Shauna Sand slept with Lorenzo Lamas’ 18-year-old son

Lorenzo Lamas is apparently just learning that his 18-year-old son A.J. had an affair with Shauna Sand that was going on months before their divorce in 2002, according to Star:

“Shauna came on to A.J.,” a friend of Lorenzo’s tells Star in the July 20 issue, on sale today. “It was the ultimate betrayal. Lorenzo had no idea; he was in the dark about the whole thing.”
“He thought Shauna was acting like a mom to A.J.,” the friend continues. “He had no clue that she was his son’s lover!”

Jesus. Can you imagine being an 18-year-old kid and having Shauna Sand as a step-mother – who wants to do you? Man, kind of makes me wish my parents got a divorce. Without blaming it on me I mean. Which reminds me, I promised my imaginary friend I’d shoot some stray cats. Be right back.

Thanks to Katie and Deborah who saw Shauna and immediately thought of me. I’m going to pretend that’s a compliment.

Photos: Flynet