Shauna Sand’s topless sex tape cover

October 12th, 2009 // 79 Comments

Here’s the cover for Shauna Sand’s upcoming sex tape which she claims was never authorized because that tactic worked out awesome for the Armenian chick with the gigantic ass. Except one small problem, every one and their mother has seen Shauna’s naked breasts by this point, and Kim Kardashian doesn’t look like she died five years ago but continues to walk among us in search of more collagen. (Yet.)

NSFW version here.


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  2. Dane

    This site is getting retarded.

  3. Randal

    Shauna looks so good on the cover. Her natural hair bounces and cascades down creamy shoulders, luring the eye toward her ample warm cleavage. A sprinkle of glitter lays perfectly centered on a flat, washboard stomach, topping off with french manicured nails and muscled thighs.


  4. nsfw my ass

    how exactly is it nsfw? is it because it says xxx?

  5. JADE

    @3 You sound like your reading from a romance novel lmfao.
    She is a fake skank.

  6. Lucy

    @ #2 .. Yes, please, continue to log in and remind us how retarded this site is after every post comes out. Clearly you have nothing better to do.

    I’d like to see a girl-on-girl shauna sand/tara reid vid personally

  7. havoc

    Am I missing the “topless” part?

    I know I’m hungover, but I know tits when I see them….


  8. someguy

    She has big boobies. That is all I can say on this topic.

  9. yoni

    she is doing great with her BF now. watch the pics at:

  10. yoni

    she is doing great with her BF now. watch the pics at:

  11. yoni

    she is doing great with her BF now. watch the pics at:

  12. Hugh Gentry

    i can’t wait to see it. I fucking love her body and hope he titty fucks the hell out of her.

  13. The indoctrination of Rough

    Now when you’re a “celebrity” spawn, and one day strolling the internets you come across your mother doing the dirty deeds on tape; do you view it or not?

  14. faaaan

    wow fish, i never knew this site has sunk this low. nothing about stephen gately at all? i always new this site has long lost the humor which made it popular 3 years ago, but i never knew it also lost any sense of relevant news. this is beyond stupid. i’m a woman and all these totally irrelevant news you posted just because someone’s ass or tits are totally not appreciated. just look at your current first page and i hope you’re half ashamed that this site nearly resembles a fucking soft-porn site. such craptastic quality doesn’t deserve a cent of revenue.

  15. I’d spray her like a broken water main…

  16. Awe man i thought she was picking her nose or picking a wedgie!!!!! where are those fish!!! where are those! ……..and wheres the NSFW??? baba booey baba booey

  17. Mac

    I just threw up a little bit in my mouth. That is one nasty vagina. Her insides are hanging out.

  18. Same here

    # 15- I completely agree. I used to read this site because it was funny. Now it’s just T and A. I come back once in a while in hopes that the humor has returned but it’s just a waste of my time. I’m done with it.



  20. Deacon Jones

    (uses ice pick to chip self out of dried semen cocoon, wiggles head and right hand out to type:)

    @15 Who’s Steven Gately?

  21. Where are the tits superficial? you said there would be tits!

    (Full Size version is NSFW)

    No its not.

    (Full Size version is NSFW)

    No its not.

    (Full Size version is NSFW)

    No its not.

    (Full Size version is NSFW)

    No its not.

    (Full Size version is NSFW)

    No its not.

    (Full Size version is NSFW)

    No its not.

    (Full Size version is NSFW)

    No its not.

    (Full Size version is NSFW)

    No its not.

    (Full Size version is NSFW)

    No its not.

  22. She's truly a WHORE

    Geez, I am shocked and appalled (yawn) that shauna sand would make a sex tape & fuck some dude…. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    You had to know this was coming. This twat is an incredible attention whore; she’ll do anything to be noticed. She has no job, so why not combine the only thing she apparently can do (have sex) with the best way to get noticed: claim someone stole your personal tape! Yeah, that will work! Well, for her, not so much. Here’s the problems she apparently didn’t bother to think through (being stupid & all):

    1) She has a posed naked cover art picture which matches the video. Private sex tapes generally don’t have matching posed naked pics for cover art.

    2) She obviously signed off on it, because Vivid wouldn’t release a tape that the participants hadn’t signed off on; their losses from lawsuits would exceed any profits they’d make.

    3) The vapid empty headed posing facial look she constantly gives the camera when she’s fucking her boyfriend is the most horrifying thing I’ve seen in years. Pretty soon you’ll be seeing shauna sand Halloween masks; funny thing is, they’ll be a dead ringer for her already masked up surgically disturbed face.

    The bottom line is, she’s had sex for money, which officially makes her a whore. She should be treated like one…

  23. dave

    When did they transplant Coco’s butt on to this one’s chest?

  24. I’m not going to kid you, I just sprayed her like a broken water main.

  25. BOOBIES!


  26. there we go look at those pots and pans boobies!!!

  27. 18, I just threw up in my mouth comment is done. Perez Hilton stopped using it.

    I thought only women hating queers like Dlisted cared about this butterface.

  28. Kelly

    If you want to see some hilarity go to the preview site, there’s a clip of the tape, it’s the most staged thing I’ve ever seen. The dumb broad could have atleast made it look somewhat homemade.She essentially looks like a cyborg with fake tits moaning in the direction of a camera.

  29. someguy

    Can someone please tell me, like the stupid 13 year old that I am, how to get to the NSFW stuff? All I get is an enlarged picture of this skank’s pink bikini clad funbags.

  30. hiptoss

    Here’s the preview site with some video.

  31. hiptoss

    Here’s the preview site with some video.

  32. hiptoss

    Here’s the preview site with some NSFW video:

  33. hiptoss

    Sorry for the triple post. Impatience got the best of me.

  34. sss

    if you click on the picture it shows her without the bikini top cause it was just photoshopped on im guessing.. not sure why it isnt working for everyone else?

  35. Salsa

    Of course, this is the ideal carreer move for her. Looking forward to that video :-)

  36. Oliver Chester The Molester Lester

    I need to get a bootleg or download it for free. Nothing like free wankings.

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  38. Hugh Gentry

    some of you guys are fucking morons….the full size version shows her topless. Just click on the small pic until you see it you fucking retards.

  39. Mac


    Have never and will never visit that fat losers website nor do I care what he has to say. He is everything that is wrong with society. A stupid person that actually has followers. Worse than a cult.

  40. Creed

    Two things:

    1. Fish’s comment that she “died five years ago but walks among us searching for more collagen was hysterical!” That was FUNNY!

    2. It’s very strange, but this bitch is actually educated. Look her up on Wiki. She actually graduated from college. Like, whoa! I’m sure she didn’t want to be known as the “smart girl”.

  41. Hugh Gentry

    #22….you have to be the biggest fucking inbred retard moron on the earth. I hope you found the NSFW picture by now. I’m surprised you know how to use a computer.

  42. You can see trailer on Paparazziforum

  43. The Duderino


  44. jordan

    Full version of Shauna Sand’s Sex Tape

  45. Guest

    does anybody actually think she is attractive?

  46. Farty McFartface

    This is sad. She’s got three kids (the oldest is 12) and she has a sex tape now. Kids are gonna need years of therapy.

  47. angela

    I’m sorry – I’m not one of those chicks that thinks – ewwww porn. It’s just that I just saw the preview and this is the least erotic thing I’ve ever seen.
    First of all this chick’s face is so unattractive it’s like watching a circus freak – and that just doesn’t make me horny.
    Second – is it just me or does this chick look like she’s incredibly boring in bed?
    Third – why is she pouring sour cream on her self – or what the hell is that?

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