Shia LaBeouf Is Plagiarism Incarnate

Shia LaBeouf found himself in some shit yesterday when a few hours after posting his short film Howard, the Internet discovered he plagiarized the entire thing from Daniel Clowes comic Justin M. Damiano who had never met Shia before or had any idea about his short film. Once the news hit, The Beef quickly pulled down the film and went radio silent before eventually issuing an apology at three in the morning. Via Gawker:

Copying isn’t particularly creative work. Being inspired by someone else’s idea to produce something new and different IS creative work. In my excitement and naiveté as an amateur filmmaker, I got lost in the creative process and neglected to follow proper accreditation. I’m embarrassed that I failed to credit @danielclowes for his original graphic novella Justin M. Damiano, which served as my inspiration. I was truly moved by his piece of work & I knew that it would make a poignant & relevant short. I apologize to all who assumed I wrote it. I deeply regret the manner in which these events have unfolded and want @danielclowes to know that I have a great respect for his work. I fucked up.

Except here’s where it gets better along with being classic Beef. His apology? Also plagiarized:

As some on Twitter have pointed out, it seems even the first part of LaBeouf’s apology may have been plagiarized from a Yahoo! Answers user named Lili.

Jesus. How fucking devoid of original thought do you have to be to plagiarize an apology? You say what you did wrong, offer an honest explanation, and then go about your business filming women puking. It’s simple as that. Don’t try and make it a literary tome because not once has someone said, “Wow, that was so beautifully written, I completely forgot about the blatantly stupid bullshit you just pulled.” Believe me, I’ve tried. Although most of those cases involved losing pets and/or children under my care which people seem to get really pissed about for some reason. I don’t know what they want me to do.

Photo: Splash News