The Guy Who Does Franklin’s Voice In ‘GTA V’ Knocked Out Ice Cube In Real Life

Grand Theft Auto V is a goddamn amazing game thanks to it’s engrossing design and writing, and not because of all the outfits you can spend an entire afternoon picking out for your characters even though Trevor keeps putting his Dusche beer sleeveless T back on after I spent all that time finding the right cowboy polo. GODDAMMIT. Except now it’s even better because apparently Shawn Fonteno, the voice of Franklin, used to be a rapper in the 90s named Solo who once knocked Ice Cube the fuck out. TMZ reports:

Fonteno used to rap under the name Solo — and back in the day, he appeared in the documentary “Beef 2″ describing a fight with Cube, in which he claims he KO’d the rapper over a business dispute and stole his chain.
The story was huge back in the ’90s … and the incident was a big part of the nasty feud between Cube and Cypress Hill, since Solo was tight with CH (scroll to 9:57 in the YouTube clip).
But now, Fonteno has grown up … and this week in L.A., the voice actor told us he’s buried the hatchet with his former foe.
“We both hustlers homie, it is what is, you know what I’m sayin’?” Fonteno told us.
“He’s from South Central, I’m from South Central, that sh*t’s over with man.”

When reached for comment, Ice Cube was busy filming his new family comedy Black People’s Kids Are Annoying In The Car, Too, but encouraged us to sample some finger sandwiches and Pumpkin Spice scones from craft services because, “They are simply delicious, dawg. Like a cool cucumber water on your porch, you know what I’m saying? COORS LIGHT!”


And because I couldn’t resist…

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Money really should’ve popped out of her head. That’s bullshit.

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