Shia LaBeouf is the luckiest bastard alive

June 30th, 2009 // 113 Comments

Either this is a blatant stunt to stave off a 50% drop in box office in the face of overwhelming reports of racism and giant robot testicles, or Megan Fox has finally realized Brian Austin Green is doomed to prime-time television. At any rate, NY Daily News is reporting that Megan and Shia LaBeouf are hooking up:

The “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” co-stars (whose movie killed the competition with a $201 million five-day opening) sat side by side during a dinner with 10 pals — including director Oliver Stone — at Nobu on Thursday.
“They definitely seemed into each other,” says a witness, who told us that when Fox left at 10 p.m., LaBeouf followed hot on her heels. Another spy added that, while partying at a Rose’s bash in West Hollywood earlier in the week, “Shia couldn’t keep his eyes off of Megan: He literally watched her like a hawk all night.”

Hold on. So they’re basing this entirely off the fact Shia watches Megan “like a hawk?” Because I stare her at all the time, too, so does that mean we’re dating? Okay, maybe it’s not so much like a hawk as, say, a masturbating otter. But still.

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  1. GG1000

    Doubt it. His body language is screaming “We’re just posing” in every picture. He’s not even really touching her in the first one, he’s facing the camera and not her and has his hand in his pocket, a classic sign of discomfort. He’s pulling, arching, leaning away from her in the close shots. She’s more relaxed, but the camera has her full attention in most shots. In the only shots where they both look relaxed, they’re not close, just friendly.

  2. Not soooo Lucky! I don’t think the middle finger of his left hand is quite as happy as the rest of him!
    There’s no diddling with that f’d up finger! ;)

    Cheers, Daddyoh

  3. Yeah I like how the daily snooze, totally dismissed B.A.G. because he’s less successful…Hope that rag goes under pretty soon…

  4. my comment

    I don’t know who he is. And she looks like the biggest bitch on Earth.

  5. Moe


  6. Mama Pinkus

    that gal looks cold and evil even when she’s smiling

  7. missywissy

    13- I agree with you. I think she’s going to end up like Laura Dern. Even so, Shia is so gross. I read an interview in GQ admitting that he shits his pants and even called his mom on his cell during the interview to confirm. He was on the cover looking hot, but the whole interview was just one big gross out factor. She can have him! Brian Austin Greene is a cutie. I hope he gets some REAL stuff.

  8. venom

    2. He sure is an average, wimpy looking guy. Maybe he is cool or has a huge dick? Who knows.
    3. HE’S WHITE! YEAHHHHHHHH, hahahaaaaa!

  9. titsonsnack

    He is boring and unattractive and she is being made into a much, much bigger deal than she really is.
    I’m not saying she isn’t pretty, because she is. But so is the girl who works at the gas station at the end of my street, and the girl I saw on the bus this morning, and the receptionist at work… there is nothing uniquely special about Megan Fox that stands out or makes her interesting to me, she is just a pretty girl and I really don’t understand the overwhelming fascination with her lately. I think if her eyes were brown nobody would give two shits about her.

  10. JC

    Everytime I wanna hate this guy, he just does something awesome, like pick up a girl on National TV, or bang his smokin hot co-star.

    You gotta love this guy!

  11. Megan Fox is a mega hottie

  12. @24

    Yeah she looked the same, only to a blind person. You are just as pathetic as #13. No need to take sides, and try to stick up for your favourite celeb, just let it go. GET A FUCKING GRIP.

    Also, it’s clear to ANYONE that she did not get one OR two boob jobs, she got NONE. Her tits are still small and saggy. They did not grow. They sometimes look bigger or perkier due to clothing, makeup (yeah they put makeup there) or god knows what (pms, retaining water?). They have injections now that make your boobs go up a cup size or so but it wears off after a few months. She did get more than 1 nose job, and her lips filled. That’s all you can tell for sure.
    Anyone desperate to ‘fake boob spot’ needs to shut the fuck up and open their eyes before they open their mouths. Not every celeb has fake boobs.

  13. Tom K

    #58. I agree with what you said!! I’m sure those black athletes were already trying to get her, but she’s from Tennessee so no southern girl is down with that bullshit except the wigger ones. Congrats to Shia for landing that piece of ass. No sour grapes here. Good to see white people still date other white people.

  14. Tom K

    #13. LOL!!! I don’t care what plastic surgery she got, she is still gorgeous! You sound like a jealous fat girl with that essay you wrote on her.

