Shauna Sand has nipples

June 12th, 2009 // 109 Comments

Shauna Sand did some topless sunbathing in Miami yesterday and “accidentally” flashed some nip to the paparazzi. And I mean accidentally in the way that dollar bills sometimes fly out of my hand into the G-strings of strippers when I’m supposed to be at work. Which is actually more like an act of heroism, but who has time to split hairs?

NOTE: Pics link to NSFW versions of classic Franken-nipples.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Duuude

    Yikes…. Not first.

  2. chupacabra

    Two words for funbags, here:

  3. Chupacbra

    Also, nice MDMA hat. Is that how you stay so skinny? Doing E?

  4. Chupacbra

    Also, nice MDMA hat. Is that how you stay so skinny? Doing E?

  5. Aaron

    I think she would make an awesome one nighter…


  6. p0nk

    if i feel the need to see something like that, i’ll just run my pickup head-on into a pole. motorboat THOSE fun bags.

  7. Crabby Old Guy

    Yes she does – complete with surgical scars – woo hoo!

  8. Lisa

    why is she always putting on one swimsuit over another. My guess is she does not want the photog’s to stop taking pictures. She trys to make one day look like 10.

    Real celebrity’s wear the same cloths to get them to stop taking photo’s. Same cloths look like the same day.

  9. Carrie

    What the hell! I don’t see a single acrylic whore shoe anywhere in these pictures! The world is definitely coming to an end…

  10. denise's dress

    I’ve got a message for Denise: Those funbags are for flaunting.

  11. i would bang the dumb out of her.

  12. Deacon Jones

    My penis just shifted.

    Down and to the right, down and to the right (in Kevin Costner voice).

  13. rosa

    Nice frankenstein scarring aroud the nipple…. such a beautiful, natural woman. It must be so nice to cuddle with a stick with oranges sewed on!

  14. dballs

    It looks like she got an ingrown hair and went to town on that sucker. Only it fought back. And won. WHY would you let people take a picture of that mess?

  15. Chupacbra

    Also, nice MDMA hat. Is that how you stay so skinny? Doing E?

  16. Zanna

    It’s a damn good thing she’s wearing those hats for sunprotection.

  17. Must be a bunch of Gay People on this site! Those are some nice-lookin Funbags!


  18. dood

    @ #17 – you’re what’s wrong with america douchebag

  19. kkk

    white people are dumb

  20. jukka

    At which age in USA the nipples become sin like. In Finland children can go to sauna with naked women without anyone calling police for porno!

    Those who had committed sin, see naked people as sin!
    (compare with Adam and Eve!)

  21. dirk

    I’d shag that little dunce bald-headed.

  22. Kelley

    No. 8 Lisa, you need to learn how to spell !! This chick is too much … hello, Duck Lips !! LOL. Never mind the fake tits …

  23. Hollywood Sleazeball

    I don’t like the way these stories are crowding out small parts of the ads that control this page. Denise Richards is…
    …A great entertainer…
    …A great humanitarian…
    …And my dearest, dearest friend for 20 years!

    She deserves to be treated with more respect.

  24. wifey

    Normally I’m not so mean but jesus,

    @8 clothes

  25. Lain

    Ew. OMG. Scars. Weren’t her nipples fucked up (even more) before? I think she got them ‘fixed’.

  26. Ram Punchington

    Where are pictures of Shauna and Heidi motorboating each other?

    That’d be some Must-See!!!

    Punchington Out.

    P.S.: Pbpbpbpbpbppppppbpbp (Motorboat! Yeah!)

  27. Deacon Jones

    What the fuck are you on??

  28. havoc

    I would stick things in her…..


  29. j

    Nice breast lift scars…

  30. She is hot and I’d hit that!

    To the haters, its easy to do so behind your computers in your parents damp basement while drinking mountain due and wondering why your still a virgin at the age of 30…I’d love to see some pics of the candy you are flossing out in public to prove me otherwise.

  31. Fuck U

    WTF!! …and here I thought those hooker shoes were glued to her fuckin feet.

  32. Sport

    Only internet toughguys use the word ‘hater.’

    She is a scabby whore that only owns one pair of clear plastic pumps and wears them to the beach. I wouldn’t put your dick in her, dude.

    I agree with most posts on here calling hot chicks ‘fat’ but in this case all of the superlatives are justified. Take off the beer goggles and put down the latest issue of JUGS magazine and open your eyes fool.

  33. nia

    i got a breast reduction because of my back and i have scars like that.

  34. Some Girl

    Her boobs actually look PAINFUL. It looks as if her implants are going to bust through her skin. Ouch!

  35. Some Girl

    Lol, Mountain Due.

  36. Fake boobks suck!

    Fake boobs suck ass!! I don’t understand.
    kelly Brook.. Now those are some titties!!!

  37. bubba

    now she needs ass implants

  38. Rabbit

    I’d fuckin hit it…

  39. Jay


  40. Jay


  41. missywissy

    I’m not a hater, but….

    What is sexy or natural about seeing breasts on a human skeleton?

  42. obannion

    I want to put my penis in there.

  43. Montana

    Yay! Nipples!

  44. Mister Bored

    Ugly chick with ugly pepperoni sewed on nipples.

  45. Montana

    Yay! Pepperoni!

  46. mramosster

    Can you imagine your tongue thumping over every leather awled stitch on her nipple, like little slow it down speed bumps? mmm I can.

  47. brooke

    You mean frankennipples, a la Tara Reid.

  48. how obvious is it that her implants were done through the nipple? you can still count the stitches…

  49. Geoff

    I am assuming she received the money we collected here at the Fish for her to buy new shoes. I don’t see the stripper acrylic heels, so hopefully she bought some Old Navy flip-flops with the $2.15 we sent her.

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