Shia LaBeouf jogging shirtless

July 9th, 2009 // 57 Comments

Here’s Shia LaBeouf going for a Matthew McConaughey-esque jog outside his home in LA yesterday. I’m assuming he’s toning up for a showdown with Zac Efron who reportedly went out with Megan Fox last week, and my money’s on the Shia. Anyone who walks away from a crash and refuses a breathalyzer has some brass balls. Or a debilitating drinking problem that makes him impervious to pain and human emotion. Aw, man, those are the best.

Photos: Splash News

  1. If he stays in the kid of shape, he’ll never make it to Transformers 3.

  2. lizzy

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

    he is so hot!

  3. the infamous danielle


  4. I need to stop doing my weekly Thursday “tequila lunch”…

  5. gotmilk?

    i want to go to there….

  6. the infamous danielle

    *to be that shirt*

  7. Jennifer

    Yowza! He is sooo yummy!

  8. ham

    who the hell jogs with a hat on like that? I’m guessing he ran about 100 yards and stopped

  9. miau

    thx fish…:)

  10. Shia LaBeouf is a little cutie.

  11. Ted

    Looks like he already had his “confrontation” with Zac. Apparently Zac clenches hard during orgasm.

  12. Val


  13. gotmilk?

    why, on the rare occasion that the Fish posts some hot dudes, the male commenters just assume the guy is gay?

    Zac Efron is 100% gay, but Shia – not so much.

  14. jennifer

    iv’e wanted to do him since “even stevens”

  15. Jeezy

    I just don’t see the appeal for this guy.

  16. Amy

    Hahahaha Even Stevens.

  17. Sarah

    OMG I LOVE SHIA. Hes amazing and hott

    I would sex him all day

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  19. andi

    mmmphhh… gimme!

  20. aint that the truth

    Omgod he is so ffucking hot I want to kiss down his happy trail and suck him dry !!! Nothing wrong with him hot body and a gorgeous face I would fuck him all day long !!! And for anyone who says he’s gay you are so wrong and so jealous that he is hot and in shape and you aren’t so go hit the gym fatties

  21. el ces


    Yes, the girls love it.

    I had no idea he was this ripped.

    I’ve ignored the Transformers movies, so the only thing I’ve seen him in is Constantine, with Keanue Reeves.

    And a Late Show interview. He seems like a cool guy.

  22. dndn

    well he’s come a long way since Even Stevens…

  23. #20

    AHAHAHA #20 — YOU ARE MY HERO. truer words could not have been spoken. he’s fucking gorgeous and i would definitely love to bang him.

  24. gotmilk?

    upon further inspection, why is this the same picture just different levels of zoom? fucking lame. we want more than just one picture!

  25. razzer

    looks like shia le buff needs to bulk up to shamwow old megan foxie. go shia!

  26. A to the L to the E to the X

    I wonder if he know his crotch stuffing is showing.

  27. ritzy

    i want himmmmmmmmmm

  28. No matter how far i jammed my head phone in my ears it always falls off, how the hell do you jog with a headphone….

  29. alisa

    good job…. i’m liking the balance of stuff for your male annnnd female readers.. loved this guy ever since even stevens…. lol put him on here more.. yah?

  30. Meg

    He looks alot better shirtless :P

  31. Suzie

    I am also enjoying the pix!! Keep up the great work you are doing here!

  32. gigi

    so hot…. I don’t care who calls him a douche… then he’s a hot douche – whatever… and I want to be his towel thing lol

  33. guh…Hot. Thank you

  34. That's What I'm Talking Bout

    YUM YUM!
    thanks! now i remember why i come to this awful site..
    see guys, that’s what a man should look like, not a 400 lb couch potato like the ones who sit on here all day writing nasty comments.

  35. alfalfa

    Sheila LaBouf’s maxipad is sticking out of her shorts

  36. SoTe

    Wow! I always thought he was so cute and such a nice guy… but look what he was hidding underneath his shirt. Yum!!! I like him a lot more now.

  37. Tad Bit Tipsy

    … huh huh… pant pant… “I will become the next Harrison Ford…” must take helicopter pilot classes… must whip myself in chin…..

  38. Albin Bainbridge

    I don’t see what’s so special about him. Compared to Matthew McConaughey he looks average in terms of body and face, and to top it all off he can’t act.

  39. stud

    ok so the girls like this… didnt expect Shia to be that ripped. but wow, he looks fucking manly he’s definitely grown out of the “Even Stevens” days.

  40. Jenny

    Ladies, we have a bulge alert. Repeat, we have a bulge alert.

    And a rather impressive one at that. Hello!

  41. marge

    He just has to be he most unattractive mammal -no, say vertebrate (just to be kind)- on the planet.

  42. kelli

    so pretty much Shia laBeouf is the hottest guy in the world. and i would fuck him.
    and i really don’t understand the assholes who think he isn’t hott OR a good actor cause i think hes amazinggggg !!!

  43. frank lloyd wright

    He’s a douchebag and a half

  44. erroyl

    Its steve Guttenburg

  45. dora

    mmmmmmmmm……….. i wanna bite him

  46. Ramon M.

    44, you just blew my mind.

  47. lp

    oh god i APPROVE too. all these lame dudes in here are like omguh how do you jog with headphones and a shirt sticking out of your pants dur dur dur MAYBE YOU BOYS SHOULD GIVE IT A GO. seriously. i want to see that action.

  48. GG1000

    My goodness, who knew the child had such a hummer of a body? Thank you for making me aware of this crucial bit of news.

  49. captain america

    it’s a trick of americans to mask their other LAZY HABITS, folks!!

  50. watt

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