Shauna Sand’s nipples are back

Here’s Shauna Sand and British porn star Taylor Wane in Miami today reminding everyone that silicone will never stop being age’s punching bag. On that note, even with the presence of Franken-nips and leathery ham wallets, my favorite pic has to be the young boy talking to these crimes of nature. Because there’s no way that kid didn’t walk back to his parents and immediately ask for ballet lessons.

DAD: But, son, what happened? *looks over at the leather twins* Tell your mother I want a divorce.
KID: Dad?
DAD: I don’t want to see another vagina again, do you hear me? NOT ANOTHER!
MOM: Honey, what’s going on?
DAD: OH, GOD, I CAN HEAR IT MOVING! *jumps in mouth of shark*

Photos: Splash News