    If she isn’t one of the prettiest women in Hollywood please enlightenment on some who are? Besides of Angelina Jolie!!

  15. datroof


    I don’t give a shit if at forty she looks like the Queen of England with leprosy. I don’t want to marry this braindead slut. I want to fuck her RIGHT NOW. And RIGHT NOW, she is fucking hot. Fake bewbs and collegen lips and whatever else.

  16. datroof

    And to all the people lining up to bless Shia Lebouf as genuine and real while Megan Fox is plastic and phony, guess what?

    This guy is as set up as Megan Fox is. He’s a moderately talented actor with decent looks and decent charisma that someone, somewhere decided was a “star” and set out to make him so. They created buzz, and it caught on and now the conventional wisdom is this kid is Indiana Jones 2 the Next Big Thing!

    There are hundreds, thousands even, far more talented, charismatic actors, than this guy. He won the fucking lottery. And more power to him for it. He should live it up. But that is the core of his success. Fortune. Being in the right place at the right time.

    Some fucking hollywood assclowns decided he was what to pour resources into to make into a star, and that’s what has been done. He’s decently talented, but nothing special, and surpassed in talent by many. And he’s being shoved down everyones’ throats so as to make him a star.

    He won the brass ring by sticking his hand out with his eyes closed. I urge him to ride it as far as he can. He’s got just enough talent, looks and presence to go as far as his agents and publicists can take him.

  17. Venom

    I am pretty sure every goddamn guy watches her like a hawk all night.
    She is hot and rich, not a bad combo, not to mention hot.

  18. vapid

    51, he’s been directed to stand that way for publicity shots. He’s in the same casual/sophisticated pose in just about every shot. One hand in pocket, stare into camera/into distance. Don’t look at the girl! (It’s a “weak” pose).

    And she’s been directed to drape herself over him as much as possible.

    Whether they’re screwing, or he’s obssessed with her, or they hate each other, or are just professional, or whatever, I don’t know. But the whole publicity tour is more choreographed than the film.

  19. TheOtherEmily

    The words “masturbating otter” made my day. Thank you.

  20. devilsrain

    51. You are right. 68. You and your Shia fantasies are not only gay but way off.

    Shia looks upset in every pic. Thats purely frustration, and hes even said it himself that its torture to work with someone your so attracted to yet doesnt want anything to do with you.

  21. #51 and #68, you’re both wrong. His left hand was mangled in his car accident (see Pic #8 where he is still wearing a splint). He is self-concious about it so he hides it now.

  22. uh

    She unsettles me a little. Sometimes I’m like, “Oh, she’s really hot,” but mostly I feel like she’s not really a human. Like someone will poke her with a needle and she’ll deflate because it turns out she was a blow-up doll this whole time.

    ps- Brian Austin Green is a million times hotter than Shia LaBeouf.

  23. Shia wouldnt know what to do with that

  24. vapid


    If that’s the case (which I take with a truckload of salt, it’s only on your say-so), then fuck Shia Lebouf for being a whiny bitch. “It’s torture” to work with someone you’re attracted to that isn’t into you? Yeah, get in line.

    Fuck this little shit then, if he really said that. This little putz has gorgeous women from around the world throwing themselves at him and he’s done basically nothing to warrant it. Yet he’s stuck on skin-deep Megan Fox. Poor little baby Shia… He doesn’t have a clue what it’s like to live a life that isn’t movie star blessed if he really thinks that way.

  25. oldnoob

    No fucking way, he’s gay. How can you stand next to Fox and not having a bonner?

  26. Wiseguy

    Remember Isabel Lucas was riding with Shia when he wrecked his car and fucked his hand up. If I had to say he was with one of his co-stars, it would be her.

    Megan can’t seem to get over Brian Green. I’ll leave the plastic surgery arguments to experts. I’d still be happy to disappoint her sexually though.

  27. captain america


  28. ritzy

    fawk they look so cute together

    #13 you’re just jealous. she is effin gorgeous & el natural

  29. ritzy

    @13 Oh and Angelina Jolie is totally fake. She isn’t even natural. She was butt ugly back in the days and she did plastic surgery on her nose and her nose. And probably her lips

  30. Darth

    What time is it right now in LA? He’s probably eating out her pie right now like a hungry wolf.

  31. would you like some crow with that salt?

    #74 – don’t just take my word for it, read it yourself

    Shia has said he expects to recover only 80% of the function in his left hand.

