Well, I Just Saw Shia LaBeouf Naked And Now I’m Putting That Evil On You

Let me start out by saying I didn’t set out this morning with the intent to follow a post featuring Chris Hemsworth and Joe Manganiello shirtless with Shia LaBeouf’s naked penis, but the Internet works in mysterious, wienery ways. So that said, above you’ll find The Beef starring buckass nude in the new video for Sigur Rós’ “Fjögur Píanó” which is eight minutes and 33 seconds of an afro-pubed Shia staring at butterflies whenever he’s not slapping on panty hose and doing interpretative dance. He also paints a boob at one point, but the whole thing’s so pretentiously arthouse it took me a minute to realize I wasn’t watching Jesus do pottery. Good luck getting through this thing.