Shia LaBeouf Headbutted A Guy At A Bar

January 17th, 2014 // 27 Comments
Shia LaBeouf
WATCH: Shia LaBeouf Headbutts Guy In Bar Fight

Retired screen actor Shia LaBeouf has a history of bar fights which almost always end with him getting his ass hilariously kicked, so imagine the Internet’s surprise to see this TMZ video of him headbutting a dude at a London bar and walking away unscathed. It’s practically unheard of. We even tried to ask him about it, and all he said was, “Headbutt? What’s a headbutt? Oh, you mean the Beef Tip. Yeah, I invented that.”


  1. Beef tip… Wow. Just wow. Bravo!

  2. BlinkyTheFish

    He’s just Amanda Bynes now. Which makes us probably due for him lighting someone or something on fire next. But in the name of art, naturally.

    • JC

      Oh, crap. That means he’s just going to plagiarize Bynes now and start posting selfies of himself in torn lingerie.

      • BlinkyTheFish

        The bit I’m looking forward to is when he tweets that he wants Drake to murder his vagina. I’d say the crazy circle is just about complete at that point.

  3. MoozBoy

    I think he deserved a choke slam right there. I don’t care who the fucking guy is, get in my face like that and I’m going out with fists flying.

  4. Gerard Butler is looking a little haggard these days. Apparently all that port-a-potty sex is catching up with him.

  5. That was the weakest act of “intimidation” I’ve seen. That guy must’ve been on heroine.

    I cant wait until this guy gets a serious beat down.

  6. AteIsEnough

    Obviously that gentlemen that was headbutted doesn’t hit drunken PMS’ing women!!

  7. coljack

    Increasingly erratic behavior? Check. Career in flames? Check. Taking to Twitter to lash out indiscriminately? Check. We all thought it would be Miley Cyrus, but ladies and gentlemen, Shia LaBoeuf is your new Amanda Bynes.

  8. What’s up with this guy? Star in one multi-billion dollar movie franchise (lucky bastard) and bang a chick like Megan Fox (super lucky bastard) and ya think you’re invincible.

    • Mohawk Disco

      First, he was never the star. The transformers were. Second, he lied about banging Fox, like any guy would. Then it came out he doesn’t have an original thought in his head. What you see here is someone not being able to measure up to the image created about him. So he’s insecure and crazy from drugs to deal with his insecurity.

  9. Mohawk Disco

    That was a headbutt?! Kisses in Disney movies are more intense than that.

    • cmonreally

      My thought exactly. I thought he was just nuzzling the other guys head before going in for the kiss.

  10. Who lets Shia LeBeouf, or anyone for that matter, do that to them and does nothing about it? What a puss-cakes.

    I’m no bar fighter but I swear to god the second he…nuzzled… me with his head I would have launched my forehead into his nose so fast and so hard there would be nothing left but disparate floating nose molecules.

  11. real head butts : that skull push :: real actors : Shia LaBoeuf.

  12. Headbutt? No. Headbuss? More like it.

  13. anonymous

    No way Shia headbutt anyone in a barfight. This guy is famous for his glass jaw. He would have knocked himself out.

  14. He’s shaping up to be a very promising death pool prospect!

  15. Bar fight? It looked like he was sensually licking the guys entire face.

  16. cc

    If he yelled in my face like that just once, I’d knock him the fuck out.

  17. Margaret

    who hangs out with Shyguy LaDoosh? what kind of ding dong hangs out with that dummy? is he paying? he doesn’t seem like the kind of doosh who would pick up the checks.

  18. I was thinking (and hoping) that the chick in the watch cap was going to beat him senseless. Oh well, not all movies have happy endings.

  19. He didn’t head-butt the guy. Shia was showing the him how to mind meld which is a totally new thing that he came up with.

  20. Bob

    I think it’s a good thing that he’s stepping away from long as he also gets therapy. Celebrity takes its toll on some people, especially the one’s who were thrust in the public eye at a young age like he was.

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