the background trying to get this kid’s autograph. pervs.

  26. iseedumbpeople

    p.s. oh and, #72 (mr. “I was there”) thanks for the replay, we pretty much just watched that in the video.

    oh and you’re a liar.

  27. gun toting alaskan fag

    I’d love to bend this little fucker over, slap his ass, and show him just what a real faggot feels like…

  28. I was there

    #76…. it’s MISSES #72, to you!

    and if i were going to like, itd be about hearing Angelina talking about having “prego sex” instead of Shia LeFaggot losing a GayGolf bet and getting bitch slapped, get over yourself . Shia is an arrogant little fuck.

    “oh and” quit looking in the mirror and you’ll stop seeing dumb people.

    im funny. bye.

  29. Cindy

    Are people actually upset over this? Give me a break!

  30. NastyBedazzler

    Who cares if he called his friend a faggot?
    He’s just an actor and who really gives a shit what he does when he’s not acting?
    America has become obsessed with things like this and quite frankly it’s time to let it go.

    Thank God he issued an apology… do you fucking idiots out there feel better?

  31. Larry Jones

    What kind of world is it when a guy can’t get hammered and call his buddy some derogatory words? I spent my entire youth doing the same thing.

  32. Jared

    I’d pay good money to punch that sucky so-called actor in the face…..

  33. Sim

    He was drunk, give it a rest. Most of us have no idea what we are doing and saying when we’re completely hammered. I’d still do him anyday.

  34. Too old for this shit

    The first rule of Slap Club is… you do NOT talk about Slap Club!

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