Shauna Sand still wearing a bikini

January 26th, 2009 // 65 Comments

Shauna Sand continued her Miami vacation over the weekend, and the dude she’s with is ex-husband Romain Chavent. You know, the one she accused of punching her implants then taking nude photos of her kids. Surprise, she lied! On that note, if Shauna wants to get away with passing these off as candid pics, she should probably stop smiling for the camera. Or at all until they find a cure for whatever the hell happened to that hazy region above the boobs.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Charles Darwin

    Why are all English people so ugly?…Oh, hey she’s a typical yank. Whoops.

  2. Slick Willy

    First? 2nd?

  3. Karen

    #1 – no, a typical yank is what your sex life consists of.

  4. Johnny

    This bitch is heinous!

    I’d still fuck her though……..

  5. jtflawless

    ya she’s nasty but that’s a tight little ass and relevant to my interests.

  6. Charles Darwin

    #3 Ha

  7. McFeely Smackup

    Her boob implants start about 5″ lower than they should. she’s got an expanse of chest between boob and chin that you could sell advertising on.

  8. Did her plastic surgeon let his/her son do the operation, whose favorite toy at the time was Mr. Potato Head?

  9. Guest

    What a tasteless tattoo. . .

  10. It's Me Fuckers

    holy fuck, look at the meat she has on her arm! He is fuckin yummy! RAWR!! I could suck him so he’d never remember her name. Muahahahahaha!!!

  11. Molly

    what the fuck is on her boob in the last pictures?

  12. Anexio

    If ever there was a woman that deserves the perverbial bag over the head it’s Shanua Sand.

    The bi-otch has a kickin’ body that face of needs to be covered up. Christ, Mike Tyson is better looking.

  13. Ben

    It’d be tough not to shrivel when she locked the crazy eyes on you.

  14. I am assuming that everyone here knows that this is a publicity shot, arranged by her handlers to keep her name in the public eye in hopes of getting more endorsement deals, etc….. The sheer thought that some papparazzi just happened to follow her to a beach where she is frolicking with some hunks while wearing her trademark acyllic high heals ‘in the sand’….is just a bit to much. She is a product, no unlike a tube of toothpaste or a tampon that is being marketed to the public (full of preservatives I might add).

  15. Ok.

    I wanna know why the FUCK is he wearing black nailpolish on his toes?

  16. Cindi

    Irregardless, she seems extremely intelligent.

  17. Balack Obama Fixin' America, 1 Nigga at a time

    Well, her ass definitely looks better than her face. What’s with her thighs in the last picture? and what makes chicks think that putting on Mrs Potato Head lips is attractive?

  18. Help me finish this song, i'll start..

    Shauna Sand walkin’ in the sand…

  19. devilsrain

    People that use the “word” irregardless are complete morons. Maybe regardless is what you want to say.

  20. PunkA

    If she just laid off the lip injections, she’d really look hot. Note to women:Blimp lips are unattractive. They look fake and make your face look weird.

    From the neck down she looks fantastic. But she has meesed up her face.

  21. Ummm...yeah...

    Still got those hooker shoes on in the sand,huh?
    She is so stupid, nasty and pathetic.
    Go in the house and put some fucking clothes on, Grandma!

  22. Mama Pinkus

    nasty….that gal just looks all-around unnatural

  23. dude_on

    The worst part about her is that it forces me to admit that I would do her without being totally blasted out of my mind – and that is disturbing.

  24. hah

    hahahhah clear heels.
    all class

  25. Fernando Narcos

    I live in Missouri,surrounded by ass-ugly Republican “women”.This bitch is an absolute goddess compared to those friggin’ baboons.

  26. jizz

    This bitch is disgusting – nasty fake tits, butter face, no ass.

  27. Kristen

    Its like her plastic surgeon grafted Tara Reid’s stomach to her face.

  28. SATAN

    i would fuck her asshole til i had a hernia

  29. simplicity

    it’s not her blimp lips that make her look disgusting…
    her whole face is gross.

    she’s trying to look 20

    He’s fkn gorgeous tho… painted toenails or not.

  30. Katie

    How come she always wears the same shoes? I’ve never seen her wear any other shoes other than those stripper ones she’s got on.

  31. jimmy

    she’s hot!! what do ya say? huh?
    but know what? wanna try and date real hot cougars? you may wanna check this out +++ Agelessmate. c om +++ Man, you don’t believe what you might get there!!LOL

  32. Melimel

    I don’t get hair extensions. They look ratty and fake, they wear on what real hair you have so that when you take them out what you have left is a mess . . . so dumb. It looks like if you touched her hair it would feel coarse, rough, and just plain nasty. Maybe these nutritionally deficient plastic people like Tara Reid and this . . . person . . . aren’t capable of growing their own hair.

    To the woman who said this “celebrity” is intelligent . . . Oh, yeah. Someone who pays a lot money to look like a fugly mannequin in a bad wig and clear plastic shoes must be a genius!

  33. Maybe they don’t have a mirror at home, folks?
    ……………………….WHO KNOWS!!

  34. hello!

    @19 I think #16 was being facetious.

  35. BigHeadMike

    She looks great for her age. She looks better than 80 percent of the people younger than her. After seeing these I am a fan.

  36. timmy the dying boy

    Why does her rib cage seem to extend all the way down to below her waist? Best seen in the first pic.

  37. Richard McBeef

    Is that a femoral hernia in pic 1?

  38. MissMammary

    holy fugly!

  39. kat1

    I’ve always heard that it’s bad to get sand in your bikini… in this case, it’s bad to get Sand in her own bikini :S

  40. Tee

    I’d like to poop on her.

  41. Mayo


  42. SIN

    Keep all pictures of her from behind or the side. No face pics please. She really screwed the pooch on those lips.

  43. Even those giant boobs can’t distract me from seeing her ribs. EAT SOMETHING!!!

  44. Romain Chavent sees beyond the Halloween nightmare face, beyond the flapjack nipples, the fugly stupid ass shoes, the hideously disfiguring tattoo…he sees the ghoul within.

    Haven’t found the black nail polish.

  45. Deacon Jones

    AHHHH, that fucking bitch!

    She got a tat on her fucking tit. Damn it!

  46. jimbob

    She is perfect. Every woman should aspire to look like her. Wonderful lips for sucking and wonderful firm tall fake tits for inspiration. Thin and proud! Showing it off and rubbing her beauty and fuck-ability in the face of all the fat and floppy-boobed thin-lipped uglies in the world.

    Keep on posting this marvellous creation for me to admire.

    My hard is in my hand….

  47. Ljutefisk

    Lemme guess. Hooker lucite heels in sand.
    Blow up fuck dolls look more real (and better) than her.

    I wouldn’t fuck her with YOUR ass!

  48. Plastic Sturgeon

    While I understand she was, at one point, somewhat relevant, she is a has-been. Some would argue, she is a “never was”. I would have to agree. No self respecting plastic surgeon will come forward re: her at this point. She looks disgusting.

    Her husband is gorgeous. It sickens me that a young, hot, European man would be proud to hit that.

    I cannot wait until the day she either dies or ceases to be photographed.

  49. jokadrma

    This headline should be: “The Superficial Still Insistent its Readers Give a Flying F About Shauna Sand”

  50. She gets uglier with every plastic surgery. Do guys really think skeleton clowns are sexy nowadays? Since she’s so into the plastic surgery, why doesn’t she get some butt implants to reinflate that saggy Paris Hilton ass?

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