  32. eva2009

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  33. Fake as a wedding cake

    yeah geniuses there is absolutely no such thing as natural beauty in Hollywood. i’ve had it and i can tell you for certain that she has had multiple things done. too much in fact and she’s too young for it so she looks like a freakish doll. the photos made me laugh because in almost everyone one of them he’s not watching Megan at all.. he’s watching a bus go by or something while she clings to him to show off her ‘best side’ and look thin by posing at an angle.

  34. LALA

    first of all…






    Do a quick google search, it’s pretty much indisputable.
    copy and paste that into your browser if you don’t believe me.

    That said, she’s hot as hell right now but she’s trying too hard (read ANY interview she’s ever given, she’s fake as hell) and if I had to make a prediction, I’d say she’s going to crash and burn Lindsey Lohan style.

    I understand that the sex-deprived douches on this site don’t give a damn about her talent or lack thereof but this girl is getting credit where it isn’t due. Take a look at the first posted pic, do you really think she looks hot there or are you just falling into the trap Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg have set for you?

    In summary: she’s hot but the world has seen hotter and she’s EXTREMELY over-hyped.

  35. sally

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  36. sally

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  37. you all suck

    @83, she isn’t looking at him either and she is thin. I understand that there’s a 90% chance that you’re an ana worshiper who linked to this site by accident and you don’t think anyone who has enough strength to stand upright counts as thin but Megan Fox is CLEARLY thin.

    Yes she is “clinging” to him but every under-sexed loser who lives in his mother’s basement is wishing he was Shia LeBoeuf in any one of these pictures. Her clinging may seem incidental but I GUARANTEE you that it’s not. Her ability to make every guy wish that he was the recipient of that cling is the very reason that she will continue to get movie roles regardless of whether or not she improves her acting ability.

  38. Lying Faggot Homos

    Lying dumbasses. To all those people (women and men) that always complain and talk bad about Megan fox saying she is ugly and skanky and whatever else you can make up that day…..LIARS

    If Megan walked up to any of you, dropped her pants, bent over and spread her ass and told you to do whatever you want, every single one of you limp dicked motherfuckers would pump her then passout. And those goes for the women too.

    She may be overrated but she is a lot better than the bar skank that you are used to picking up at 02:00am on Saturday night….If you are even that lucky. the majority of you probably sit alone in the dark and jackoff to pictures of Megan on a daily basis….which why you have such a great hatred for her.

    I say more power to Shia. I hopes he wrecks her asshole every night. I can’t wait for the video of him elbow deep fisting that girl.

  39. Scott

    Angelina Jolie has GIANT teeth and a pug nose and she looks 50 years old.

  40. MeG

    @62 LOL how about you get a grip! I didn’t say she had fake boobs either….and thanks for sharing your make up/clothing/injection tips on how to make boobs appear bigger…..some ppl like myself don’t need tricks, we just have the assets. As for Megan Fox, I was saying the girl is hot and if you don’t think so, fine thats your opinion. Just take it down about 10 notches, you seem pretty angry which is just kinda pathetic!

  41. grilli

    cosita!!!! si te agarro te parto en 20.-

  42. Jen

    She is stunning… but i HATE…. and i repeat HATE THOSE TATTOOS!!! Why do so many pretty girls do that to themselves? gross gross gross!!!!!!

  43. er0s

    LOL @ masturbating otter line. Funny shit! Classic!

  44. Pure gossip. She has a boyfriend. And Shia deserves better.

  45. Jessa

    wow, what a surprise. in a move totally unrelated to angelina, here’s megan fox wearing a similar side slit to the thigh dress with her hair in a pony tail

    no way fox is copying jolie

    jolie has class.

    lately anyway

  46. VJ

    Funniest line ever: “Okay, maybe it’s not so much like a hawk as, say, a masturbating otter.”

  47. LOOK AT MEGAN BACK IN 2001!!!!!!



    NUFF’ SAID!!!!

  48. Look at her thumbs! she has jank thumbs! Stub thumbs! Thats all I wanted to point out.

  49. Gueibor

    LaBuff could totally play Dave Gahan if a Depeche Mode movie is ever done.

  50. Jayhawk18

    Shia is not that great of an actor, honestly and megan fox is hot, no question about it. She does seem a little plastic though and shes defnitely not the hottest woman i’ve ever seen. Don’t get me wrong If I met her, I would definitely be intersted, but many out there calling her the hottest woman out there right now, thats over stating it.

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