Shia LaBeouf is the luckiest bastard alive

June 30th, 2009 // 113 Comments

Either this is a blatant stunt to stave off a 50% drop in box office in the face of overwhelming reports of racism and giant robot testicles, or Megan Fox has finally realized Brian Austin Green is doomed to prime-time television. At any rate, NY Daily News is reporting that Megan and Shia LaBeouf are hooking up:

The “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” co-stars (whose movie killed the competition with a $201 million five-day opening) sat side by side during a dinner with 10 pals — including director Oliver Stone — at Nobu on Thursday.
“They definitely seemed into each other,” says a witness, who told us that when Fox left at 10 p.m., LaBeouf followed hot on her heels. Another spy added that, while partying at a Rose’s bash in West Hollywood earlier in the week, “Shia couldn’t keep his eyes off of Megan: He literally watched her like a hawk all night.”

Hold on. So they’re basing this entirely off the fact Shia watches Megan “like a hawk?” Because I stare her at all the time, too, so does that mean we’re dating? Okay, maybe it’s not so much like a hawk as, say, a masturbating otter. But still.

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  1. superbang


  2. Niggler

    He is the luckiest man alive. And who wouln’t “watch her like a hawk” i mean there are homo’s out there that can’t take there eyes off her she is that gorgeous.

  3. superbang


  4. Viv

    yeah well, how long can they last?

  5. Fuzzy Tingle Times

    Can we blame him. Honestly?Enjoy it while it lasts you crazy truck flipper.

  6. Megan's Toe-Thumb

    For anyone who was wondering, I’d like to confirm it: Yeah, Shia’s pretty much a douchehorse, but even the hottest chicks will give in to a douchehorse ever once in a while. Pity or somethin’, I guess. Or booze. Of course, it’s not like her standards are A+1. She WAS banging David Silver, for chrissakes.

    Enjoy it while it lasts LePoof. I’m keeping my toe-thumb eye on you. *points menacingly at eyes, points at Shia, scowls*

  7. hmna

    Just remember, affairs and rumors of affairs are standard movie promotions these days . . .

  8. Megan's Toe-Thumb

    Totally false #8.

    All news reported on the internet, especially about Hollywood retards, is 100% true.

    I know. I’ve seen it. I’ve lived it.

    Toe-Thumbs can’t lie. We’re like F. Lee Bailey or some @#$@#.

  9. One L

    I would get with him. He is hot.

  10. Que

    Que worse actor I have not seen. Que like he hit the lottery.

  11. Good Lord….REALLY??? There truly is no justice in this world.

  12. how overrated

    Luckiest bastard alive? No way, not even close. I’m sick of this mega-overrated scalpel-addict talentless skank. Fake boobs (at least 2 boobjobs), fake lips (many lip injections), nosejob, cheek implants, work on the eye area, botox, etc, at only 23!! can you imagine how this chick will look like at 40? Amanda Lepore anyone? She’s also stick skinny with no ass and no curves except for the two silicone implants stuffed in her chest. She’s pretty but by no means as pretty as the media claims, and with that huge amount of plastic surgery any girl would be pretty. There’s a lot of pretty girls out there (as pretty as Megan and prettier and definitely hotter) who are not famous and who haver never gotten plastic surgery, and many with way nicer bodies.
    If Shia is lucky it may be because he’s dating the most OVERRATED celebrity right now, but by no means the prettiest or the hottest one.
    And BTW, this chick is a tanlentless classless skank. She couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag to save her own life and she triest so hard to be an Angelina Jolie clone, only difference is that Angelina is stunning AND naturally stunning (not to mention makes Fox look like shit), Angelina is genuine with an amazing personality and very talented, this skank is all scalped-made and not half as pretty as Angelina not even close, she has 0 talent and 0 acting ability and the only way she keeps famous is by trying really hard and making retarded old comments like a made-up story about “oh I was in love with a russian stripper yadda yadda yadda” to make 13 year old boys horny, this skank hasn’t even kissed a woman in her life nor does she want to. Trying to be controversial Megan? Maybe 10 years ago, now… you only seem attention desperate and retarded.

  13. Dave

    I don’t know if I buy it. Everything I’ve read indicates that they’re really good friends and all of the so called “evidence” of their relationship could easily be two friends hanging out.

  14. #13

    Fat chick?

  15. friendlyfires

    Shia LaBoef -can you say “Massengill”?
    can you say “Pass the vinegar spritzer”?
    can you say “he’s welcome to Megan Fox’s smelly ol’ vagina ‘cos he’s a DOUCHEBAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”?

  16. Deckard

    As I’m digging up more info of this obvious replicant, I’ve found that early-model Nexus andys have a very distinguishing trait – in that their thumbs were switched with their big toes. Don’t ask me why. Perhaps this is some kind of “joke” from the brain of an addled man-child bioengineer.

  17. Eva

    #15 – How can you not see that plasticy barbie doll look to her? I think she looked better before the surgery but whatever to make a buck, right? She’s rich now – so who cares. I’m certain she feels it was worth it. There’s still people out there that don’t like that look and I know plenty of guys who don’t find her hot because they prefer natural beauty and not that kind that comes from the Hollywood plastic surgery doctors. In my opinion, she was hot before it and didn’t need it but oh well who is all real in the entertainment industry these days? Seems like everyone has had SOMETHING done.

  18. Megan Fox

    how overrated? You’re not fooling anyone Angelina! God, why must you always troll around forums posting crap about me? Geez, go have another baby or something.

