Shawn Johnson’s armed fan wanted to impregnate her

March 26th, 2009 // 65 Comments

Crazed stalker Robert O’Ryan was arrested after he attempted to break on to the Dancing with the Stars set and kidnap 17-year-old Olympic medalist Shawn Johnson. The 34-year-old Florida man was armed and believed he was destined to impregnate Shawn, according to TMZ:

According to documents filed by Johnson, “The LAPD searched [O'Ryan's] vehicle and located a loaded .45 handgun, a loaded shotgun, and materials classically used for kidnapping including duct tape, zip ties, and a map to the victim. Also found were love letters, clippings and other information on the victim.”
According to the documents, O’Ryan told police “He had packed all his belongings and permanently left Florida to drive out here to be with [Shawn Johnson], he believes that she speaks to him personally through the television set and through ESP and that they will have a child together, he stated he would be with her no matter what.”

She speaks to him through the television via ESP. Wow. Why does nothing cool like that happen to me when I watch TV? All I ever see is Santa Claus stabbing celebs in the face then telling me to be a good boy this year. You know, normal shit.

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  1. beast man

    first to spill my seed in shawn johnson

  2. Watch

    why does she have a boy’s name? Shawn? Also that is one fucked up guy, glad they caught him.

  3. Sandsman

    Who is the douchebag in the background with the red shoelaces? Seriously, red shoelaces?

  4. Turd Ferguson

    What did she win anyway?

    Whats sad is there’s most likely some other whack job ready to step in.

    Oh yea, so cut the guys nuts off, give him a lobotomy, and tell him he likes cleaning up dog poop. Hurry, up! Its getting pretty bad out in my yard.

  5. LAURen

    creeepy. good thing they caught him.

  6. LAURen

    creeepy. good thing they caught him.

  7. havoc

    “materials classically used for kidnapping including duct tape, zip ties, and a map to the victim.”



  8. Jrz

    Maybe he’s really a Chinese gymnastics spy sent to kidnap her.

    Hey…did you all know that the Farreley Brothers are making a Three Stooges Movie to star Benicio Del Toro as Moe, Jim Carrey as Curly and Sean Penn as Larry? How fucking weird is this gonna be?

  9. Vanquish

    No wonder he failed… No candy among his kidnap tools.

  10. The Laughing G-D

    @9 LOL

  11. tim

    She speaks to him through the television via ESP.

    She talks to me through ESPN.

  12. stonefry

    Yeah, she speaks to him through the TV. She said “We’re destined to be together. Just bring some duct tap and zip ties. I’ll take care of the rest.

  13. Gob

    Well, she did insist that her taco was the best:

    Maybe the ‘stalker’ just wanted to see if he could make her taco pop.

  14. Alex

    #4–”What did she win anyway?” A fucking gold medal and a couple silvers.

    And she’s as cute as a button on Dancing with the Stars. I think she can win the whole thing. Then she’s going to win American Idol where she’ll perform a flying snap kick to Simon’s face. IMO.

  15. CakeSniffer

    Haaa lookit the hipster douchebag in the backround.

    Also, she’s cuter than I remember.

  16. Deacon Jones

    Can’t blame him…

    After a week of the watching the US gymnastics team, I could have sworn my penis started weeping. Must have foreseen the inevitabtle beating it was about to take.

  17. On the one hand, what guy doesn’t want a chick who can put her ankles behind her neck… on the other hand, eeewwwww…

    Much like Still White’s ass, I’m torn…

  18. NipTuck

    She has a pretty face…big deal.

  19. Yet another brilliant post that makes me dig deep down within myself, search the cosmos even, to figure out WHY THE EFF ANYONE WOULD WANT TO BE FAMOUS. Does this blog not teach us that even 15 minutes of fame is enough to turn you into a walking punchline, a self-obsessed douche bag, a classless flake, an oblivious snob, or (now) a STALKING VICTIM??

    “Oh what a world we live in….”
    – Rufus Wainwright

  20. SSJPabs

    Amanda: Shawn loves Gymnastics and that made her famous so she would have to give up what she loved.

    Anyhow, since I live in Iowa at the grocery store recently I saw a giant banner of her for Dancing With the Stars. It was a lifesize banner I thought, then I realized wait, that’s wrong. Because she was so short it was actually bigger than lifesized.

  21. Deacon Jones



    The HUMANITY!!

