Sheryl Crow performs in her bikini

October 16th, 2006 // 82 Comments

[Pics deleted by request.]


  1. jrzmommy


  2. sonya

    Hey, at least she’s not creepy skeletal like she was before.

  3. Limbo

    Yeah… she was cute in “All i Wanna Do” old times… not now.

  4. Binky

    Must be the chemo…

  5. Who’s Jennifer?

    And Sheryl Crow is a pirates delight…

  6. Ed Bambrick

    I believe I may have just thrown up in my mouth a little, especially after that 3rd pic… (urp)

  7. John Mayer looks deeply, deeply unhappy in these photos. Also, is he standing on a box in the first picture?

  8. commissioner

    Try as she might, she ended up looking like a fit forty-five year-old soccer mom watching over her four brats at the community pool.

  9. The Gilbs

    When did dignity become a flaw?

  10. biatcho

    I don’t even know what the christ is going on here. I see a bustedup hag of a bitch wearing what seems to be her young niece’s bikini, a hairball playing a guitar who looks about as appalled at seeing said hag in a bikini as he would if his mother was on stage wearing the same thing & then some random sumo wrestlers who seem to work part-time at the local “Clucky’s” restaurant chain.


  11. NipsyHustle

    Dear Sheryl,

    You’re not Stacy’s mom.

  12. BigJim

    Look at the bright side: at least it isn’t Aretha Franklin in a bikini.

  13. She should of dressed up as Jessica Simpson. That would have scared him.

    [How to dress up as Jessica Simpson:
    1) hold neck and head at strange angle
    2) hold breasts at strange elevation
    3) lobotomy]

  14. jrzmommy

    did she do some baton twirling, too? Is that a goddammed baton she’s holding? Somewhere, Hilary Clinton is in ecstasy!

  15. biatcho

    BigJim – at least if Aretha wore one she’d be well aware of the fact that it was a joke & wouldn’t prance around thinking she was hot shit.

    The funny thing is, I bet the only thing going through Sheryl Crow’s mind was “I can’t wait for Lance to see me in this – he doesn’t know what he’s missing”. Cut to Lance Armstrong in a high school cheerleader gang bang as he turns the TV off & thanks baby jesus…

  16. jazzdrummer420

    Since when is the right to bare arms been soooo misguided…. Sheryl take note, 2nd amendment meant guns not whatever it is you have going on there….

  17. LoneWolf

    If I may be the first to say it…..

    Her body is not a wonderland.

  18. Ruby

    She’s regressing to her slutty cheerleading days, me thinks, having been dumped for Matthew MacConaughey.

  19. Stuey75

    i just dont get the point. its like looking at a photo of someone at a party and one of the people are trying to explain whats goin on in the pic and you just dont get it. they usually end up saying…well i guess you had to be there.

  20. acescence

    #8 that’s not a box, those are his guitar pedals

  21. mikeross

    She looks great! Very athletic body.

    Yummy legs!

    SFCR – Silicon Free Campaign Ribbon

  22. #22

    Ms. Crow is sporting some moose knuckle that pic you linked.

  23. Gad-damnit, after seeing those pics I am afraid I have to agree with Edna.


  24. BarbadoSlim

    I’d hit it, with both barrels…and by barrels I mean testicles.

  25. #18 – You stole my idea dammit! :-p

    Oh well. Good thing my sister didn’t wanna go to that concert anymore. I may have hung myself from the speaker towers if I did.

  26. Well, at least she didn’t do it topless and doesn’t have any gross cellulite.

    The Schnoz and Goldilocks

  27. I think that is funny. I love people who are not afraid to be silly and goofy. I do not think it demeaning… especially if you have a great body like that.

    I think it is cute and we should have more nudity while holding batons. Plus, I have heard it is good for your back to twirl it while wearing a chicken head costume… so power to the people baby!

  28. Tracie

    #22 & 23, I have to agree – moose knuckles!
    John Mayer is the closest thing I’ve ever seen to a Young Frankenstein. He even beats out John Tesh.
    Sheryl, Can you spell desperation?

  29. BarbadoSlim

    Some Lyrics from the SMASH HIT “all I wanna do”

    _all I wanna do is have some cock
    only Barbado, he is the only one…

  30. mrs.t

    Are they in Germany? Cuz that shit would KILL over there.

  31. Hey, in that last pic, is that the San Diego Chicken?! I didn’t know he’s a backup singer now! My, how times are a changin’…

    Oh, Sheryl Crow, very nice by the way.Kinda like your best friend’s Mom-type…

  32. pinky_nip

    Nice. Now Lance’s other ball just dried-up and fell off.

  33. Giggles

    The only thing that looks bad on Cheryl is her hair. Get a better hairdresser!!!!

  34. John Mayer’s face in that first pic… priceless.

  35. combustion8

    she doesnt look bad for someone that had cancer, even tity cancer.

  36. bigdog

    Like I said before it should be illegal to wear a bikini if you don’t have at least large C cups.
    If you don’t look like Pam Anderson don’t put a bikini on, with her money she could go see DR.90210 and get a great rack

  37. Anastasia_Beaverhausen

    Camel toe or cock…I can’t decide.

  38. RichPort

    Great, just what I wanted to see, a flat chested horse in fucking bikini. Nice…

    She looks like your best friend’s mom who drinks before school lets out and, rubbing your face and squeezing your arms, tells how handsome you are and how muscular you’ve become, just before asking what you learned today in the seventh grade.

  39. ponk

    she knows John likes ‘em young, but even the cheerleader look and stuffed animal friends ain’t going to make it happen for her.

  40. Italian Stallion

    @12 That was hilarious…….

    “Cause Stacy’s mom has got it going on”

    I hope that was the joke because I laughed really loud at that if it was……….

  41. mrs.t

    So embarassing. In a few years she’ll be one of those Sassy Older Women, with the sheer tunic/cami underneath, tight jeans (leggings are too thin to adequately conceal Depends), and high-heeled cowboy boots. Still actin like they can lay the hurt on a fella, with the dried-up old snatch and denture breath.

  42. mrs.t

    I forgot the belt. Everything must be belted to show the world; “I’ve still got a waist!”

  43. Sheva

    Hmm, the box look is really in. Run Lance run.
    Guess he already knew.

    Years back know someone who in fact did hit it.
    Remarked that the road had “heavy mileage” end of story.
    Yeah, he was not a nice guy.

  44. shell

    Is it me or are the chicken and the other dude wearing diapers. And really, just what do a bikini and diapers have to do with a bear suit. Someone’s been hitting the crack pipe and it ain’t me.

  45. BigJim

    pinky is evil.

    And that’s a good thing.

    Sheryl looks like a loaf of Wonderbread. Guess the cancer scare has her avoiding soaking up the sun. Lying bitch.

  46. BarbadoSlim

    #38 bigdog…as a breast enthusiast you will explain your theory immediately, why do you discriminate good sir?

  47. bigsteamyone

    such a train wreck , you can’t help but stare

  48. Tracie

    She looks exactly like Heather Mills-McCartney in the second pic, only without the fake leg and the big hooters…

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