Shawn Johnson’s armed fan wanted to impregnate her

March 26th, 2009 // 65 Comments

Crazed stalker Robert O’Ryan was arrested after he attempted to break on to the Dancing with the Stars set and kidnap 17-year-old Olympic medalist Shawn Johnson. The 34-year-old Florida man was armed and believed he was destined to impregnate Shawn, according to TMZ:

According to documents filed by Johnson, “The LAPD searched [O'Ryan's] vehicle and located a loaded .45 handgun, a loaded shotgun, and materials classically used for kidnapping including duct tape, zip ties, and a map to the victim. Also found were love letters, clippings and other information on the victim.”
According to the documents, O’Ryan told police “He had packed all his belongings and permanently left Florida to drive out here to be with [Shawn Johnson], he believes that she speaks to him personally through the television set and through ESP and that they will have a child together, he stated he would be with her no matter what.”

She speaks to him through the television via ESP. Wow. Why does nothing cool like that happen to me when I watch TV? All I ever see is Santa Claus stabbing celebs in the face then telling me to be a good boy this year. You know, normal shit.

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  1. jojojojo

    yo wtf my life would b over with out shawn johnson shes so hot comming from a 15 year old screw that o ryan guy stalk me and ur balls are gone nigga

  2. He wanted to go “HOLLYWOOD”, folks?

  3. total loser

    I prefer Alicia Sacramone.

    @49 Alicia does have breasts, and she’s legal.

    She’s in the white bikini

  4. tammy

    impregnate her? the sucker needs to be castrated, these kind of people should not have any offsprings to pollute our environment even more..

  5. Drunkman

    Kim: This is what unairbrushed legs are supposed to look like.

  6. pappy smeary

    Now that the police are distracted I can finally be with shawn!

  7. pappy smeary

    Now that the police are distracted I can finally be with shawn!

  8. pappy smeary

    Now that the police are distracted I can finally be with shawn!

  9. el ces

    My t.v. said the same shit!

    But I’m not into her.

  10. bob

    i would do her in a sec.

  11. bob

    i would do her in a sec.

  12. What a crazy. They grow them on trees in Florida. Good thing they caught the man. I mean, sure, I do not mind impregnating her in the ass but I would not at gun point. Keep a gun unless he sought her tight little ass while I did bury my Weiner. Geez, I totally can see is happening. I’d better stay away from him. Who is it? He is a star or a dance with? Camera really add 10 pounds to his nose?

  13. jimmie

    Yawned and farted when i read the comments and content of this article.

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