Shauna Sand thinks a bikini and stripper heels are suitable attire for family day at the beach (Makes sense)

August 26th, 2008 // 160 Comments

In this day age, some might say the ideas of poise, elegance and class no longer exist.

“Not so,” says Shauna Sand. “Not so. …. Lap dance?”


  1. jumpin_j

    So wrong, and yet…

  2. combustion8

    mother want another?

  3. Stroker

    Okay, but those heels and ankle tat are incredibly sexy! Her feet are gorgeous and she clearly knows it!

  4. norton

    What an excellent role model… especially for the kid.

  5. BM

    great. the kids gonna be a future whore like mommy.

  6. The mom’s a total skank but you have to admit the girl is really hot.

  7. someguy

    Okay, while I have no problem with (most) women walking around in public dressed as skanks, I do need to know how the fuck she can walk on the sand.

  8. Mike

    WOW another girl that I could drink her douche. One day they are going to call me douche belly. But hey it is worth it, always nice getting special presents that come from the pussy.

  9. Noassatall

    Whats wrong with her ass????

  10. Mitch

    She should convince a plastic surgeon to do a tummy tuck on that hanging flap of skin just above her thighs…on the backside.

  11. Sledman

    okay…. so is she famous or something? I have no clue who she is. Also, who stole her ass?

  12. Kayleigh C

    Wow, first off…..


    Second off, maybe she doesn’t like sand between her toes. Common problem.

  13. Ted from LA

    Fuck me shoes to the beach?

  14. Clive

    No butt, no feminine curves. A boy with big balloons on his chest.

    So so unclassy, I feel bad for the little girl to have a mom like that.

  15. HolyHell

    Sand and heels dont mix… Next pic of her will be in a cast

  16. … and a role model to prepubescent teen girls all across the world.

  17. scooby


  18. Deacon Jones


    I just wish more women would aspire to be like her – tanned arm candy that can’t form a sentence.

    If everyone had her for a wife world peace would prevail.

  19. Confused

    Why are there never women like this when I’m at the beach?

  20. Mike

    #14, oh come on, who gives a shit about the ass. As long as you can stick your dick in between those long, sexy, tanned legs. Those legs go on forever, she could wrap those around my head and I could suck on her lips for days.

  21. Bag Hag

    I have the same handbag. I bought it in Mexico last weekend for 40 bucks, and now I want to burn it. I hate her. She’s disgusting. Her daughter must be so embarrassed by her.

  22. yeah baybee

    The arse is discouraging. She needs to do some squats on me

  23. Andrea

    She’s not the one who’s dumb. She’s got a nasty body so she hangs some balloons on it and puts on stripper shoes, and guys think she’s sexy. Add a six pack of beer (doesn’t even have to be good beer) and they’ll want to marry her. That’s why guys don’t deserve to keep their money.

  24. Tara

    Poor poor child. She doesn’t exactly look happy about taking an afternoon stroll with stripper mommy. Someone save that poor chlid…she’s adorable.

  25. Steve

    I agree with #6, that girl is hot. I’d date the mom only to stay overnight and make a few middle-of-the-night visits down the hallway.

  26. havoc

    That’s so freaking hot.

    I, I…..

    Okay, I’m done.


  27. Bigheadmike

    Squats sister….
    For the love of god do some squats. My penis is confused.

  28. I feel sorry for that little girl. What a nightmare having that for a mom.

  29. Garbage Crotch


  30. jokadrma

    I feel sorry for Shauna Sand. Not sure why. I just have this overwhelming feeling of pity whenever I see or hear about her. At the beach with stripper heels falls right in line with those feelings …

  31. Pedobear

    Pedobear approves of this pictures.

  32. Sledman

    Ok, never mind, I found out who she is. Playmate from 96 and Lorenzo Lamas ex wife…. meh. Is there really an Celeb E-List ? Anyhow, seems shes had lots of work done. NSFW She looks great from the front, but I’m not into the fake lips and the ass is a bit disturbing not that my opinion matters.

  33. Deacon Jones


    Great, just great. Here we go again with Andrea’s rants on taking men’s money. That’s the last thing I feel like dealing with today, Ms. No tits McGee.

    Go grandstand on Hillary’s website or something.

  34. Vince Lombardi

    If Heidi Montag and Jenna Jameson had a baby, it would look like her. Lantern jaw, big fake boobs, duck lips.

  35. cake

    it’s cause those are the only shoes she owns

  36. rough daddy

    you know? once in a while you want your chick to dress like her,,,shes only showing those 3little girls how to be man eaters…

  37. shellibelli

    where in the hell did her ass go?!
    no no not her ex husband litterally where is her ass?

  38. shellibelli

    where in the hell did her ass go?!
    no no not her ex husband litterally where is her ass?

  39. HerrMurf

    I had no idea who this chick was. So, I looked her up. Turns out these are the only shoes she owns. No, really in 8 out of 10 pics shes wearing them (two pics didnt show her feet)……… be nice.

  40. #18

    AMEN! You are correct in assuming if we all had our own little Slutrags like Shauna….WORLD PEACE WOULD PREVAIL.

    Who fucking cares if she’s wearing 8 inch heels at the beach. Bitch can. Amen. There’s not a guy in the world who wouldn’t give her a piece or two.

    Thank Goodness for WHore shoes at the beach.

    Gotta luv them.

  41. .


    sexy flat ass… !!!!


  42. Ed Castillo

    MILF and Cookies for-r-r my sweeet toooth!

  43. JPRichardson

    As far as I am concerned, all beautiful women should dress like that in the beach. And then dance on the pole. And then sit on my lap and let me lick the juices from her breasts. And then pump’em hard for US$200.

    I see nothing bad about that. Way to go, whoever you are!

  44. Consumer of Females

    The ho on the right is fat and flat-chested! How dare she appear in public like that? She’s not up to my standards.

  45. Jeff Millz

    This screams “I’m going to find you a daddy…NO MATTER WHAT…”

  46. Worried

    The kid seems to be looking around franticly for a social worker.

  47. timmy

    #23, you nailed it, and that’s coming from a fellow guy…

  48. timmy

    #23, you nailed it, and that’s coming from a guy…

  49. Ted Mosby

    I’ve hit that.

    Smells like Lamas.

  50. Styxchix

    This is quite clearly the most ridiculous thing I have EVER seen. Why on earth would anyone attempt to walk over sand in those shoes? Maybe we look at things differently here in NZ, but it really defies logic!!

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