Shia LaBeouf Wanted To Wear A ‘Penis Cam’ For ‘Nymphomaniac’

While everyone’s squirting digital ink over Shia LaBeouf actually going through with his art exhibit he ripped off Marina Abramovic, here’s a story from the set of Nymphomaniac when he wasn’t trying to disguise his penchant for plagiarism with performance art bullshit and was more focused on the cinematic qualities of dick cameras. Page Six reports:

“Shia had wanted von Trier to put a camera on his penis while filming, so that audiences could have the full experience,” said an insider, but it would have been too much for viewers. (And for his co-star). The film centers on a beaten woman who recalls her varied erotic experiences.

No camera on my dick, I show up to your premiere with a bag over my head. Seems fair enough. As for how this new, artistically alive Shia is going over with the independent film world? Not fucking well:

One studio source said LaBeouf’s ongoing eccentric behavior is costing him roles, and that he was meant to be cast opposite Kate Winslet in upcoming indie film “Triple Nine” by John Hillcoat, who directed him in “Lawless.”

That said, apparently everyone around him understand this shit is a giant gag:

Others suggest that LaBeouf is taking a page from Joaquin Phoenix (who grew a beard and announced he was quitting acting to become a rapper, in a ruse that lasted years), and his whole shtick is part of a “performance art” hoax. Said a source, “Everyone who knows Shia is in on the joke. It’s all part of an act.”

An act to make it look like ripping off Daniel Clowes was all part of a performance. Let’s not forget about that which is always an hilarious joke. “Hahaha, I got away with stealing your work! Now hit me with a hammer. I’m living art.” Actually, never mind, that is pretty funny. We should let this play out. See where it goes.

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