Shauna Sand makes Britney Spears look like Martha Stewart

October 24th, 2008 // 64 Comments

Shauna Sand once again exhibited unbridled elegance by busting out the clear stripper heels for another family outing yesterday. This time she went to the same Pumpkin Patch as Britney Spears where there were either some paparazzi left over or Shauna called ahead. I’m going with the latter judging by the shameless smiling, and shit, it’s Shauna Sand. Who’s probably the first person in the world to hear “Ma’am, Britney Spears managed to contain her cooch during her visit – and she’s legally retarded. May we offer you some overalls?”

Photos: WENN

  1. guest

    Wow. The girl looks like a guy && the guy looks like a girl.

    && I feel sorry for that little kid.


    That woman is PATHETIC

  3. draw on your memory

    Those shoes are glued to her feet.

  4. Girl

    This is really sad.

    what kind of example is this woman setting for (her daughter?) UGH. She obviously just wants attention && i’m almost embarrassed to look at her.

  5. VERN


  6. justshoes

    Don’t even say anything about the shoes.

    She just wants people to have something to talk about.

    Yes, they’re dumb. GET OVER IT

  7. CaptainMorgan

    I dunno. I’d give it a go. Girls’ got legs and great ‘tracts o’ land.” Agreed bad example for the daughter. I’m also thinking that dude could do better. I mean, she has a KID for Jebzus’ sake.

  8. Susie Q

    why did she even have a kid? could have gotten an abortion. really, the kid just looks like its in the way..
    i rarely believe in abortions, but in cases like these, why not??

  9. you've got to be kidding me...

    this woman is a damn shame. what a joke. that poor little girl.

  10. I’m embarrased for everyone who has been posted on today!

    Heidi, Spencer, Tila, Anne, Miley, shit the only one who didn’t act like a retard or a whore today was Britney. Never thought I’d type those words in my life..

  11. blueragger

    shes a walking doushe bag

  12. JPRichardson

    Greta legs. Sorry. But yeah, great legs. Busted face. And she is only 37. But yeah, great legs.

  13. anonymous

    That guy could do so much better,she is such a douche bag,her poor children I feel sorry for them to have a mother that looks like such a tramp all the time!!

  14. Frank

    She’s grotesque. I’d fuck her.

  15. AJ

    How embarrassing for the little girl. No daughter wants to be seen with a mon wearing hooker shoes and looking like a whore.

  16. Mcfeely Smackup

    Ok, I give up. who is she, why do I care?

    Also, blueragger…seriously? are you kidding me?

  17. Randal

    Excuse me, but no one can make Britney look like Martha Stewart, especially Shauna Sandbox.

    On another note, dude, premade distressed jeans are out of style. Gone. Finished. Don’t even get me started on the black cowboy boots, Jack.

    Have a productive weekend, guys and gals. High fives for all.


  18. In the second picture, she looks like a cross between Paula Abdul and a clown

  19. Noelle

    I feel blessed to not know who she is… it saves my eyes continuous distress

  20. Rowan

    OMFG. This chick is a fucking mess. She looks like a complete dumbass in that outfit and those shoes!!!! What a moron.

    I feel so, so SO , sorry for her daughter. The poor thing doesn’t stand a chance. I would die if that was my mom.

  21. Vince Lombardi

    Poor child. Judging by the photos, all the hair products are used up by the time they get around to her. Too bad she doesn’t know who her father is. She’ll commit suicide around puberty. She really doesn’t have any other choice.

  22. Sport

    Wow – so desperate. Sad really.
    The boytoy on her arm is pretty bad too. The poor kid looks normal too, for now. What a sad future for her :(

  23. LadyJane

    I fucking knew there was a sale last week at Whores R Us…

  24. lidsay

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  25. lattygirl

    Someone should beat her with an oar. Bad shoes. Just bad.

  26. lola richie

    How is she walking in those? I stood in them for a photo shoot (I am way shorter than everyone else) and almost broke my ankles! I guess she is into S&M

  27. Rabbit

    She is harsh looking… but Hell, I’d hit it twice!

  28. superficial gold digging man likes fake barbie doll blow up tou

    good look for a mom dontcha think ? not???

