Shia LaBeouf’s Livestreaming Himself Watching Himself

The last time Shia LaBeouf sat in a chair and let the general public near him, he supposedly got raped, which makes his renting out the Angelika Film Center to screen all of his movies in reverse chronological order seem like an odd, if not reckless choice. It’s almost like he’s either lying or doing this shit just for attention. But I don’t know anything about art and don’t particularly like the smell of my own shit wafting into my nose, so let’s see what an actual observer thought of Shia’s newest piece. Via Gothamist:

“It’s probably art as much as the other things he’s been doing recently are art,” said Kevin Flynn. “I’d be interested to know what his intention is by doing this, like, if he’s wondering if people are coming to see the films or him. I bet that’s probably part of it. So I mean, if it’s causing a dialogue in that respect, it’s probably classified as art. I don’t know if it’s traditional but, yeah it’s definitely something.”

The emphasis there is mine, because OH MY FUCKING GOD, Kevin Flynn, WHAT AN INSIGHT! Here is the entire problem with Shia LaBeouf neatly squeezed right from the asscheeks of another do-nothing human who somehow sees the merits of the meta examination of goddamn everything. Shia LaBeouf watching himself watch himself is the exact opposite of something. There is nothing to be gained from a conversation about his intentions other than to pass a few moments in a day that is so obviously uncrowded with actual responsibilities that you were able to attend this flaming pile of cat shit of an art show in between locally-sourced vegan brunch and ironically playing basketball in jeans. Please die, anyone involved with planning, executing, or participating in this show. As a society, we don’t need anything you or your friends who play dubstep covers of Asia songs in Chinese restaurants have to offer. I mean that truly and sincerely.

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