Shauna Sand: Where does the classy end and the woman begi – No, wait, I see it

September 17th, 2008 // 105 Comments

Shauna Sand flashed her panties before arriving at Sunset One last night in a see-through outfit. Jesus. The only thing missing from these pics is Shauna having sex with a midget on top of a horse. Then again, it wasn’t a special occasion, so it looks like we’ll have to wait for Columbus Day. Aw, no fair…

NOTE: Pic links to potentially NSFW version because, without consulting a gynecologist, I can’t tell if that’s labia, or Shauna Sand is smuggling deli meat. It’s a toss-up.


  1. Onoe

    omg wtf is that.

  2. out of touch

    sorry.. I don;t get it. Who is this woman? Why are there cameras around her? when did the Crypt Keeper get a boob job?

  3. greg

    I guess not showing the vagina is NSFW these days also.

  4. That’s not labia, dork..

  5. sunshine

    Is it just me or does anybody else think she looks just like Tammy Faye Baker in her prime?

  6. rachel

    just after we see kate hudson’s classy drunk we get this

  7. Max Planck

    How can she still smile with her facelifted as tight as that. Bride of Frankenstein!

  8. skiizzle

    so glad that stripper sHOes have made a come back is couture fashion.
    and labias, too. and see-thru clothing. nothing classier than that!

  9. 2008

    Did she go to sleep for like 10 years and just wake up?? Hello, nobody wears that color of lipstick anymore and those shoes?? And the see thru dress???

  10. Jackson

    Poor worthless no talent whore with only a high school education. It is sad how chicks have to look like a cunt to get attention or feel special. I like looking but they are still cunts to me.

  11. Randal

    It’s great to still see Shauna Sand out and about. She is by far a very talented woman and well educated as well. I’d enjoy watching her do ballet or even see her in a dance competition considering she has a dance degree as well as and International Business Administration degree.

    Not only beautiful but with brains, a deadly match to catch the eye of any man.


  12. I could not live without knowing #11′s opinion..

  13. Mary

    eww. I’m eating deli meat. I feel sooo sorry for her kids

  14. minniememe

    i will bet money this pic will scare the livin’ shit out of rough daddy.

    where is that worthless fuck today anyway?

    oh yeah, surgery to remove the ravioli can from his ass.

  15. Is she the one that wore the stripper shoes to the beach with her humiliated daughter??

  16. Wow… you could bounce a quarter off that ass… and my balls!

  17. Yeah, I was wondering where RD was too, but then I remembered I didn’t care..

    Hey, can somebody help me with my filing? And I may need a ride home..

  18. Huh?

    anybody else notice the faint “e” just to the left of where her slit would start. half in panties and half on leg…wierd.

  19. I don’t think RD is up from his nap. It is still pretty early form him..

  20. havoc

    What are you guys talking about?

    I would wreck the fuck outta that….


  21. #14 Mary. I’m so sorry!!

  22. minniememe

    I don’t think that’s labia either. Oh wait, it’s her ass fold.

  23. No I think she is wearing some kind of retarded Kmart support panties. Geck!!!!!

  24. Here is a game you will enjoy if you do not get too distracted lol!

  25. What the hell is this? I thought I was going to see some piss flap….

  26. lol I see the retarded brigade waiting and wondering when ill get here!

  27. I thought shes constantly getting surgery, whats with the crow’s feet, shes more wrinkly than Frist stomach!!! so ive heard!

  28. Did you just get up from your afternoon nap? And what the hell that is, is a women’s crotch. Remember back when you were born? That is where you came from. I know you have not seen one since and will more than likely never see one in the future..

  29. oh Jimbo you really hit the nail right on the head! you know? ive come to the conclusion youve eating a few paint chips as a kid!!! i mean seriously…

  30. Wendiva

    I don’t get it? Why is she even photographed? Seriously she looks like she works at Cheetas strip club here in Vegas. She’s already dressed for it!

  31. Rough Daddy…your mom has piss flap..

  32. Liz

    Who the hell is Shauna Sand?

  33. norton

    She looks like the worn hard and put away wet Harley Davidson plastic twats I see every nice weekend at the local bar.

  34. Man i remember, a fresh faced shauna sand,,.. that broad was so sexy she made my heart skip…

  35. Lola

    This is just a sad and pathetic attempt to be desired. The only person that EVER desired you was Lorenzo Lamas… I actually feel really bad and sorry for her kids. This is what they have as a mother. A sorry ass woman who’s body is as fake as the hairpiece she’s wearing

    She should be standing on the street corner making money…. Hoe better have my $$$$

  36. Ill tell you who shauna sand is, shes the woman Frist will never be, even as she is being eroded by time…

  37. jumpin_j

    So sad. I remember seeing her FIRST in Playboy. She was amazing. A real shame. Seriously, the facelifts? WTF?

  38. Lola

    Can somebody PLEASE find out who Randal is and punch him in his faggot face


  39. Dollface

    I really REALLY can’t stand Shauna Sand, she walks like a skank, dresses like a skank, sounds like a skank & she wears the absolutely stupidest hooker shoes ever…….She’s ruining her feet, but what the hell, as long as she looks good right? BLECH! Her children should feel totally embarrassed by her, as I’m sure her parents are too

    Shauna Sand, you are a disgusting old hag!

  40. Frist's Flaps/Fly Traps

    Always good that Randal has something nice to say about morons and whores and freaks. I would love to know how he feels about hard working people.

    Oh and Frist, please douche, I can smell you from here. Nasty 5 day old semen crusted over jungle pubes is not sexy darling but I guess covering up that reproductive abysss is in the right direction though.

  41. FRIST, RD’s mom can braid her piss flaps..

  42. please have mercy on the resident drunk girl=Frist

  43. minniememe

    oh for fuck’s sake. it did show up.

    that annoying little voice piping up from out of nowhere.

    i have work to do.

  44. #42 Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful. Hate me because I’m the one that killed your dog..

  45. dont go anywhere minimeme, loser!

  46. please have mercy on the resident retard boy=Rough Daddy

  47. what the hell does that mean Frist? you would hurt an animal?

  48. Naw, I’d take it easy on yer ma..

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