Shauna Sand to Carrie Prejean: ‘Sell the tape!’

Because she’s a mother, first, and a pornographer, second – but mostly both at the same time – Shauna Sand wrote a letter to Carrie Prejean encouraging her to save herself a mountain of legal fees and just let Vivid Entertainment’s Steven Hirsch buy the rights to her sex tape. Via TMZ:

I told Steven that I wanted to eliminate any compensation to the third party since it was my movie that I not only starred in, but also directed and added the music to. I also told him that I wanted to be involved in the marketing of the movie as I really cared about it.
I’m really glad I made that decision. I’m proud of my body and of the passion that I felt during the making of the movie which became “Shauna Sand Exposed.”
Why don’t you consider taking control yourself and handle this situation on your own terms so that you are in the driver’s seat. It all starts with a telephone call to Steven to find out what your options are. I’d be happy to talk to you one-on-one about how I did it.

Anyone at all surprised to find out Shauna Sand spends her free time adding music to her own homemade porn? I didn’t even know that was a quality you could look for in a woman. My God, so many years wasted doing it all wrong… It ends TODAY!

Photos: Getty, INFdaily, WENN