Shauna Sand makes surprising attempt to cover up panty flash

December 10th, 2008 // 100 Comments

Shauna Sand exited a vehicle last night without completely flashing her panties which is a huge step considering it’s, well, Shauna Sand. Obviously, those “Fancy Classes” are paying off.

She was also spotted with her ex-husband Romain Chavent which is interesting since she just claimed in court that he punched her in the implants and took naked photos of her children. If somebody took nude pics of my kids, I probably wouldn’t go clubbing with them as much as I’d be lighting their face on fire. Then again, that’s just me and my crazy love of logic.

EDIT: So, that’s not Romain Chavent. But this guy is!


  1. Mick

    This women just looks ridicules!

  2. James

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  3. James

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  4. sneakly? what the hell with these typos!!!

  5. elizabeth

    supper hot

  6. elizabeth

    supper hot

  7. disappointed in TMZ & you

    i had the supposed restraining order looked into by the BH police as I have a personal connection.

    Just so you know ITS COMPLETELY NOT TRUE. There was never a restraining order! No photos, no punching. I don’t know where the Superficial or TMZ or whatever get their INFO but it’s not true. Does anyone do checking on these stories? The children are real kids… they watch TV and have internet (as do their friends) think of that…. do some research before you post something that can be so personal.

  8. That’s a wide stance you’re taking there douchie.

  9. venmhed

    @48 – biology vs. brains, two different categories… oh why bother, you will NEVER understand.

    Open legs, pop baby out, that means women are smarter! (Female logic at its best folks)

    If that’s the best you got “sweetie” go back to the cave you belong in, make me a sandwhich, suck my dick, wash my clothes and STFU!

  10. Ljute Fisk

    Those transparent platforms… is that the only pair of shoes she owns?

  11. CJ


  12. Groucho

    #16 and #60, I was thinking the same thing. Seriously, I can’t come up with any other explanation.

  13. mrs.t

    where does the classy end and the lady begin?

  14. Aja ( the real )

    What kind of mother stays with a man who took naked pics of her kids???? They should be taken away.


  15. TNT

    what hideous freaking shoes…dumb whore should know when her 15 minutes are up

  16. V-ness

    I’m surprised you missed the nip

  17. The Regulator

    I don’t know who or what this thing is, but it was not born a female. Christ, what a hideous, orange mess.

  18. hausfrau

    #59- it’s spelled S-A-N-D-W-I-C-H. If you are going to lord your male intellect over the Superficial crowd, please at least be able to spell fucking sandwich correctly.

  19. ……………..GRANDMA IS HORNY, folks!!

  20. xxnubyxx

    “Who so…orange?”

  21. xxnubyxx

    “Why so…orange?”

  22. vanessa

    @32-sweeping generalizations about half the population is a great sign of your intellect….there is evenly distributed intelligence throughout both genders. just because the population surrounding you may not be the cream of the crop doesn’t mean you can generalize about women like that.

  23. meska

    god damn fish face going on

  24. Shannon

    I can’t believe she completely fucked up her natural beauty with stupid plastic surgery, she looks like a complete freak.

  25. Roxi

    pic #8 Paris Hilton with breast augmentation, period!

  26. joey joejoe

    wow, nipples and all and i’m still as soft as tom cruise at a lesbo full contact strip club. shes ain’t pretty.

  27. Feminazi

    Why did got invent men? Because dildos can’t mow the lawn.
    God gave men brains so they wouldn’t hump women’s legs.

    And God made women because inflatible dolls can’t make dinner . . . . yet.

  28. She is my favorite. Just saw her on milllionaire personals site “”"” W e a l t h y D a t e r . c o m”"”"”" last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship she is looking for on that site.Is she single again now?

  29. English Bob

    Are all Yanky women fake, plastic, dumb, blonde, fuckwits like this…? Guess so.

  30. Stephanie

    Well by that logic English Bob, I guess that means all Brit twits are like Jodie Marsh and Katie Price.

  31. venomhed


    Attacking my grammar? Is that your best woman? Holy shit, and you think women are smarter than men so you attack online grammar as your “final assault”.

    Wow, just wow. You lose.

  32. Bring back the real Fish. The real Fish was funny and didn’t censor racist comments.

    Wow the traffic has really dropped off on this site since the got rid of the real fish.

  33. Talk about skanky!

  34. Adrienne

    #37 what are u blabbing about? The porn industry is huge these days. If anything, although some women have no respect for their bodies, they’re smart enough to know that men are predictable and want porn. If you havent noticed, alot of the women in the media are worthless pieces of trash, but hey there the ones getting tons of cash. I call it genius.

  35. Deacon Jones


    No, unfortunately

  36. Nanan's Vagina

    There’s sand in me! I can’t make racist comments without consequences. Cater to me! Wah! Wah!

    Are you really bitching about not being able to act like a racist asshole? Why don’t you stand on a street corner and say every little thought that pops into your head. See how that works out and spare all of us from reading your fucking pathetic Troll speak.

  37. Lola

    WTF?!, #81 is incapable of making himself a lame sandwich and doesn’t even know how to spell the word properly but he’s desperate to prove some strangers on a gossip blog that he’s some sort of superior creature because he has a (tiny) cock.
    I don’t know why this site is attracting so many weirdos lately.

  38. Deacon Jones


    lol….my work blocked facebook in the latest round of “upgraded” firewalls

    This is the only release I have, short of jerking off on in the server room or starting smoking again.

  39. bar room hero

    she looks like a tranny…

  40. Amandafoster

    She is smoking hot. Saw her sexy photos on a celeb and millionaire dating called ? My interracialma….c-o-m?. Don’t know if it is still out there. The rumor says that site holds lots of celebrities profiles. Charlie Sheen found his love on that site last May Too.

  41. Cooleo

    She’s freaking hot, I would lick her turd cutter all night long!!

  42. Why does this lady look like a 90′s porn star? I mean her clothes look so outdated and cheap. She needs a stylist and a better plastic surgeon

  43. Aja ( the real )

    I am a whore with a moist hairy twat. I flag down men in their cars by flashing at them; it helps me air out my twat.

  44. She is gross, why do people even bother checking here out

  45. loved`

    how many fk surgerys did she do…. dam she can even smile rite! i feel bad 4 some of these pplez….. NOT!! they did it 4 themselfz

  46. Gack

    She looks like she eats children…

  47. Jay

    @ venomhed. Over half of the MDs coming out today are women.
    The only MDs and PhDs in my family are women. This is by no means unusual.

    Oh and women are graduating with bachelor’s degrees in ever greater numbers. Over 51% of bachelors are going to women these days. All women are dumb? What is more likely is that you have too high an opinion of yourself. Arrogance in either sex is a sure sign of lack of social skills.

  48. barry

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  49. KAT

    why after 10 years is she STILL dressing like a hooker???!!!!!

  50. porn industry is huge in those days. If anything, although some women do not respect their bodies are evenly distributed throughout the intelligence of both sexes.

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