Shauna Sand: Where does the classy end and the woman begi – No, wait, I see it

September 17th, 2008 // 105 Comments

Shauna Sand flashed her panties before arriving at Sunset One last night in a see-through outfit. Jesus. The only thing missing from these pics is Shauna having sex with a midget on top of a horse. Then again, it wasn’t a special occasion, so it looks like we’ll have to wait for Columbus Day. Aw, no fair…

NOTE: Pic links to potentially NSFW version because, without consulting a gynecologist, I can’t tell if that’s labia, or Shauna Sand is smuggling deli meat. It’s a toss-up.


  1. Cookied

    I’d like to fuck her. With a bowling pin.

  2. this is like groundhog day, this clown is so freaking repetitive=jimbo

  3. Yeah, I would not kill his dog, but I would bitch slap is mother for having sex with the New York Jets. All of them. When ever I see a post from RD, I get a picture of Cartman. I bet he looks just like him.

  4. Anonymous

    Can anyone tell me why, WHY hasn’t anyone killed the gayness known as Randal yet? This world really pisses me off at times.

  5. Well, I AM working on getting my hired assassin license…so pretty soon, no worries..

  6. boy was that lame, hey jimbo? let me ask you, you ever wonder what life would be like if you had enough oxygen at birth????

  7. Is Randal Rough Daddy? If so, I agree with you

  8. minniememe

    RD, your effeminate remarks are neither desired nor required. Go give your daddy another handjob since your mom’s pussy can no longer retain its elasticity, or yours no doubt.

  9. Hey frist? you decide to have kids yet? and which one of your gay friends youre going to use vitro with? minimeme or that pooper trooper jimbo…

  10. minniememe

    #57, I was about to say the exact same thing A-fuckin-MEN!

  11. Hey “minniememe” I doubt the chatters on this blog gathers to see effeminate remarks from me, that include you….so you dont believe in what you write…

  12. dude_on

    The sad truth associated with this specimen is that it forces those of us who would do her (if no one would find out) admit as much to ourselves, and that has a pinch of “uneasiness” associated with it. It could be a sin for all I know.

  13. It is about time RD, You actually came up with a couple of good ones. I don’t think you came up with them on your own. but you used them at the right time. That is a step up for you. You better run now. It is snack time and your mom has your Hoho and chocolate milk waiting for you..

  14. Well, Rough Daddy, you are the only fag I know, but surely you should never EVER reproduce…

    But I’m good thanks for askin.

  15. Jimbo I dont need any accolades from you, until you and the other asswipe decides to kneel before me…

  16. minniememe

    @61 oh shut the fuck up you sad little pussy. you make no sense at all.

  17. Hey frist? from what i saw earlier on your my space, before you took it down, so I wouldnt ridicule you? Id rather pound my mattress…

  18. That will be the day hell freezes over. I would never kneel to a pussy like you.

  19. minniememe

    @65, people only kneel before queens. so you must be a queen.

  20. Its about that time again,,,i got 2go,,,dont worry youll have my full time next week…

  21. hahahaha you 2 butt boys will…later

  22. Back to your nap? Tell you mom she was good last night. Ask her if she got the 20 I left on the night stand..

  23. Damn…dont rag BIG piss flaps (meat curtains)! I love a mouthful of pussy meat.

    Randal and Rough Diddy (guido) love a mouthful of their teeny weeny vienna sausages.

    Oh, and Rough Diddy…I found the website that has been dedicated you you. Take heed and follow their directions guido!

    I wasnt stereotyping your town. Ive been there and stayed in the village for 4 months recording an album @ Chung King Studios. Im fully aware of all the: trash, smog, thugs, muslims, shitty street corner vendors, illegals, crime, traffic, concrete & taxes.

  24. HAHAHA!!!!!!!!

    What is he talking about, am I not hot?? I don’t get it. (shakes head)..

  25. Ralph

    Some of you’all are getting it wrong. This woman is a clown. We all know it. She doesn’t get it because she is a clown. At 37, she is a has-been plalyboy model. She has the class of a $50.00 Stripper. Her only claim to fame is that she is slutty and oblivious to that fact…check out what she wears, what she says and her obsession with plastic surgery.

    This doesn’t mean I wouldn’t f*ck the sh*t out of her and leave early.

  26. #73 Mike!!!!!!!!! I just clicked your name. Do you think that is Cisco Adler’s sister??

  27. Minniememe are you a guy or a girl?

  28. That works for me Ralph. I agree with you.

  29. pat

    I guess she thought the see-through outfit would draw attention from her face. But it didn’t. Like a car wreck, I feel compelled to look at it.

    more Megan Fox, please. Can’t you put some cameras in her shower? I think under the Patriot Act that’d be allowed now.

  30. minniememe

    If I were a chick, I’d be a lesbian. Dude, dude!

  31. Seriously

    She was very pretty a million years ago when she was with Lorenzo. I hate it when these people get lied to and go to plastic surgeons

  32. pat

    I clicked on #73 Mike’s name also – while I was at work.

    Fortunately we’ve laid off so many workers that the space around me was temporarily empty.

  33. I am a lesbian trapped in a mans body.. Sorry, Your name could go either way.

  34. minniememe

    no i am not dr. evil’s sidekick but i do get around a little, hence the meme, or is that too old skool?

  35. No, not to Old Skool. I am old skool!!

  36. haha,,,those are some labia MAJORA if I ever saw some.

    I didnt catch the “Cisco Adlers sister” reference.I didnt know who Allison Adler was. I get it now though…I see her “life partner” is sara gilbert from the Rosanne Babar show. How…unappetizingly yummy.

    Ill bet the stir fried the placentas while hugging their trees at the same time.

  37. aury

    she’s nasty.

  38. Frist's Aborted Baby/ Survivor/Lover

    Damn Mom dats some tough love

  39. Freddo

    Is she related to Jocelyn Wildestein?

  40. Drago The Perv

    She’s a freak.
    I’d do her anytime.
    Ladies, stop being jealous.
    Guys, admit it, you’d do her too. And those who wouldn’t, I’d be curious to see what type of body your lady has !

  41. Common how can u fuck this bitch ??? I m sure she got AIDS or some other Disease just look at her .. She needs Help !!!


  42. timmy the dying boy

    Picture #2: That’s about the scariest thing I’ve ever seen. What is that, a sneer? A snarl? A Dick Cheney grin? eeeuuwww. God, this ugly bag makes Heidi Montag look luscious. Even Spencer.

  43. Who is this ugly hag? Never heard of her but I recognize the face. It’s from the plate of vomit after I finished tonight’s dinner of 1 pizza, 2 bag of M&Ms and 13 beers.

    PS: Spray Lysol quick it smells like rotten trout and roast beef!

  44. not suitable for humanity

  45. Vince Lombardi

    This is nothing new. I used to see this kind of broad… hell, maybe this EXACT broad…. hanging out in front of the practice field waiting for Paul Hornung to come out. And she wore less then. And it was December. Tough dame.

  46. mmm

    the internet is over!

  47. …………………………………………..AND SMELL IT, folks!!

  48. Jibbly Biggins

    Whoa. She used to look so hot. Now she is resembling Michael Jackson with all of that makeup and plastic surgery! Wonder if has body dysmorphic disorder. I can’t understand why someone would go about and mess up their looks like that.

  49. Trix

    #40. I know who Randal is…… it’s Shauna Sand herself. She’s become even more pathetic than she already is (if that’s possible).

  50. Money Mike

    With all that work done, why does her nose still look like ass?

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