Shia LaBeouf is the luckiest bastard alive

Either this is a blatant stunt to stave off a 50% drop in box office in the face of overwhelming reports of racism and giant robot testicles, or Megan Fox has finally realized Brian Austin Green is doomed to prime-time television. At any rate, NY Daily News is reporting that Megan and Shia LaBeouf are hooking up:

The “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” co-stars (whose movie killed the competition with a $201 million five-day opening) sat side by side during a dinner with 10 pals — including director Oliver Stone — at Nobu on Thursday.
“They definitely seemed into each other,” says a witness, who told us that when Fox left at 10 p.m., LaBeouf followed hot on her heels. Another spy added that, while partying at a Rose’s bash in West Hollywood earlier in the week, “Shia couldn’t keep his eyes off of Megan: He literally watched her like a hawk all night.”

Hold on. So they’re basing this entirely off the fact Shia watches Megan “like a hawk?” Because I stare her at all the time, too, so does that mean we’re dating? Okay, maybe it’s not so much like a hawk as, say, a masturbating otter. But still.

Photos: Getty, WENN