Shia LaBeouf ducks DUI charges

September 25th, 2008 // 46 Comments

Shia LaBeouf will not be charged with DUI after a car accident in July that severely damaged his hand. Even though it was later determined the other driver ran a red light, Shia refused a breathalyzer test at the scene which could cost him his license for up to nine months. The Associated Press reports:

There was “insufficient evidence” to charge LaBeouf with drunken driving, Los Angeles County District Attorney spokeswoman Jane Robison said Thursday. She said prosecutors are mulling charges against two other people involved in the July collision, but could not provide further details.
“Shia is most happy that he will not have to go to court,” said his attorney, Michael Norris.

It’s official: The California Legal System loves Transformers. And, really, who doesn’t? It has cars that turn into robots AND Megan Fox’s navel. I’d let somebody recklessly drive around drunk for that. Then again, I have a drinking problem and the attention span of a caffeinated two-year-old. What was I talking about? Hey, look, I tied my own shoes!


  1. Grant

    I was done for drink driving once and swore I’d never do it again. I was full of shit.

  2. I love Shia! For a funny and witty blog, check out – it’s classic!

  3. Grant

    Also, when I was living in Cali (am a NZer) we were stopped by the cops for taking a supermarket trolley home. I miss the states. Does anyone want to marry a New Zealand guy to help him get back to the US.

  4. Ivan Kirinovic

    Shia isn’t aging well. Another two years and he will be out of a job.

  5. Grant, haha, you are funny!!

  6. Randal

    I wanted to make one of my usual vapid meaningless ass-kissing comments, but I’m totally befuddled by this. There is simply nothing here.



  7. Ive got to move to L.A.

  8. We don’t need any more sheep shagging trolley thiefs here sorry!

  9. havoc

    They felt sorry for him b/c his parents fucking named him Shia….

    He’s got enough issues…


  10. Whats the hillbilly rambling about ?

  11. who

    Who the fuck is this spermguzzling twat?? Another bible banger kid porn producer?

  12. se


    check with Jimbo, he was looking for a mail order bride that didn’t have to be inflated like his others. Of course you’d have to be into same-sex marriage. just sayin…

  13. Rough Daddy

    I’d lick a blister on Shias ass! Yes!

  14. Clem

    And I still have no idea why this guy is still getting parts in movies. He just bores the crap out of me.

  15. I think im a negative on the US. economy. I mean my fans are willing to neglect work and pose as me,,,just to have fun on the “INTERNETS”!

  16. Forgot to add that I love the cock. Thank you.

  17. poop chute

    15, Delusional much?

  18. I think #13 and 16 proved my point….why am I explaining myself to someone name poop chute? eff off!

  19. kette

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  20. wastingmylife

    Can someone please do SOMETHING with his freakin’ eyebrows? I mean, don’t make them girly or anything but just clean them up a little. He looks like an old jewish dude with the brows that move when he talks!!

  21. Jeezy

    Fuckin’ faggot gets off the charges cuz he’s an actor. Fuckin’ sissy boy ought to do some HARD TIME and really pay for his crime.

  22. yikes

    Um, can someone do something about his freakin hair. Ew. It’s worse than Matthew Mcconaughey’s. (shudder)

  23. mamadough

    how cruel is it that his parents named him shia? why not pussypants twatsniffer?

  24. devilsrain

    Fucking Hollyweird strikes again. Amazing this kid gets off.

  25. ldsqtbea

    i like him :) good actor and he’s cute … and grant, funny … scary but funny lol

  26. lol

    he is so fucking HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!

  27. Vincent Chase

    This guy is such a little dork.

  28. ummm...yeah

    Who the fuck is he?

  29. HorribleJudgment

    So they let the drunk and fugly “celeb” with the ridiculous name of Shia off scot free, and they are “mulling over” charges for the non celebs involved? This world is fucked up. I personally think she should be facing charges for being so ugly, and for being a douche who decorates fucking toilet seats.

    And no, Shia is NOT aging well at all. That’s not good for someone who was BUTT UGLY to begin with. Look at that picture of him above. Dear Geezus, my computer almost fucking broke.

  30. HorribleJudgment

    Let’s analyze Shia’s repulsively ugly face, shall we?

    His hair is molded onto his head, and it looks like shit someone scooped out of the toilet and plopped onto his head and squashed down onto his fucking scalp. disgusting.

    His eyes are sunken into the flesh folds of his face, and below them fat bags pucker out.

    His nose is shaped like a cross between a fucking pelican beak and a dick and balls. It’s all fat and wide and crushed on his face and looks repulsive.

    His lips are like disgusting misshapen worms, and you can practically see the spit caked on them….UGH!

    His head is shaped like a dick, or like a testicle. There’s more, and I could go on, but I’d be here all day!

  31. Holy Hair Batman

    Is anyone else checking out Shia’s massive, very creepy, almost Transilvanian eyebrows? WTF? You’d think they’d thin that shit before letting him go out in public.

  32. HorribleJudgment

    #31, I’d have gotten to the eyebrows, but then I would have been here all day. I’m already exhausted with this repulsive testicle-faced UGGO.

  33. WTF

    Shia seems to believe he has a real life stunt person to take his falls like in the movies. Gravity (and physics) is a bitch.

  34. You Never Go Ass To Mouth

    I’d probably ask him to go ass to mouth.

  35. ironee

    “…but I’d be here all day!”

    Oh, spare us the fuken agony, eunoch. Don’t you and your cousin hook-up this time of day to compare mutilation scars?

    “and there are those who make eunochs of themselves, that they may enter the kingdom of God”

  36. friendlystoner

    who it this guy? oh thats right he`s the annoying shit bag in all the crap films i`ve seen in the past twelve months

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  38. united

    Shit labeef got jewed out of a career, and he’s a fucking train wreck, and he got at much talent as jew has a concience. He stinks like a jews, except he aint got the victim mentality and the big nose. Woody allen can get him a role in one of his Jew York movies, though he is too old to play Allen’s pedophilic boy interest.

    It is rumored he works for JTF

  39. Hymie Lipshytz

    Shit-ia would have no career if not for blowing Spielberg – and Spielberg is not even gay, he just gets off on the power trip of having young actors degrade themselves in order to get parts. And don’t believe all of the heterosexual stories that Shia’s flacks are constantly planting in the press – Shit-ia likes peen and boy butt more than puss – and he likes those male holes DIRTY!

  40. justtheobvious

    Who is this? when do we hear about Billy Jon Hillbilly and his incest charges? who the F is this douche. He isn’t even popular enough to get a MySpace page!

  41. justtheobvious

    Who is this? When do we hear about Billy Jon Hillbilly and his incest charges and everyone else who is a nobody? Who the F is this douche. He isn’t even popular enough to get a MySpace page! How and why did you even bother to put him on here?

  42. HorribleJudgment

    I’d love to give him a tongue bath then let him have his way with me. Damn, he’s smokin’ hot!

  43. How wilingly he wants to be a “celebrity”?
    …….take it OR LEAVE IT, idiot!!

  44. the truth!

    Shia LaGOOF is more like it .. he’s from even stevens COME ON HE IS A COMPLETE GOOBER!

  45. Matt

    Just read an

  46. well if he was innocent in the matter, fine. but if he was drinking and tested 0.80 or above shouldn’t he be nailed on something. i think he had a good laywer. jmho.

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