Shauna Sand’s topless sex tape cover

October 12th, 2009 // 79 Comments

Here’s the cover for Shauna Sand’s upcoming sex tape which she claims was never authorized because that tactic worked out awesome for the Armenian chick with the gigantic ass. Except one small problem, every one and their mother has seen Shauna’s naked breasts by this point, and Kim Kardashian doesn’t look like she died five years ago but continues to walk among us in search of more collagen. (Yet.)

NSFW version here.


  1. 7L

    fucking YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Are you gonna post the video on this site?!?!?

  3. Cheezbox

    why are you posting this garbage?

  4. eeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    I agree with #15 and 20.
    This site sux now. Too much fame hore chicks and no one is making fun of them.

  5. Timoty

    Shauna Sand’s hardcore sex tape with her boyfriend Greg Knudson

  6. Wow, what a sexy cover.. Shauna Sand’s looking sex bomb in this cover..

  7. lucykate34235

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  8. Darth

    Is this milf going to show us how it’s supposed to be done?!

  9. Galtacticus

    Till now we’ve seen already this cursed Baywatch nightmare,knacky ostrich,fat Armenian and so on.Can it get any worse?!

  10. Rhialto

    She might be just in time before she turns into a wrinkled prume or raisin.

  11. Nero

    How about a bi-seksuel one legged midget with an eye patch with an easter bunny fetish?

  12. Gando

    Like usual this is going to be just another gold digging boring video tape folks!

  13. His Huge Greatness Himself

    Why are these curiosity,half way zoo videos legal?!

  14. #22

    #43 you are a fucking retard, there was no fucking topless picture when this article was posted,
    the superficial added it after everybody complained.

    use your fucking brain you idiot, it never occurred to you that this shit got added later?

  15. Shauna Sand with Lorenzo Lamas SEX SCANDAL DOWNLOAD AT

  16. wowc

    Shauna Sand’s sextape you can find here

  17. Tommy

    Another publicity stunt I bet, but I finally found a site that has the full tape for free. It’s pretty awesome I must say.

  18. Shauna Sand Lover

    They have Shauna Sand’s leaked sex tape over on

    *thumbs up*

  19. They have Shauna Sand’s leaked sex tape over on

    *thumbs up*

  20. surfsoup

    yup, that link is the real deal

  21. They have Shauna Sand’s leaked sex tape over on

    *thumbs up*

  22. Its amazing that vivid got the tape, she was a huge money maker for playboy.

  23. lily

    honest to christ you have to admit that this woman’s daughters are absolutely beautiful & even though she runs around looking like something you blow up, she must be a good mom. god love her. now that i’m old & ugly & useless, i understand more why women behave like this, take it all while you can.

  24. hey friend she is the most beautiful girl in the word thanks for sharing this post about Shauna Sand’s topless sex tape cover thanks

  25. ca222

    Full official version of Shauna Sand Sex tape on

  26. I really enjoyed reading Shauna Sand’s topless sex tape cover

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