Shia LaBeouf likes to get drunk, bitch-slapped

Shia LeBeouf is making the apology rounds after a video of him at a house party recently hit the Internet. It basically shows a drunk Shia telling one of his friends to hit him in the face. When his friend decides, “Not today, sir.” Shia calls him a “faggot” and then recieves his come-slap-ance! Shia’s rep issued the following statement via People:

“The videotape that is currently being circulated is several years old and captures Shia playing a game among friends in which he uses a derogatory word toward a friend,” LaBeouf’s rep continued. “He regrets having used the word in any capacity and is very embarrassed that this footage is being seen by anyone.”

I love how Shia’s rep describes the video as “a game among friends.” As if they were playing an innocent round of Monopoly but things suddenly got out of hand: “Park Place?! Oh, this is great. Just great. Now we have to get drunk, call each other fags and slap each other silly on camera. This is exactly why I picked Hi Ho Cherry-O.”