Is It Free Speech to Be a Dick? Shia LaBeouf Thinks So.

Back in April, Shia LaBeouf decided to go gutter on a bowling alley bartender who refused to serve him anymore Leinenkugel Summer Shandies (I’m assuming that’s what he drinks). He also called him a “f***ing racist” and a “bitch” for not putting in an order of french fries… **face palm**

Now the bartender is taking his beef with The Beef to court for assault and defamation because, ya know, Shia still gets Transformers residuals. (from PageSix)

The Transformers actor’s lawyer is hoping a California court will throw a way an assault and defamation lawsuit filed by the bartender that stemmed from an altercation in which LaBeouf allegedly called him a “f—ing racist” when he refused to serve him more alcohol.

According to the court filing, first obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, the star’s attorney, Briand Wolf, argues that defendant David Bernstein has no case as everything LaBeouf said, while annoying and rude, was protected under his First Amendment right. As the outlet notes, Wolf is claiming that LaBeouf’s statements were clearly opinion, and thus not legally defamatory. Furthermore, he writes that the incident would have been a “wholly private encounter” were his client not famous – an effort to dismiss the claim as frivolous.

While Shia is guilty of being a drunken brat, he wasn’t the one who brandished a Grey Goose bottle like a greaser in West Side Story. This case will most likely be thrown out.

You can also watch the video here if you’re the type of person who likes to watch drunk people argue over french fries while browsing your phone on the toilet.