Shia LaBeouf Just Had An Existential Crisis, You Guys, He’s All Better

For roughly two years now, counting the Marilyn Manson and butterflies on his penis days, Shia LaBeouf has been a walking performance art twatwaffle who mostly was just plagiarizing anything he could get his hands on. Eventually all of that culminated in him being arrested at a Broadway performance of Cabaret for slapping people’s asses because it turns out he wasn’t so much an artist as a really, really drunk asshole. Except here he is on Ellen being remarkably candid and polite while saying incredibly lucid shit about people writing online. (For example, yes, I am extremely empty inside. Nailed it!) So here’s that for you to watch while trying to remember a Shia LaBeouf who filmed women puking for sport and would threaten death to dinner interlopers at the drop of a hat. Was it all just a dream? An autistic child’s dream?

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