  22. How come psychos dont stalk non famous peeps? what is it with the fame? and the best way to make him lose interest is to live with him for a while Shawn!!!

  23. Parker

    What a weirdo. They grow them on trees in Florida. Good thing they caught the guy. I mean, sure, I wouldn’t mind impregnating her in the ass but I wouldn’t do it at gun point. Unless she was the one holding the gun while demanding I bury my weiner in her tight little butt. Geez, I can totally see happening too. I’d better stay away from her. Who is she anyway? Is she one of the stars or one of the dancing with’s? Does the camera really add 10 pounds to your nose?

  24. Parker

    @22 actually psychos do stalk non-famous peeps. The only difference between the famous stalkee’s and the non-famous ones is you don’t hear about the non-famous ones unless they live in your area and end up dead. Then you read about them on page 7 or 8 of the newspaper and maybe get a 10 second synopsis on the evening news. Mostly its ex husbands or bf’s but once in a while it’s some weird guy from the gym or something.

  25. Galtacticus

    I don’t understand why he had to do all this work! Many times girls only have to look in my strict eagle eyes and then they get themselves undressed imediately!

  26. Darth

    It depends on the person but i’d understand it’s not always fun! *gasp*

  27. Gando

    What sport does she do? Shot put?

  28. mikeock

    She’s cute in that picture, but she looks as thick as a Polish potato farmer on Dancing With The Stars. What’s up with that?

  29. Nah you describe people who gets hacked by someone they know or associated with, Im talking about lunatics who hear things from the tv or dog, and choose ramdom celebrities as their victims…#24

  30. crazypants

    Eesh, sicko.

    Boy it’d be a real shame if while in police custody this sick bastard “hang” himself with his tshirt. Yep, it’d be a real shame if he offed himself in police custody. A tragedy. Hanged himself right in the cell.

  31. mafme

    I know that he’s crazy because it is I who am to impregnate her… wait… I don’t want any effing kids. Damn.

  32. Timester

    #17 – did you just compare yourself to a torn asshole?

    Well I guess if the shoe fits….

  33. mafme

    Of course she “looks thick”– she’s probably, pound for pound, stronger than anyone here.

  34. @3 I don’t think those are red shoelaces. I think he’s wearing red socks with sandals, which is even worse.

  35. FromOutofFrakkinNoWhere

    Dear K-Mart Rep,
    I would like to return Jennifer Ainston and take home Shawn Johnson instead.

  36. Turd Ferguson

    It was a serious question. I don’t follow the Olympic hoopla.

    BTW, seems to me you’re a little obsessed with this young girl. Perhaps you’re getting ready to make a move now that a slot opened up?

  37. alex

    Turd: LOL–yeah, I’m obsessed and making the moves on a 16 year old girl. You chucklehead! (by the way, love your name–Turd!)

    I just think she’s a real everyday, American hero. Yeah thats right, hero. Finally a positive role model for people to look up to…not just kids. Here’s a child that worked hard her whole life and achieved greatness. I think a lot of the cry babies who are losing their jobs and watching the economy fail could learn a few important things from this kid; work your ass off to take a shot and maybe you’ll succeed.

    I think it Vince Lombardi (or someone of that ilk) that said, “You’re guaranteed to MISS 100% of every shot you dont take.”

    And then conversely, of course there’s the Mike Tyson quote, “Everyone has a plan…until they get hit.”

  38. WOW!

    Damn, i know the chinese were mad she won a few olympic medals…but DAMN!! Hiring a contract kidnapper! Damn Eye-Ties

  39. Richard McBeef

    She looks like she could be the little sister of Uriah Faber

  40. poop


  41. Bitch, you know I’m gon’ make you pregnant.

    We gon’ stink up the room.

  42. 1 MILF Hunter

    Too bad that asshole didn’t get close enough she could kick the shit out of him.

  43. normf89

    She’s cute but i perfer females that actually have breasts. Looks like she forgot to grow hers!!!! WTF

  44. Horny D Clown

    What the fuck???? That mothefucker is lying!!! She talks to ME through the TV, not that loser!!!!

  45. LEB

    Wow. Just wow. Thank goodness they caught him before he got to her!

  46. What a sick bastard.

  47. tc

    Breasts ?

    Note the complete absence. The aliens are among us.

  48. I’d stalk that.
    Also – two thumbs up to the guy for coming across as text book crazy.

  49. boo

    @ 39 Who is Uriah Faber??
    @47 gymnasts DONT HAVE BREASTS

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