Shia LaBeouf Isn’t In Rehab, He’s In AA

July 2nd, 2014 // 12 Comments
Shia LaBeouf AA

Following his arrest for playing Marlboro Man Grab-Ass during a production of Cabaret, there were reports that Shia LaBeouf checked into rehab. Which apparently isn’t true, but his rep told TMZ he is attending AA meetings now making the real story here that Shia LaBeouf somehow has a rep. What the hell is that job like? “Sir, sir, I’m sure it looked like my client was trying to steal a homeless man’s food, but maybe the homeless man agreed to be hunted for sport? They do that sometimes. I saw a documentary on it with Ice-T. Riveting, stuff, just riveting. Now, if you’ll excuse, Mr. LaBeouf has a 10:30 restaurant pissing to attend. He’s quite European, you know.”

Photo: Splash News


  1. Veronika Larsson

    I need a photo-opportunity
    I want a shot at redemption
    Don’t want to end up a cartoon
    In a cartoon graveyard

  2. Dude. Loves. A photo. Op.

  3. Short Round

    Is AA for Assholes Anonymous?

  4. A Realist

    Hey Shia…wait. Listen, man…

    Sigh. Before you go…

    …fly’s down.

  5. Ive been to a thousand AA meetings and every single one of us are fucked up in our own special way. However this boy seems to be a little bit extra special. Im not sure the 12 steps are going to be his cure, if a cure is possible. #mentalillness

  6. A lot of people use AA and rehab synonymously. Rehab for alcoholics. Myeh. Anyone following with more than a cursory interest could have surmised as much, regardless.

  7. gumbypokey

    The dude must be ill. His dramatic antics sound like the shit I would do during the times I was silly enough to stop taking medication. If that is Shia’s case, I feel sorry for the guy. It’s either that, or he’s trying to transform into Charlie Sheen.

  8. Really not a good look. I hope he’s not seriously mentally ill.

  9. Mama Pinkus

    I don’t understand this guy’s fame – he’s not good looking, he’s a mediocre actor and seems like an asshole in real life – what exactly is his appeal?

    • One would need to look at the Kardashian family to explain the curiosity of marginal talent coupled with almost attractive will equal fame and money.

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