Sheridan Sues Pants off Porn Pic Providers

nicollette_sheridan_thumb1.jpgApparently tired of seeing her face superimposed onto the bodies of girls much younger and orders of magnitude more attractive, Desperate Housewives star Nicollette Sheridan is preparing to sue internet sites publishing fake porn pictures of her. She told Maxim magazine that

You can’t trust the internet. Someone told me there was this website with my head on other people’s naked bodies doing lewd, crude, and totally unacceptable things. I guess at one point I’ve got to get around to suing them. But the real drag of it was that my body is much better than their bodies… My God, at least do me justice.”

You’d think she’d be flattered. There can’t be that many 85-year-olds that people even want to see naked, let alone make fake pics of. And I’m sorry, but anyone who’s dated Charles in Charge really shouldn’t be allowed to talk. Ever. But if you really want to show how good you look, Nicollette, you’re more than welcome to come over to my place. I promise I won’t make you wear the bag this time. But I can’t promise I won’t call you Grammy.

Sheridan Plans Action Over Porn Pics [Yahoo! News UK]