  19. Niggler

    Really I mean really. You complain about her lack of acting talent but you are judging her more on her looks than talent. I would also like to know where you got your info about her plastic surgery. She just has natural beauty. I Know she has had a boob job but they were the only thing she needed done, being in the public eye as she is, her boobs obviously bothered her. I really want her to work on her acting ability and improve I would love to see her 20 years from now. You made me laugh with your love with Angelina Jolie who is so full of herself its nauseating. It proves that you care more about looks than talent with those statements.

  20. The Juno

    Masturbating otter is about the funniest thing you’ve said in months. Perhaps ever. That image is just that amusing.

  21. misty

    I can’t believe that not a single guy has mentioned the nipples in the red dress. What the hell is wrong with all of you today? Quit the fighting and arguing, shut the fuck up, look at the nipples and let everyone else carry on with intelligent conversation. And…hank you.

  22. misty

    * …thank you.

  23. MeG

    @13 I have to disagree…Megan has always been hot. As much as I would love to say she required a lot of work to look as good as she does, it just isn’t true. Pics were released by TmZ a couple of months ago from her high school days and she was just as smokin hot then. Also when she did some small roles with the Olsen twins and Lilo a while back, she looked the same. If she had work done, it was minor….the girl is just naturally good looking! She tries too hard to be sexy and yeah its super annoying, but to say shes plastic…umm no.

  24. Niggler

    *hangs head in shame

    Good call.

  25. dirk

    I can just make out the tattoo on her shoulder. It says “That which doesn’t kill me makes my ass burn for days”. I think.

  26. misty

    @ 25… :)

  27. CaptainMorgan

    You guys can all have Megan Fox. She looks like a mongoloid with stains. Flap-jack-titties and vapid pout with massive forehead….all yours.

    I’ll take the likes of January Jones or Isabel Lucas so we are all happy.

    Megan Fox = overrated fucktard

  28. Randal

    Hey you two, thanks for stopping by The FISH and sharing your pictures from your big event. Transformers 2 is not only a big hit but it’s also transforming both of you into mega stars.

    At such a young age, you’ll have plenty of time to appear in many other movies. May your careers take you to high places and may your love entangle your hearts.


  29. J

    Thank you, 13. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  30. Niggler

    Don’t encourage 13′s post he has no clue what hes talking about. He just made all that shit up about her plastic surgery because he thinks his imagination is real. Look at this pic of her in high school nothin has changed other than getting more mature.

  31. e-rock

    Yeah, she’s hot, in a very over done, trying too hard kind of way. I think she would be hotter if she didn’t try so hard. And forget about the acting, eeek!! I actually think the other girl Isabel Lucas is much prettier. She is obviously classier. Megan is just trashy, and pushing the envelope with all of the tattoo’s and outfits, it just screams for attention, and not in a good way. Im a female, and can definitely appreciate a gorgeous girl when I see one, but I have to say, she isn’t gorgeous. She’s ATTRACTIVE, yes, even a little hot,yes for the guys that just want to stick their pecker in her, but an international classic beauty, she is not.

  32. e-rock

    @ Niggler- um if you take a closer look, you will see that she did have nose job, her lips are plumped now, and she had implants WHILE she was in highschool. You can clearly see the outline. I know, because I have implants (which look waaaay better than that), but as a woman with implants, I can spot them a mile away, and yes, she does have them, 100% she does.

  33. Automated Response

    I would fuck her ass until it gaped.

  34. blackout

    Weird thumbs

  35. Jay

    Megyn is so damn hot. I would looooooooooooooooove to tounge fuck that hottie!!!

  36. mio

    She actually looked best to me before she had her lips done but I don’t think she is beautiful/gorgeous at all. It amazes me that she gets so much hype for her looks. I’m sick and tired of seeing pictures of her with absolutely no story to them (this is the exception I guess). She has a completely ordinary face if you ignore the fact that she has dark hair and light eyes and no the guy banging her isn’t the luckiest man alive. There are more beautiful women with much better bodies and much more interesting personalities. American women are in general not that attractive.

  37. Daddy Likes

    I would just like to say that a dream of mine would be to wake up having Ms Fox sitting on my face. Thank you.

  38. His Huge Greatness Himself

    He’s one lucky dude! congrats to him!

  39. Rhialto

    They know and have been working together for years.It was just a matter of time.It must be exciting times right now for both of them!

  40. Gando

    @39 How ’bout that ‘Megan Fox and me’ thing?

  41. Sara

    Shia labeouf is too hot for her. She doesnt deserve him.

  42. Sara

    Shia labeouf is too hot for her. She doesnt deserve him.

  43. Sara

    Shia labeouf is too hot for her. She doesnt deserve him.

  44. Not buying it! nobu? Oliver Stone? theyre going to star in one of stone’s conspiracy thingies…

  45. Jon

    Publicity stunt.

  46. Nero

    It’s a bit late but finally he’s getting the sweet pie! Better late than never!

  47. Mike

    Shia’s hot but would look alot betta with my c*ck in his mouth.

  48. RedFantaGirl

    Megan Fox is cute, but people act like she’s the hottest thing in the history of humanity. She’s basically a skinnier, less-talented version of Angelina Jolie but with a dangerous obsession for the tanning bed. Shia, to my surprise, grew up to be surprisingly delicious. I remember him as the big-nosed, annoying kid in that one Disney show, but now he’s handsome, and in the attainable way.

  49. Jay

    Total publicity stunt.

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