  29. superficial gold digging man likes fake barbie doll blow up toy

    good look for a mom dontcha think ? not???

    frenchies are phony fake for the most part

  30. i thought going to a PUMPKIN PATCH was all about the kids and not how good you look in case of PAparazzis, and in this case how FAKE can you look?

    he looks better than her, but hes probably a gold digger so there you go!

  31. the new world era of MAN hoes

  32. the new world era of MAN hoes

  33. the new world era of MAN hoes

  34. ChuckleHead

    Hey Fish, why did you delete this comment I posted on the Billy Ray/Miley Cyrus thread?

    “According to the website linked below, TheSuperficial rakes in $2074.21 a day.”

  35. ………………….and mariah carry like MOTHER TERESA?

  36. Dorito Man

    She looks like a tranny.

  37. TJ

    Yikes! Do Mom’s really dress like this? Even, if there was the hottest piece of Mom Ass out there I would not want her to dress like this. Once you decide to be a Mother your self serving outfits and behavior should take last place. Even, if your in the entertainment industry. I understand that trashy = sales. But, at what point do you draw the line. Your child looks up to you for guidance. What kind of path are you paving for her/him. Unfortunately, you have chosen an industry that is self serving only for you and not for a family. At some point I believe that everyone comes to the conclusion that Money is not the end of the Rainbow but contentment, family & self love. You can be dirt poor and slap happy with your family. You can also have all of the money in the world, be alone and miserable. No matter where or what you came from you are the ultimate captain of your ship. Sail it where you please and blame no one other than yourself. Once you make the ultimate decision to be a parent you must leave your selfish behavior behind. IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU ANYMORE SWEETIE!

  38. BrandiLye

    Hey, no matter WHAT, seriously no matter what, that outfit does not make her a bad ma. People can be freaks and troubled in some areas, and yet still manage slightly well in other areas of their life. Nothing that they should…but.

  39. Jibbly Biggins

    I feel so bad for her daughter. The vapid mother think that dressing like a stripper whore (whose only worth is her genitalia) is setting a good example for her kids.

    Why does she think it is empowering to reduce herself to a sex object? Because that is all anyone will ever think of her when they see her walking in stripper heels.

  40. my comment

    The little girl is very cute and sweet. So sorry her mother is a complete whore.

    Who’s the guy? He’s good looking but he looks like a girl.

  41. Mal Gusto

    Stop with the “great legs” comments. Her legs look like a couple of strips of beef jerky. For a 37 year old… She looks tore up, from the floor up.

  42. Yank and wank they rhyme for a reason

    God I feel for that kid, imagine having a mother who looks like a porn star poor little thing.

  43. amanda

    CaptainMorgan – excellent monty python reference!

    Susie Q – October 24, 2008 5:59 PM
    why did she even have a kid? could have gotten an abortion. really, the kid just looks like its in the way..
    i rarely believe in abortions, but in cases like these, why not?

    wow, you’re a moron. you “rarely” believe in abortion unless some chick you’ve never met but are judging on her shoes has a kid. what are your other exceptions: “wow, those 2 are ugly, they should abort that kid” or “well the dad is handicapped, i bet he cant take care of a baby – kill it!” its nice to know people like you are trying to take away my rights. die in a fire

  44. jiuner

    To my surprise, someone saw her profile with hot & sexy photos and videos on the fitness & celebrity dating club^^^^^^FitnessKiss. C O M^^ ^^^^.

  45. Rome

    Who’s that hot male gold-digger?

  46. Kahlee


    She needs to be brought before a jude in a court of fashion.

  47. Showibizkids


    Skank alert, skank alert!

  48. Shallow Val

    Well at least my theory still stands….look at any ultra blonde, ultra-tanned, ultra-boobed and made up bimbo and if you scratch the surface you see a really plain if not ugly and boring nobody who in all probability looked a lot better in their natural, original state. (Do I have to mention Aubrey O’Day and Aguilera, and Madonna? YEAH, I SAID IT!) Not the natch blondes, but the suicide bottle bleachers. (sigh) I hate being right all the time.

  49. shallow val

    I looked a little more closely and woof, that lady is really ugly. I mean I though I was busted, but that bitch is like busted to a degree of power 8, man.

  50. Mama Pinkus

    I’m out of the loop…..who the fuck is she? I’m afraid to Google her, lest I get an onslaught of silicone and fishlips. Nasty.

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