Shauna Sand’s nipples are back

May 13th, 2010 // 121 Comments

Here’s Shauna Sand and British porn star Taylor Wane in Miami today reminding everyone that silicone will never stop being age’s punching bag. On that note, even with the presence of Franken-nips and leathery ham wallets, my favorite pic has to be the young boy talking to these crimes of nature. Because there’s no way that kid didn’t walk back to his parents and immediately ask for ballet lessons.

DAD: But, son, what happened? *looks over at the leather twins* Tell your mother I want a divorce.
KID: Dad?
DAD: I don’t want to see another vagina again, do you hear me? NOT ANOTHER!
MOM: Honey, what’s going on?
DAD: OH, GOD, I CAN HEAR IT MOVING! *jumps in mouth of shark*

Photos: Splash News

  1. Flerg

    It looks like she needs a bandaid on those nipples

  2. bob hope


  3. Bosco

    Yum natural beauties………….

  4. GeneralEmergency

    A couple of more years and that leather will make a fine saddle for some little girl’s pony.

  5. fappyfap

    Is that Tara Reid? Thought she got the frankenboobs fixed……?

  6. Meaty D

    Is anyone else getting the impression that another sex tape will be released? This time with more plastic girl/girl action?

    Who the hell thinks fake tits and lips look good?

  7. is she a actress or something. let me guess she did a sex tape and now everyone follows her every move.

  8. The Clap

    Shauna who? Whom does this trash belong to? They need to keep her locked up inside.
    This is NOT interesting. I know you’ve got better stuff than this TS.

  9. my life on the ROUGH list

    lol Birds of a feather, botoxed together? *shakes head in amazement* Fish and his proverb posts….

  10. gross

    yes, I’m just recycling a joke here, but hope it brings you a laff:

    Names of Shauna Sands next sex tape:

    Landing a hot dog on the Grand Canyon

    Add Momma To The Train

    Children of the Cornhole

    Schindler’s Fist

    Leaking Beauty

    Three Men and a Barbie

    Any Given Cumday

    Shaving Private Ryan

    Honey, I Shanked The Kids


    Glazed And Confused

    Intercourse with the Damn Liar

    Going For Sloppy Seconds

  11. SamIYam

    Has anyone seen her so called sex tape? Unfortunately, I was given that privilege.

    If that is how a “sex goddess” gives a Blow Job, I’ll take a 2 bit whore.

  12. DC

    id still hit it, plastic or not

  13. Sheena Queen of the Jugs

    Matching stripper heels, leathery skin and bloated titties! Attractive!

  14. bar room hero

    just got back from the bar…

    who is this slag??? Are they following pr0n stars now? wtf…first coalburners everyday and now this.


    seriously, who is this?

  15. justifiable

    Her nipples aren’t “back” – they’ve just been lifted to make her tits look younger and perkier. That’s why that scar line is all around them.

  16. Tek

    Most revolting post of the year so far. I’d take an over weight Elisha over this old tranny any day of the week. Oh and her friend looks scarier than she does, wich I didn’t know could be possible.

  17. who the hell is this chick?

  18. Jestersdead

    Sorry Homos, for an old bird she is HOT HOT HOT. As long as I dont have to look at those Meat Curtains that is……………..

  19. J

    I have a trailer hitch in need of some chrome removal. Does she have a business card? :)

  20. captain america

    she is just as dumb as hell?
    …………….but who cares?

  21. timmy the dying boy

    Please stop posting items about this hag. Thanks in advance!

  22. A couple more years and that some little girl leather saddle will make a good actress she or something. I think he had a sex tape and now everyone follows every step.

  23. vaedra

    i cant believe how low the standards have fallen to be “famous.” apparently being married to lorenzo lamas like 15 years ago, having a shitty sex tape, and looking like a piece of hollywood garbage is all it takes nowdays.

    this disgusting bitch is in so much denial. hasnt pamela anderson taught you that the bleach blonde silicon chest tan look doesnt age well? guess what, shauna, despite what hollywood says you cant hold onto some twisted idea of “youth” broadcast to america by hugh hefner and MTV and hollywood, we all get old and die and eventually we’ll all decompose underground together. accept it. get over it. the sooner you come to terms with the fact that one day you’ll be nothing more than a pile of rotting flesh, the better, and youll realize the things that really matter and how pointless and worthless it is to chase down whatever skewed idea of ‘beauty’ you have at the expense of your dignity. age gracefully for christ sake, it’s no crime to get old!! everyone gets old!!! that’s life!! why dont you grow the fuck up, be a role model to your unfortunate children, and do something useful with your WASTED LIFE.

  24. Chris

    Am I the only one who see’s the legs that her nipple is sprouting to escape all the glamor that is Hepatitis Sands.

  25. Chris

    Comment 24: If you don;t like this, why do you read blogs that she is going to be seen on? Just asking. Seems like someone else might be wasting their life, but who am I to say?

  26. steve

    Love the kid in the 3rd picture, wonder whats going through his head there, wish i could see his face.

  27. I would like to see that little boys facial expression as he’s talking to the lady with the god awful silcone job!

  28. Anne Boolean

    Leathery ex-strippers and their Lucite heels are inseparable. Shauna can’t even get a Latin boy toy to go with her to Miami anymore.

  29. josh

    Please stop that :(

  30. James

    Please die.


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  34. salsa

    “Shauna Sand’s nipples are back ”

    From the looks of it they sewed them back on.

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  36. Gina

    I am so sorry I ever clicked on this. I DK which one is more disgusting. Resewn nipple porn hole or old saggy silicone slut. It should be against the law for them to go out in public in bikinis. Wretched.

  37. I am so sorry I ever clicked on this. I DK which one is more disgusting. Resewn nipple porn hole or old saggy silicone slut. It should be against the law for them to go out in public in bikinis. Wretched.

  38. willis

    Man hands in picture 24…

  39. ctti

    Disgusting surgery aside, I don’t know what it is with naturally fair-skinned women who think tanning themselves to a crisp is a good idea. I mean, I know these two are nothing but a couple of nobodies who want to grab as much attention as they can before all that sun they expose themselves to shrivels up their leathery hides & melts their 99% plastic bodies into complete oblivion but the obsession so many white & fair-skinned Asian women have with tanning is just nauseating.

  40. Shauna looks OK, but what’s with all those multiple wrinkles or folds of skin all over Taylor Wane’s back and neck? That’s like elephant hide! She even makes Shauna Sand look classy and fresh!

  41. Jack Mehoff

    I would bang them both but only from the rear.

  42. turd da third

    nasty nast noo
    what wrath that surgeon do?

  43. turd da third

    this must be pictures from the monthly meeting of the group “sluts whose lips look like a guys asshole”

  44. Jon

    Stretch marks on your boobs and surgery scars are so attractive.. NOT.

    Couldn’t care less about this woman or those who are like her, and I’m a hornier then average male.

  45. Darth

    It’s always good to see the deep and warm friendship between two girls!

  46. chupacabra

    big, fake boobs = god awful. At this point, I am lusting over and looking for the smallest tittied woman I can find. Seriously. Its backlash over the falseness, I gotta get flat, baby. flat.

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